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140mg DMT in DMSO applied to forearm + 350mg oral THH + 300ug LSD analogue

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Posted 14 November 2021 - 11:23 AM

Reading some recently posted transdermal DMT experiments just re-kindled my interest in a pharmahuasca experiment I'll try this coming Friday (November 19th).

The best substance for this is DMSO or Dimethylsulfoxide.

Background: every 2 weeks I trip on a combo of 350mg pure THH + 300ug 1-acetaldehyde LSD (similar to ALD-52). The HPBCD DMT thread in the pharmahuasca section describes these experiences: https://www.dmt-nexu...sts&t=96861

I've done this for 2 and a half months now (5 profound +5 Shulgin level experiences thus far). Each journey has been a profoundly beautiful ZERO anxiety, headspace gentle, neon-colorful, highly visual, heavenly music enhancement, super deep head space, infinitely spiritual experience all evening long, very similar to 2 feet very thick high dose bridgesii cactus tea, and I've drank bridgesii cactus tea over 200 times over course of many years. I also have experience with hundreds of doses of LSD and over 70 Ayahuasca experiences over a lifetime. 


These experiences are nearly identical in every way to high dose cactus tea, but only a tiny fraction of the cost.

This coming Friday (Nov 19), I'll combine 140mg DMT freebase with a small amount of DMSO gel (will give amount and surface area rubbed onto) and rub it into a small area of my forearm, and report back to see if it adds anything to the experience.

If this works, I will add this to my every 2 week regimen of tripping. If it does not work, I will simply add instead 90 to 120mg sublingual HPBCD DMT (all absorbs in 15 minutes under tongue) back into my regimen with the above combo of THH and 1-acetaldehyde LSD. You can even re-dose more sublingual DMT every 1.5 hour at least two more times for the evening I found out. 

NOTE: I have not used DMT in 2 months time, so I have zero tolerance to it, it should work well.

Can't wait to try. :wub:

I have 44 experiences already over 1/2 a year with sublingual HPBCD DMT (60 to 140mg) under tongue combined with oral 300mg oral THH, so I have no problem discerning the effects of the experiments.

What I do like about the DMSO is that it has a FAST DIFFUSION RATE by itself or mixed with drugs. It has the best and fastest rate of all known substances for transferring low-molecular weight drugs directly through the skin to the bloodstream.

DMT has a very low mass of 188 g/mol and will penetrate easily into the bloodstream when combined with DMSO.

Weight lifters have used DMSO currently and in the past to transfer the hormone powders 4-androstenediol (molecular weight or mass of 290 g/mol), trenbolone (mass of 270 g/mol) and testosterone base (mass of 288g/mol) into the bloodstream within 20 minutes time once applied to skin with great efficiency, and DMT is even lower in mass than those 3 alkaloids.

Legendary trainer to the pro-bodybuilders Dan Duchaine (nutrition and steroid guru) was the first to popularize the crushing of farm animal "20mg trenbolone finaplix pellets," which used to be available at every corner livestock store over the counter, then mixing the resulting powder with a small amount of DMSO on a spoon.
You can even hold spoon over a candle to help it all dissolve 100%, rubbing liquid once cool onto a small area of the body, and 20 minutes later, blood levels would spike to astronomical levels with trenbolone, maintaining the muscle building and mental effects for many hours. Trenbolone is the world's strongest steroid. He detailed all this in an old issue of "Muscle Media 2000" . It was their hottest selling issue ever. I tried it back then several times, and it works VERY well. You get super jacked quick, and it has strong mental effects, and really did work in only 20 minutes.

This 20 minute transfer rate is similar to the fast 15 minute transfer rate of HPBCD DMT when held under tongue sublingually.

I've used DMSO for many years to heal sprains and muscle injuries quickly as I've been a weight lifter since my early 20's. It's also the best pain reliever I know of. See the book "DMSO, natures healer" by Morton Walker for more info. I know soccer players who use it religiously whenever they encounter a muscle injury to heal quickly so they can get back in the game.

I don't mind the garlic smell it imparts on the breath, so long as I don't have to meet any other people other than my spouse the next day (on the weekend). The odor is completely gone on the breath around 1 day after using it.

As we all know, 3 psychedelics combined are more powerful than just one or two.

Note: THH is NOT an MAOI, she (feminine spirit) is a psychedelic SRI or serotonin reuptake inhibitor just like the following psychedelic serotonin reuptake inhibitors: mescaline, LSD, shrooms, ibogaine.

Make sure your THH is pure and not contaminated with unconverted harmaline (which is a RIMA/maoi). Dab some THH on a wet cue tip, rub on paper plate, hold under blacklight, if it glows blue you have THH, if any green glow, you have harmaline in it, keep in mind harmine also glows blue too though. THH has a lingering metallic like taste when rubbed on tongue.

(1) Reference: On the importance of tetrahydroharmine (THH):

1. Post #12 of this paper: https://www.dmt-nexu...sts&t=96861 shows how to convert harmaline to pure THH in 1.5 hour for the first time (very fast) with 75% yield. TIHKAL THH entry also achieved 75% yield. Post also shows how to check the blue glow under blacklight to make sure it is pure. Any green in the glow means you still have un-converted harmaline, but follow instructions and you won't have any unconverted.

1. Dennis Mckenna Ph.D: page 115:

QuoteThus, tetrahydroharmine may prolong the half-life of DMT by blocking it's intraneuronal uptake, and hence, its inactivation by MAO, localized in mitochondria within the neuron.

In my experience, THH doubles the half-life of DMT, so when used sublingually or orally, you get a full strong 90 minutes out of it with long afterglow.

2. She is in the same beta-carboline family as ibogaine. She is the 2nd highest alkaloid in Caapi. She has a 10.5 hour half-life with peak at 5.25 hours.

3. DMT only colors are subdued and dark, but THH brightens the DMT visuals: out of this world impossible bright neon colors are a trait of high dose oral tetrahydroharmine + moderate dose 60 to 70mg+ sublingual or oral HPBCD DMT: neon red-greens, neon orange-blues, neon purple-yellows.

4. DMT does not block serotonin on it's own, but THH does...this results in not only stimulation but euphoria in combo with the DMT: and real Ayahuasca visions become apparent...important teamwork. Ibogaine, LSD, mescaline, shrooms, 5-meo-dmt, bufotenin in Amazonian snuffs, all block serotonin, THH blocks serotonin.

5. THH has numerous similarities to mescaline, she is like the beta-carboline version of mescaline, few people have used her over 100mg. I have seen the receptorome chart for THH vs. mescaline. She not only blocks serotonin like mescaline, but agonizes all 3 adrenal receptors A1-A3 associated with beauty and aesthetic enhancement, just like mescaline. Beauty enhancement is "over the top" when THH is included, she is diamondlike shimmering in her beauty.

Actresses on TV will look like dazzling glowing super-colorful cartoon versions of themselves (just like with high dose cactus tea) only if you include the THH. Researchers have called THH the "tryptamine of the beta-carboline world" and rightly so.

6. THH is found in average 150mg in a cup of Caapi based Ayahuasca tea, when 2 cups are drank by some of the more advanced members for evening at the vegetals (UDV, Santo Daime, Shuar Indian) people are consuming around 300mg of THH.

7. Music will only sound bad-ass incredible if you include from 150mg to 300mg oral THH with your sublingual or oral DMT.

8. This pure THH at 300mg all by herself is extremely visual, she's an isomer of a hormone like substance made in the brain naturally.

9. The entry in TIHKAL for 300mg THH is completely wrong, where the unexperienced person compares it to the effects of 100mg harmaline. She is nothing at all like harmaline, and like 69ron once said about the person's comment in TIHKAL, he or she would not be able to tell their ass from their elbow. I agree, what complete nonsense. Dr. Shulgin wrote that he never got the chance to try THH, but wrote that more studies on it are "badly needed."

professor8 (found here from 11/1/2010 he writes like a poet w/special powers of imagination & expression):

QuoteTetrahydroharmine (THH) has the ability to raise your vibration in a most powerful, yet subtle way. It brings a crystalline prismy texture to spice and adds a super clear watery dimension to Aya, like looking down through 10meters of shimmering Caribbean Sea on clear blue day. It brings a dimension of pure light to the entheogenic experience and encourages entities & intelligences of only the Highest Order. If one is not accustomed to perceiving these experiences with a spiritual perspective most of the nuances & subtleties THH brings on are overlooked and remain unseen and one would better enjoy Harmaline as a house painter chooses a roller over a brush, its about preference & choice.

Trips (from here on 12/2/2011):

QuoteAs to how the THH altered the experience -> I find rue extract+DMT to be very similar to mushrooms. I found the THH added to the rue+DMT to shift the experience to a state much closer to that provided by LSD. It was more clear, more energetic, more focused, and when confusion struck it was definitely more "acid-like".

The world is moving in the direction of the Left Brain: technology and science. What the world needs is to move in the direction of Right Brain development: empathy, spirituality, connectedness. Compounds like tetrahydroharmine in Caapi could be said to improve emotional intelligence. Is this component of caapi a smart-nutrient for the right side of the brain? you be the judge.

At 300mg of THH all by itself, there are heavy open-eyed tracers like lightening flashes, and hours of teaching closed eye visions that start with colored sparkles and fireworks (red, green, yellow, blue) that dart around and progress into full-fledged way-beyond 4k visions with eyes closed that are not only static but often animated like slow and high speed movies, but all one monochrome color like green or blue for me, when you add DMT, the visions then become colored and patterning on animals for example will display their associated colors, DMT also adds on to or builds on top the THH visions, expanding them, but the teachings and insights & visions are credited to the Vine, just as Gayle Highpine writes in linked paper:

Gayle Highpine (Ayahuasca researcher):

QuoteThe vine carries the content of the message, the teaching, and the insight. The purpose of drinking Ayahuasca is to receive the message the vine imparts.

Tetrahydroharmine or THH ranks very high on the "periodic psychedelic table" among all the known entheogens for inducing realistic way beyond 4k monochrome teaching visions for hours...adding even small amounts of DMT brightens and colorizes the visions, example: reptiles, birds & animals such as serpents/snakes/toucans/parrots/jaguars with patterning show their respective associated colors. Many times I have viewed multi-colored serpents, birds & jaguars several times over hour long CEV periods, serpents are the manifest spirit of Ayahuasca.

pic: feminine spirit, women at the ruins

feminine spirit, women at the ruins.JPG

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Posted 14 November 2021 - 02:42 PM

I love your posts Tregar. We worth the long read and packed with good information. Thank you for that write up! EDIT: Darn it I was hoping I could just go to ebay and buy THH like you can get harmaline there. More research needed I reckon.

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