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Help with confusing info online about safety of eating fuzzy feet?

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#1 jenny212



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Posted 15 November 2021 - 11:48 AM

I was able to successfully grow and do my first harvest last week of Golden Teacher shrooms.  Some of my shrooms had what everyone calls "fuzzy feet". I was not sure if these shrooms are safe to eat, so I searched around on the forums and online, and from what everyone says they are completely safe to eat. 
But then I happened to find one comment online:
"If the clusters have mycelium in them you probably don't want to eat them raw. You can still make them into a tea or something. I used to get these, we would call them "knuckles" and they are pretty rough on your stomach even when they are small. Mycelium does contain active psilocybin so making it into a tea will still be effective."
I am confused about this comment.  So are shrooms with fuzzy feet hard on the stomach?  And it wouldn't be advised to eat them raw?  Or is this person who made this comment incorrect?



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Posted 15 November 2021 - 12:32 PM

Well tea versus raw I would say is a great way to eliminate nausea regardless of the fuzzy feet. It is often given as advice for those who have difficulty with the sick feelings that may come.


Personally I haven't noticed a difference but then again I never taken the time to isolate the fuzzy ones and specifically eat them without any of the others.

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#3 Baphom3t


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Posted 15 November 2021 - 12:34 PM

Some variants have a fuzziness at the base. This is no big deal.
Most people have problems digesting mushrooms. They are classified as hard to digest. That is more than likely why they said it was rough on the stomach.
I've ate fresh mush with and without fuzzy feet. I've ate dried mush grown from my compost pile from grows that got contaminated with trich, cobweb, or some other lesser mold. 
IMO, The only bad mush to eat is rotted mush or any mush that has a bacterial issue.

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#4 jenny212



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Posted 15 November 2021 - 12:37 PM

Got it!  This makes total sense now.  I guess I will eat the fuzzy feet, haha.  Thanks again :)

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#5 Juthro


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Posted 15 November 2021 - 01:55 PM

I agree with what was said above.   I'll add a bit to what Rooster said as well, I tend to take a large dose, and the amount of mushrooms tends to be enough that it doesn't agree with my digestive track.  To get around this unpleasantness, I make my shrooms into tea. Though I think it is just the mushroom bodies themselves that bother me, I don't think fuzzy feet affect it one way or the other.


Tea is a different creature though, it's hits a lot faster, and harder, but has a shorter duration of effect then if you eat the fruit. 

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#6 jenny212



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Posted 15 November 2021 - 02:56 PM

Thanks Juthro for your comment and input!  Really appreciate it!

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