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How to make a Humidity Chamber and the Growing Process?

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#1 danielfly



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Posted 07 October 2021 - 07:13 PM

Hi everyone, newbie here.  I suffer from severe depression and am hoping that going the shroom route can help me out.  I'm still learning on how to grow and do everything, and have already inoculated my BRF cakes.  I made a SGFC but after posting earlier on this forum, I realized that this might not be the best route for me since I do not have the time to spray mist 3-4 times a day because of my terrible work schedule.  Someone recommended me going the humidity chamber route for my BRF cakes instead of a SGFC since it would be easier for me as a newbie not messing up.  


I think this is a great idea, but there's one issue:   I cannot find any information on how to actually build a humidity chamber or water tub in this link.....and I searched on throughout this forum and on google as well (humidity chamber / water tub) and it seems many people talk about it but no one actually mentions how to build it and the process of how it works and what you have to do afterwards?


Does it go by a different name by any chance so I can try to search and find more info on how to build it and the process?  Or any links?


Thanks in advance for all your help!  

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#2 Juthro


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Posted 07 October 2021 - 07:45 PM

The simplest way IMHO, is to place your cakes in a Rubbermaid(or similar)  storage tub with wet perlite in it.   You can use the tub lid as a fan to give it some fresh air exchange(FAE) two, or three times a day.  Or if you cant get to it regularly to manually fan, you can leave the lid slightly askew to allow for some passive FAE for most of the day, and give it good manual fanning once a day


There are a lot of ways to skin this cat, I prefer low tek, but some people prefer automation.  You just have to decide what you want to do.


If you're looking for concepts, and new ideas I might suggest looking in the New Vaults.   There are mountains of good information in those old posts.


Welcome to the 'topia, BTW !!   :hug:

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#3 danielfly



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Posted 08 October 2021 - 11:31 AM

Got it!  This makes sense to me now.  I appreciate the reply and help!

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#4 fahtster


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Posted 19 October 2021 - 03:35 AM

How many cakes we talkin? If it’s just a couple/few, it’s really easy to make a ziplock FC that doesn’t need to be fanned or misted daily. It’s literally an 8 cup glad container with a couple inches of wet perlite (or wet coir—humidity chamber) in the bottom that’s inside a 2.5 gallon (2 gallon will also work but I like the extra room of the 2.5 gallon) ziplock with needle holes poked in the bag every 1-2” (depending on your climate, you’ll have to dial it in a bit)

I use tall 1/2 pints because it’s all I could find so 3 is the most I can fit in one bag (I prefer 2 for the extra room) but if you have wide mouth 1/2 pints, you can do 2 double stacked cake, so 4 cakes total per bag

D94D5398-9BE0-4F73-B2B6-567A0C934DDE.jpeg EBC7B91B-DABA-4091-BF05-733C88BECE39.jpeg 9BAA793D-584A-4357-B0D8-8DBFF6DB9AE6.jpeg 0E7453E8-42EB-4A41-9D91-689EA3520AD9.jpeg 5466312A-4D21-49E7-A27D-F2C269B106B4.jpeg

So you can see the needle hole set up.. I’d suggest a few more holes at the cake level than the rest of the bag

No fanning needed and I usually mist the DEC layer every few days as it dries up but stop that once pins show up

Check out my ziplock thread for more FC ideas

To answer the direct question… this is from the Humidity chamber developers (Mateja) thread on shroomery

A Humidity Chamber is any size/dimension tub, filled with 1-2inches of slightly over-hydrated coir. BRF cakes are then placed on top of the coir with something inbetween the two as to avoid direct contact. Place the lid back on leaving some openings for FAE and the HC is fully functional. What makes this setup so effective are these 3 little things:

1) It works equally well in extremely dry growing area's as it does in places where humidity is high.

2) FAE is actually adjustable and easily controlled by increasing/decresing the lid openings. The abundance in humidity created by the rich/fast (and most importantly neverending) evaporation off the coir will always protect the substrates on top of it from those extremely dry conditions that are so detrimental to fruit formstion. By substantially lowering the risk of too dry environments allows you to alter FAE rates in a wide variety with faster response.

3) last but not least, this setup is unbelievably simple to make in no time.

So you simply adjust the cracking of the lid for FAE

From his water tub thread (a couple pics are missing from the quote)

Rehydrate your newly birthed cakes in water for 24h, then give them a quick rinse and roll them in dry vermiculite or coir until they're fully coated.
This fruiting setup (the HC, or Water Tub, whatever you call it) can be made with any dimension unmodified tub or container as long as it's filled with an inch of water. Cakes must never be in contact with the water so place a cookie rack inside or some jars or lids or whatever works for you as long as the cakes have something to rest on elevated above the water level. Then place the lid back on upside down slightly rotated ajar to create small gaps/openings for FAE on top. A couple of square inches of openings on 2-3 corners is more than enough to promote continuous but slow evaporation. This is how I place the lid to create FAE openings:

After you place your cakes inside the setup go ahead and give them a generous mist from at least 3-4 feet away to generate that fine/light mist like conditions and always try to avoid squirting actual water on the cakes. Mushrooms dont need to be watered to grow only the substrate surface needs to be replenished with fine mist when you notice that the micro climate on the surface is vanishing or is no longer there. The preferred micro climate you're aiming for is having cakes that are at all times completely or mostly covered in these tiny droplets. Usually looks like this: (zoom in the pics to see the mentioned surface conditions)

Misting should be avoided as much as possible with this Tek unless the micro climate is visibly diminishing, meaning the micro droplets covering the cakes are beginning to evaporate off and disappear. Depending on the day to day humidity in your growing area and the size of the FAE openings on top you will either not need to mist very much if at all or at the most you'll need to mist gently every 24-48h. In time you'll learn to tune the FAE openings in such a way as to minimize the misting sessions while maintaining that preferred micro climate. Easy peasy :thumbup:


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