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Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

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Posted 30 October 2021 - 10:48 AM






THIS^^ is the future I dreamed of coming true.   BEFORE I die.  It is so sweet!  Please read the words(you can ignore the other shite on the page though)


I used to fantasize about mankind's future and read sci-fi, wishing I was the hero in the story, somewhere, OUT THERE>>>>>>>


I don't care what you think of the man (Elon).  The idea needs to become reality.  It is heading the right direction right now engineering wise. 


But, like the author of the story, I can see Big Government killing this baby in the crib!



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Posted 30 October 2021 - 01:32 PM

That was an eye-opening article. I'm forwarding it to my aspiring astronaut friends (who are currently restricted to exploring outer space with psychedelics).


I had no idea that things had progressed that much.


The economics are insane:


Starship is intended to reach numbers as low as $1m/T and 1000 T/year for cargo soft landed on the Moon. Apollo achieved about $2b/T and 2 T/year for cargo soft landed on the Moon. Constellation 2.0 as described above would be more like $4b/T and 2 T/year.




The race is on between our reaching the stars (or at least Mars) and our civilization imploding and keeping us firmly anchored to this wet rock for another thousand years or so.


It's probably going to be a photo finish, and makes me wonder if all species that leave their respective planets go through a similar developmental phase where we/they risk collapse thanks to what it takes to evolve far enough technologically and culturally to be able to leave a planet.


Cultural and political evolution might play a role as well since it's going to be harder to colonize Mars if we're still fighting over stupid shit here on Earth, and if we make space cheap and easy without evolving culturally and politically then we risk warfare in low-Earth orbit (or on the Moon), if not exactly "Star" wars.




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Posted 30 October 2021 - 03:42 PM

If we can't figure out how to CLEAN up the space junk orbiting at multiple MACH speeds an accident is almost guarenteed to happen.  Lots of ideas in that area right now too. 


Good luck kids. it's your ball game now.

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