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Posted 14 November 2021 - 02:04 PM

Whaddup... Sunday morning.... FOG... welcome to Fall and heading into Winter.  That MUST mean it's EDIBLE block time.  I enjoy this time of the year, trying new Mushrooms I haven't had the pleasure of growing, AND Cooler weather.  So, I have 18 blocks in the cabinet and 4 blocks in the tent(Bears Head/TT).  I lost the 2 Beech blocks due to PC malfunction, I'M DAMN lucky not to have lost all 4, but the good news is... the COTW spawn is finished up and it's time to sterilize some LOGS.  Oman, so excited, MY first logs, I'm a bag man through and through growing indoor Med/Edibles... but COTW is my favorite Polypore(fan of all of them tho') and I'm a stubborn donkey that just moves forward no matter what... AND I WILL eventually Win. I can see how making Logs can be addicting just like Bags are.. BUT(Logs) last for years.  I'm doing 4 small to medium size thick logs... the Unknown is SO exciting to me, it's that THRILL of the Hunt and or Harvest.  And it's a tough mushroom to grow, but I don't shy away from difficult tasks... it's incentive to try Again.   :mellow:

COTW blocks In front and 2 Black Poplars



2 Maitake Blocks 11.4.21


Shiitake Left, Middle Pink Oyster, and Reishi


Newest Maitake Blocks Left, just starting to Show

Spots, Middle Shiitake, and Another Maitake which the 2

Shiitakes and Maitake are the Original First Run Blocks.  The 

Browning is happening and I'm Close to some SHIITAKES!!  


Baby Bears heading MY Way

TT OH I how I LUV Thee...  :laugh:


I hope Ya'll enjoy this as Mush as I DO.  Good Vibes to Everyone's Projects.   :meditate:


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Posted 14 November 2021 - 03:03 PM

You more than earned the badge..... :biggrin:  Awesome!


That shiitake block is epic......



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Posted 15 November 2021 - 04:19 PM

Not exactly sure where my pictures went in the Above post(I see @skywatcher he grabbed a photo... maybe related?).. and Thank [email protected] Not my biggest Shiitake fruits, but the MOST in one flush for sure.  I see why the pros dump after the first flush, the bigger the flush, the worse the 2nd flush will be as far as quality.  STILL worth it tho' for Home growers, don't try for a 3rd... Green mold spots here and there set in and it's OUTSIDE for recycling or... Dispose of.  Thank you SO much for the Incredible Edible Tag... I want to bring awareness to people who want to further their experience and you CAN do it in a SAB.  I'm IN tho' for the long haul...So a LFH is in my FUTURE, but SAB manipulation has and DOES work and I'll keep at it.   :chucks:


Forgot the Pics... No need for another Post.






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Posted 15 November 2021 - 06:39 PM

Not exactly sure where my pictures went in the Above post(I see @skywatcher he grabbed a photo... maybe related?)..


I did save and then copy into the nomination, as always. Your image was too big to post without it distorting, so I saved a copy to my pc to run it through photoshop to reduce the size.

As a result, the nomination is the copy from my pc, and not a direct copy from your post.


Can you re-post them? Are you downloading your images directly to Mycotopia ? or using an outside link?

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Posted 15 November 2021 - 11:21 PM

I just upload directly to Mycotopia, but yeah I'll just add them to this current post. NO Worries @Skywatcher. 





Picture Reload for yesterday's Post.  

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Posted 16 November 2021 - 12:28 PM

Quick update today, the Portobello trays are coming along, one tray is clear glass so I can see what is going on(without lifting the foil... NOT recommended in early colonization).  Looks healthy and I hope we can get to fruiting this time, my first Dung lover Edible... hoping for some success and FAT Caps.  


The TT and Bears Head are at it again, 2nd flush, here we GO.  The TT fruits are getting bigger every day, patience is key with Polypores, takes a long time to fruit these, Open block almost 2 months, slices are a slightly faster turnaround.  Who cares... TT is SO gorgeous, I could pet that Velvet... ALL Day!


All blocks looks great, the Pink Oyster is slower than expected for colonization, but no issues and looks healthy.  The COTW spawn is now really Pinkish Orange and is RIPE to NOC up some Logs.  Now that other projects have ended or winding down, I can focus purely on getting some AGAR transfers and Store some plates.... but WHY I'm lagging on my Kings... Baffles me... my favorite to Eat.  Just need to do an Agar wedge to LC... but... SO busy lately with other avenues in life... I'll get it done SOONER or Later.  I'm ahead of the game with blocks so ALL good.  I need to do another run of Seeds as well, get the Beech Clam going again, try out the heat tolerant Erinaceous, and test out my LC to LC Shiitake... looks clear and clean... I don't expect a problem.  Keep that PC Rockin'






Definitely 2nd Flush for Americanum...

Noticeable growth Spurt



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Posted 16 November 2021 - 02:23 PM

I wasn't going to get the Logs going today(COTW), but I realized I'm fairly light on duties for the day, and I can clean up the kitchen while the wifey is at work.  Sterilizing AND cleaning... Dual Threat.  I can only do 2 at a time with my small(ish) cooker, NO worries, just excited for something that is NEW to me.  Same process tho', JUST in LOG form.  I'm going 2.5 hours, I've seen 2 hours for logs, I'll stick with what works for me.  BEEN, waiting a year to get this back going since I tried in Bag form indoor to NO Avail, LOGS it is then.  I've never eaten COTW, but I want these Sulphureus to GROW bad, and I've heard they are SO delicious and these logs are small to medium, if All goes well, maybe get 3 seasons or So... WHO knows... the excitement of the UNKNOWN.   :meditate:

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Posted 18 November 2021 - 01:43 AM

Night time Update, took a nap today... Smoked(and Vaped) too much Cannabis... YUP a lazy gloomy day.  I did however get some work done and sterilized the last 2 COTW Logs.  Went smooth, easy to do in a SAB and NO issues.  Patience with this one, BUT no Worries... and No Hurry.  The 2 bags of spawn were more than enough, a little wasteful, but not enough to be upset about.  Can't wait to plant these in the Late Winter Early Spring Time.  Fun Project, but sit and WAIT time... I'll check on them in a week and give an update.  







The Bears Head blocks are starting to grow again, I just ate my last fruit a few days ago, MAN they are SO delicious and the flavor just lingers... NEVER get tire of these Pom Poms.  




Turkey Tail, just as beautiful as ever... growing every day just SLOW Rollin'




I'll be getting some Oats Cooking soon, the jars have been clear for awhile and that's not normal for me.  I'm trying to plan better this year and not get too many blocks at the same time, staggering them through out the Winter enjoying them as they Fruit.  Last year I just went crazy, and IT was FRUITS all at once situation, ate a ton and dehydrated some.  Easy to get TOO many LM fruits REAL quick.  


The Black Poplar Blocks are getting close, maybe 5 days or so and I'll fruit those.  The Pink Oyster seems slower than any of the other Oysters I've grown, But it's my first Round so Patience.  I did cut my blocks with the cheaper pellets(20% if that), but I don't think it would be enough to matter especially since supplemented with Rice Bran.  Next Round, I'll try straight Hardwood, not a fan of these cheaper pellets anyway, I'll save them for TT, they will grow on anything.  


I'm still being patient on the Original Shiitake Blocks(4 Total) I did on the first run.  They are browning, but it's the beginning and needs longer.  First Round with the S75 so we will SEE.  


I have 6 Maitake blocks, I went MAITAKE CRAZY!!  I ended up with a brain only formation last year with horrible planning and it didn't work out.  NOT this time.  I eventually would like to do some Maitake Logs, maybe some Brick Caps... Who knows these things... Time will Tell.


Reishi blocks are BRICKS... SO Solid... just letting them do what they do until I see some Antlers.  Patience is synonymous with Polypores   :meditate:



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Posted 18 November 2021 - 10:36 AM

Looking great Mush, should be a bountiful winter!
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Posted 19 November 2021 - 12:26 AM

Yes Sir... I just cooked up some Oats tonight, for another Round of NOC ups.  Bears Head, Lions Mane, Beech Clam, Last Round of Reishi, Pink Oyster, and Lastly... testing KO Agar even though it's verified.  If all is good with the Kings grain, I'll Noc up 2 blocks and save a few seeds for a G2G.  This will give me time to verify and then make an LC while I'm in motion.  Worse case scenario, I lose a jar of seeds... doubtful... but plausible.  I need to test my Shiitake LC soon, but it looks Super Nice and clean, I luv how stringy Shiitake Myc IS.   :meditate:

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Posted 19 November 2021 - 01:16 PM

Another Friday... More Jars inoculated, it's a Wonderful morning.  6 jars of seeds so WE... SHALL... SEE.  


Bears Head 2nd flushers growing nicely.




Turkey Tail Slow and Steady(she goes).  




Really excited to get my King Culture going again, with one of my rooms causing trich on a few plates(and tubs), had to make sure it was the Room and not the culture(or Cultures, thought my Chestnut had issues as well). I have 2 plates that confirm it's clean So it's the room, and it's by a window so I won't be doing any SAB work in this room and will be getting a thorough Scrub down shortly.  NO Issues with the Martha Tent, but due as well for a start fresh and clean situation.  Happy Friday, and all the best to your projects.   :happy:

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Posted 22 November 2021 - 06:58 PM

What's Good Growers, another Day in the Life of a Cultivator.  


  I checked on the CoTW Blocks(LOGS... Dammut) the other day and the spawn has recovered and looks great, hard part is done, Now just leave them alone for about 3 months.  Late February for Zone 9 should be just about perfect(Weather depending, I may stall to early March).  Mother Nature will Let me Know since I will be on HER Time.   :biggrin:



Bears Head Fruits just doing there thing, getting bigger, I did Up the Humidity a bit the other day, was running a tad on the Dry side so small minor adjustment.



One Day after LC Squirt





Turkey Tail fruits getting bigger, just a Slow fruiter.. Nothing you can do but... Enjoy Them.




All the newest Oat jars are doing excellent and look to be No issues.  The KO Agar jar is just starting to jump off to the grain, Agar is slower to start than a LC... so it's Normal.  No contamination rearing it's head so Good Vibes So Far.  I find that Contamination usually hits that 2nd or 3rd day, otherwise you are usually in the clear.  Every once in awhile, I'll get a stall out, but it's Not the normal and doesn't occur often. 



Pink Oyster a Day after LC Noc


The Black Poplar Blocks are real close to throwing in the Tent, and So are the Pink Oysters.  I'm being patient with the Shiitakes, they are browning up and ripening for me.   :cool:



The tent... Finally cleaned up the Humidifier and Tent, always

feels good to start Fresh N Clean.  

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Posted 24 November 2021 - 06:54 PM

Update time, I was wrong, the KO Agar wedge jar didn't make it and had green mold.  Oh well, tried to jump the gun a little bit... and Well... It BITES back sometimes.  All good, I have another plate that's been transferred and I'll test that one shortly.  Everything else is doing great and the Pink Oyster is ripping through the Oats like No other.  Beech looks good, LM and Bears Head growing well, Reishi is Fine... real nice Oat prep this time, Not that I short change my prep, but I think a few runs back I may have rushed the drying process just a tad and on the slower side because of it.  


All the blocks AND Logs are doing great, I'm pretty sure the Pink Oyster blocks that are almost done were on the wet side, I had an issue for the first time in probably 20ish PC runs (4blocks at a time) and these blocks came out a little wet, I think I may have overfilled the PC(too far up the bottom bag) and some water seeped back into the Bag, it's the only thing that makes sense.  I know Pinks can't be this slow and I used a half a quart of spawn per block so it adds up to the Wetness.  Coming up on a Month so I'm doubting that's the normal with how fast they rip through Oats.  All good, just when you think your process is Sound, which it is But... Soggy Blocks are NO Bueno.  This last round of Maitake and Poplar Blocks went amazing and they show it with speedy colonization.  















And Current


Added A Shiitake Block to the Party... had a few Big

fruits forming in the bag and I've read that you can fruit

these in under 2 months from spawning.  This block hasn't browned

up much for at least a week to 10 days So... Maybe this is all the brown

this S75 needs.  I'm about to FIND out.  

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Posted 26 November 2021 - 08:26 PM

Whuzzup everyone, I had to share this story since it pertains to edible/medicinal mushrooms.  I was out mowing my lawn today since its nice out, and in my backyard, I have Ivy along the back fence, and I threw an old Reishi Block in the Ivy back in March or April and it's just decomposing... recycling back to the Earth and all that(most blocks went into my Compost Pile), and Low and behold I found these little guys right before I almost ran them over.  One of them was almost liquified and had the tell tale of the inky cap, was all over my hands and Black.  Wild Mica Cap, piggy backed off of a small piece of the Reishi Block and had a spurt of growth.  And with the leaves covering up almost half of the mushrooms (the reason I almost ran it over) had a perfect micro climate of open air and mucho humidity/evaporation from the wet ground and leaves.  I've never grown Mica Caps, so it's NOT my Doing (had a few Shiitakes pop from the Compost Pile).  Beautiful mushroom, edible I guess, but not much flavor and I'm not into Inky Mushrooms anyway.  I enjoyed their beauty tho', I've had a ton of mushrooms pop up from my old tree in the front yard, pretty sure they are feeding off of the decaying roots.  I can't wait to add a Wine Cap Bed... And definitely those COTW Logs that are doing phenomenal BTW.  Alright ya'll, Happy Black Friday Folks!   :smoking-hookah:








I have Pacman Ghosts in my Yard  :laugh:

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Posted 26 November 2021 - 09:05 PM

And the normal update, the Bears Head fruits are growing some nice teeth and look Super Healthy.  The TT is just chuggin' Along.  The Shiitake block is showing the first few early Pins, should see more over the next half a day or so.  I will give the block one last misting in the morning and I won't touch the blocks again.  Misting the blocks a few times a day even in the Martha has given me great results.  I may have pulled this block too early, but Pins can pop up Fast with Shiitakes.  Time will Tell.  If the first flush of Shiitakes isn't that great, Usually the the second flush(Big Fruits) is usually Awesome and that's the End of the cycle. 



Does that look like a LION's Mouth or is it

Just Me!   :victorious:



Photogenic... As Always.  Glad I shot another Oats

jar of this One.







Trametes Versicolor... Great name









A few Shiitake Pins, worried the Pinset isn't going

to be great, Owell, first block of the year and I want to get

my Grub On.   :biggrin:

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Posted 01 December 2021 - 06:12 PM

Hey... Been a few days... time for an update.  I have a ton of spawn to run through this weekend, I'll be busy No doubt.  The pink oyster is ready, the Beech Clam is close, Reishi real close, and both LM and Bears head are a day or so out as well.  I lost the King Oyster tester, but all is well otherwise.  


All the blocks are good, the Pink Oyster still a bit slow, but I'm guessing moisture problem.  Lucky it's not DONE for at this point.  


The CotW Logs are starting to show fuzzy on the log, pretty cool project and super excited to plant them in a few months.  Patiently Waiting.


I harvest up the Bears Head and the Shiitake block, what a Fail on the yield, but Wow, some MEATLY fruits from this S75.  I knew there was No way to fruit these in 2 months from Spawn.  I'll let the other 3 blocks go until Brown like I usually do.  I've never had yield issues waiting.  I need to test my LC with a jar of Oats, I know it's clean though, looks SO wonderful in a jar. 


Turkey Tail still going in the FC, getting close to finished, starting to get some Turkey Tail Fans here and there.  


Oh, I grabbed a couple of LC's for a Black Friday sale 25% off,  I just COULDN'T resist the sale, AND a freebie syringe.  Really excited for the Conifer Coral, which grows on Conifer pellets which I already have since I've been supplementing my more expensive HWFP.  Always excited for another Hericium... and I don't think I've seen too many people grow this one.  


I also picked up a King Blue... Hybrid of the two... Happy Holidays to all of You.    :cool:

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Posted 01 December 2021 - 07:29 PM

"Forgot My Pencil"













MEATY Shiitakes this Round, Yield... Just under 

3/4's... surprising with how little fruits I harvested, BUT

big Healthy FAT Stemmed.... and BIG Caps, the environment is SET,

just pulled the trigger TOO early for shiitakes.  All good, I enjoyed

the 2 servings of Shiitake Mixed in with Bears Head.  Grow your Own Food Folks.   :meditate:








Harvested later that Night.  I put 5 more Slices

on the top of each Bag to finish it Up and send it

Outside.  No worries, I have MORE ready to Spawn this weekend.  






All Pics Above from 11.28.21





TT Pics from 11.30.21

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#78 Arathu



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Posted 01 December 2021 - 07:55 PM

Absolutely beautiful! Nice grows man.....


Shiitake sammitches........and beer...





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Posted 01 December 2021 - 10:53 PM

Shiiiiit! How long did they take?
I just got my bags colonized and waiting on the brown. Usually takes me about 3 months till pins. 

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Posted 02 December 2021 - 12:31 AM

Thank you @Arathu... this Round of Shiitake was SO Meaty, the 3782 Shiitake was good, but not as dense as these, I'll have to run the 3782 again in this environment... but Wow almost King Oyster Meaty (not really but surprised me)... Can't wait for another Round of Shiitake in a few weeks... A Rematch is in Order!   :laugh:


@RockyFungus My other Shiitake takes about 3 months as well, I fruited this one just under 2 months (About 50 days.. way to early) and the yield wasn't there with brown spots here and there(had fruits in the bag so I went for it).  My best yield has been from a block fully brown, I knew I should have waited, but No worries, I'll grab a decent 2nd flush to finish and send it out the door (I've had some 2nd flushes do well when the first one isn't up to Par).  I have 3 more shiitake blocks that are close, and I will be waiting on those to brown completely. I'm letting the current block rest for about a week, and I'll dunk it and fruit it one more time.  

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