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MushLuvR's House of Edible and Medicinal Fungi

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Posted 03 December 2021 - 01:31 PM

Quick update... found a Morel in my yard, Well...  it's probably a false morel that I will confirm when I pick it and cut it.  Almost guaranteed it's not a Real Morel, but crazy I even seen this thing (Camo).








Turkey Tail Pics... Woohoo!








Shake Ya Tail Feathers!



The Bears Head blocks are just starting to show little bumps by the slices, should see some growth SOON.  



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Posted 03 December 2021 - 01:52 PM

Is that thing hollow? It looks just like a!


Nice blocks!



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Posted 03 December 2021 - 02:46 PM

Nah, as suspected, it's a FAKEY.  Pretty cool to see in my yard tho', I've been here about 8 years, never seen one until today.  








I want to start a Morel Patch SO bad, One of my favorites... but NOT the easiest to Grow.  One of my favorite videos used to be

that little kid hunting his Dads Morels, Kids got the Eye.


Always a "BLOCK" Party at My House!   :tongue:

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Posted 05 December 2021 - 01:31 PM

Alrightie Guys and Gals, went for it this weekend and Work is done.  10 more Blocks.... to the Party!   :biggrin:


2 Beech Clam

2 Reishi (Finished)

2 LM (Heat tolerant)

2 Bears Head

2 Pink Oyster


I like to be completely upfront with my grows, as I don't mind criticism or just being honest, I used to load up 4 blocks with 6 quarts of water, but lately, it's a bit TOO much.  The last 3 or 4 runs I've went 5.5 quarts, and it's absolutely GOLDEN.  I've always ran 6 quarts of water to 20 cups of pellets with bran, but I squeezed the sub before loading and it's perfect, no dribble, but holds form.  Not that I have any block issues, other than slightly slower colonization, but Noticing issues and fixing them is always an adaptation situation.  It's just like anything else, get complacent and take it for granted you've made triple digit blocks, and BOOM... something arises and it's evaluation and correction at that stage.  Anyway, really happy with the blocks lately, and much easier to mix to boot.  Crazy 16oz of water can change EVERYTHING.  All good, I have the analytical eye... I'm ON It.  


I did drop the other 2 Pink Oyster Blocks in the FC, made a few slices on the top of the bags.  I should see some PIN action in 5-7 Days.  These are the slower(wetish) blocks so I went with multiple Slices to get what I'm getting the first flush in case it decides to go backwards on me.  A few spots here and there didn't colonize so always worried it won't make more than a flush.  Time will Reveal.  


The newest addition to the neighborhood is:


Coral Conifer


King Oyster


King Blue


Shiitake S75


All showing initial growth and were NOC'd up just under 2 days Ago.  I'm excited for the Conifer Coral and King Blue as these are NEW to me.  And of course, KO, my favorite tasting mushroom, and is a Giver, easily get

3-5 Flushes depending on size of flushes.  Truly a GREAT One!   :meditate:


The CotW Logs are just doing there thing, look GREAT and I Can't WAIT.  Grow On My Cultivating Compadres.   :hookah:

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Posted Yesterday, 11:22 PM

Alright ya'll, I harvested up the Turkey Tail and dropped in two more blocks... TO the Party.  The Black Poplars were more than ready to go SO.... HERE WE Go.  


Nothing Yet on the Bears Head blocks, looks like a little something happening, but Slow at this point.  


2 Bears Head blocks, 2 Pinks, and 2 Piopinno's.  


My newest blocks are colonizing SO much faster and look healthier right from the start.  Really happy with dropping the water content a Smidge.  


All the newest Jars are showing good growth, I Poly filled two of the lids (Old School) since I didn't want to wait to Permatex on the SFD.  I used to run Straight Poly with No issues before SFD's.  I buy the small round ones for maybe 60 cents each or something cheap. It reminded me of my very first lids I made MANY Moons ago with two holes, one for Permatex for injection port and some Tyvek from the Post Office.  I was so happy with my results from the Mono, I went out and bought 7 plastic lids with real injection ports and a SFD.  I still use them to this day, the only thing I had to do a few years ago was RE- Permatex the SFD's to the lid, which wasn't done that well in the first place.  Memory Lane, Keep's ME Grounded!   :meditate:

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Posted Yesterday, 11:24 PM

I get to Blabbin' and always forget the Goods.










I probably could of ran them a bit longer, But I'm not worried

about it, and they look Great.  I'm going to do One more Round of TT,

maybe throw them Outside haven't decided Yet.  Two Trays worth in the 

Dehydrator and OUTSIDE the blocks go.  I threw some recycled Soil over them

with some Straw.  Who knows.... maybe they will give up some freebies in March or April.

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#87 Sidestreet


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Posted Today, 04:17 AM

Hey MushLuvR, sorry if you already said, but do you eat your turkey tail?  How do you like to prepare it?

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Posted Today, 10:52 AM

I don't eat Turkey Tail, although I saw a video of a guy awhile back chewing on it like it's Gum.   :laugh:   I powder them up in a coffee grinder and brew up Hot tea or anything really (OJ works). NOT the greatest tasting mushroom, but the benefits FAR Outweigh the bitterness.  Easy to mask in Tea with Honey.  

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