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How to guide yourself

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Posted 04 November 2021 - 06:52 PM

I've looked into the light. Before I really read the warning lol. It wasn't like welder burn. I stick welded for about a decade and the flash from that is very different. It was inside the sab though so that may make a difference in the amount of the uv is really getting to my eyes or skin. I'd really like to create a positive pressure in the sab though. I think maybe that small hepa unit I bought could work by using a duct to connect it to the box, clean and detachable for easy storing. I will build a flow hood when I can for sure. I want the things I have to be as efficient and effective as they can possibly be. This is assuming the hepa filter is still good.There

I run a hepa filter in my little closet a day or so before I inoculate but never when doing injections. Guys will say to turn off the furnace as well to keep air disturbance down. The thing with building a positive pressure box is it might work worse than still calm air. Part of what makes the flow hood work is the amount of air forced combined with the filtration. That one with the guy in the lab and his long dry cleaning bag was one of the better videos I have seen on youtube. The thing with those videos on youtube is there never seems to be much proof of results posted. I haven't seen any evidence of them producing great results, I would think there would be more guys using them considering how cheap they are. He did mention nobody complained so who knows his setup might produce favorable results.

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Btw, that's the video I was talking about!! That's gotta work as long as the hepa filter is good

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