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The Epik Hack is Truly Epic

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#1 TVCasualty


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Posted 20 October 2021 - 10:54 AM

The mainstream media is not really talking much about the Epik data breach by Anonymous. It's huge beyond belief, even for seasoned IT security experts. One who saw the data described it as "a complete own" (not sure who said that, but it's being quoted all over the place).


What prompted the hack was activism against the Texas abortion law, lol. Culture war is hell, ain't it? It sure is fortunate that reactionaries are not very smart on average.


The details of the near-total incompetence of Rob Monster (his real and uncannily-appropriate name) and his Epik hosting company are breathtaking, such as storing failed login attempts in cleartext (among other things, like active cc#s!) which allowed hackers to get thousands of real passwords since most failures are of one letter or something easy to fix (e.g., if your pw is "password" and you type "pqssword" the log would show a failed attempt to use "pqssword." Doesn't look hard to guess what your real pw is, lol...


But the Texas pinheads who are leading the charge back to the dark ages didn't have to be that way, so they deserve what's happening (and yet to come; this is just getting started).



The rabbit hole runs 15 million email addresses (so far), thousands of domains, passwords, CC#'s, untold gigabytes of data deep (~150GB released in the first batch, 300 GB in the second, more to come...), and is worth looking into. That is going to take years, but richly-deserved consequences are already being felt by some of the people exposed in it.


Basic background:


Keep current with the fun here (click on "Latest" tab):




In related news, one of the main hackers behind the insanity of recent years wrote a tell-not-quite-all expose' about his activities: https://arstechnica....masks-himself/?


This comment was interesting: https://arstechnica....1&post=40316336



When you weave all this stuff together a fascinating and disturbing picture begins to emerge, but exposing it might at least help stop it before it crosses an unrecoverable tipping point, assuming we haven't already.

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#2 Micogi



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Posted 20 October 2021 - 02:23 PM

Ha, what MSM doesn't cover is epic, epically deceitful.


I suspect there'll more and more of these data breaches and ransomware attacks as narratives collapse and evolve to keep up the subterfuge and sheep asleep.


Luckily for me, if any hackers can do better with my info than I have, more power to them! lol



#3 TVCasualty


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Posted 23 October 2021 - 01:44 PM

Not surprising at all: Sitting GQP lawmakers are dues-paying Oath Keepers:
There are a bunch of politicians involved, as you might expect (at least 40 state lawmakers, congressional candidates, and local government and GQP officials so far): https://www.propubli...can-mainstream?
Some amusing "been fucking around, starting to find out" stories: https://www.washingt...k-hack-fallout/


Stuff like this is going to be coming out for years. It's going to take that long just to sift through all the data.

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