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8 Grams Semperviva, with harmala's and vaped DMT

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Posted 17 October 2021 - 11:41 AM

Been awhile my friends-- life is very busy with a baby, and mycology has taken a back seat for the near term (but not forever-- the love is still there, just waiting)


So for the first time in many months, I found myself with a full day alone to transcend.

I have learned over the past couple of years that my tolerance for tryptamines is extremely high, for whatever reason.

Over the past half year I've tried increasingly higher doses of my Semps (1g, 2g, 3g) and also my Pan Cyan's. Just mild barely-visual experiences.


So this past week I planned on going balls-out. I was going to make sure I had a good afternoon.

8 cracker-dry grams of Semperviva. :chucks:


I chose to first boil them in water with a little vitamin C for about 30 minutes to make a tea, which I drank over 15 minutes.


About 45 min. in I started feeling the come-up.

Then, FINALLY a real solid strong psychedelic experience!!!!

Immense joy, gratitude, beautiful CEV and (less intense) OEV. Fantastic music!

I added in vaped DMT bedded on Damiana, Caapi leaf, and Mugwort (my preferred spice vaping blend) which vaulted the trip to wild, symbiotic heights I haven't experienced in years) :wub:


I waited until that trip phase subsided some, about 2 hours in, where I felt almost normal. Then I ate the mushroom fruits themselves. I also took serrapeptase to aid in digestion of the extremely tough, rubbery fruits.


And about 45 minutes later I finely ground 1.2g Syrian Rue seed (previously baked to remove/nullify the vasoconstrictive chems) along with 450mg of isolated tetrahydroharmine extract. Mixed them into coconut milk, and shot it. Tasted like roasted chocolate! :tongue:


The next 3 hours were some of the best times of my life. I felt such overwhelming contentment, happiness... joy. I sang to my mustc-- I danced so much. I smiled at everything-- the love of my family, life, my wild good fortune at being alive. I soaked up the sun on my porch, feeling the energy of the light absorb into my spirit. I laid on the couch with a healing LED redlight aimed at my face (look up photobiomodulation to understand), revisiting the DMT throughout, and the imagery of infinite fractal spaces without boundaries but completely ordered in their architecture were seen within my closed eyes.


Oh, my friends -- the hypnotic rest and peaceful time laying on the couch with that music, profoundly relaxed, breathing and heart beating as though I were asleep--- relaxed and content.... such peace and love. So content and happy. I smiled so often with closed eyes. at the smiling faces I imagined within, and with thanks for my beautiful experience after so many years of feeling and fearing I was forever locked away from them.


At last....



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Posted 17 October 2021 - 07:32 PM

WOW !..... Sounds ....Awsome ....coAsTal....!

  trip report reminds me of my first cpl of mmushroom trips back in the 70's . lo uphoric so much love for natchure friends ect.


Thanks   !





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#3 Coopdog



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Posted 17 October 2021 - 10:52 PM

I am so happy for you! I need a day like that like I need air. My next trip will be converting LSD to ALD 52 per the thread on that, and I hope and pray I don't just waste any of my last 10-12 hits of good acid doing so. This WILL happen soon for me and I hope to be sharing such a good positive trip report as this. My spirit needs it. Thank you for sharing this beautiful trip report. 

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#4 coAsTal



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Posted 18 October 2021 - 08:18 PM

Thank you all-- it's been so long since I have been able to truly "trip" that it was like a spiritual pressure valve has been released. I really feel "re-set".

And now that I know that all my wetware still works (just needs far higher amounts to get there) I will maximize my limited time with MAXIMIZED dosing :cool:


Coop-- sending you good vibes for when you find that day-- I don't know the difference between "standard" and ALD 52, but the dose sounds like it will be one amazing ride! :hug:

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Posted 19 October 2021 - 10:07 AM

acrording to legend the ORANGE SUNSHINE  sold in 70's as LSD-25 was actually ALD-52


i was ummm good  heh



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