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data on data collection

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Posted 27 September 2021 - 02:02 PM

data on data collection, (mainly social media, but not only) with charts, of possible interest


also links to more info on the subject

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Posted 28 September 2021 - 11:29 AM

It blows my mind that so many people (or any people, really) still use Facebook. The other social media companies aren't really better, but FB is egregiously bad.


People still tell me it's how they "keep in touch" with friends and family but I manage to do that without a FB account (or any other social media accounts for that matter).


And how in "touch" are they, really? Do they not go visit their friends and family in person as often because they keep in non-physical "touch" online? That would be hard to quantify but I'd bet that it's common. So it could be the case that we're ironically slipping further apart and away from each other even as we tell ourselves that we're "keeping in touch" on FB, etc..


But the kind of relationships we're developing with our friends and family on social media are (IMO) analogous to the sorts of relationships we have with characters in our favorite shows that we "keep in touch" with the same way (watching them online). It's a level of abstraction that makes some people think that having thousands of "friends" is a real thing and makes self-sorting into ideological echo-chambers fed by "news" curated by an algorithm with a baffling but clearly-nefarious agenda seem like a reasonable thing to do.


And use Signal, damn it!

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Posted 28 September 2021 - 09:29 PM

I would go even further and say texting is a sham way to communicate as well.


Handy but its inefficient and often lacks deep conversation due to the barrier of having to typing all that shit out. I barely talk to any of my close friends on the phone anymore its sad when I think about it

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