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Behold The New Police Peopledozer

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#1 TVCasualty


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Posted 18 November 2021 - 11:36 AM

Coming soon to kettle a protest near you!



(Turn your volume down, it's one of those goddamned loud-as-hell videos)


[Direct Link]


I like how the front of it helpfully informs you that it's a "riot control unit" so no one mistakenly assumes it's for anything else. I guess that also means that if it's being used then whomever it's used against are de facto "rioters." The video and machine itself (which appears to be remote controlled, too) are dripping with bootlicky propaganda.





That Infernal Machine is only one or two upgrades and attachments away from Soylent Green:






One thing the designers and operators of such machines might not be fully appreciating is what will happen to anyone associated with it after a crowd it was being used on gets the upper hand. It might get stuck somewhere, get outflanked in an alley wider than it can spread its steel wings, or run out of gas (among other issues). Better hope you're not the one holding the remote when that happens; history shows that such tools of the state tend to be torn into literal pieces when captured.


Or better yet, it gets commandeered by the "rioters" and used against the bastards who think shit like this is a good idea rather than addressing the problems that push populations into their streets in protest. It would be ironic if they built it with virtually impenetrable armor but to control it all you have to do is find the guy with the remote and take it away from him. Or... hack the control or telemetry signals (let the fun begin!). Or just jam the signals altogether, say with a modified microwave oven HERF device.






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Posted 19 November 2021 - 10:52 AM

Great minds think alike. The control panel does not look like it's hardened for abusive environments and is therefore, very delicate.


RF jamming came to mind immediately.

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Posted 19 November 2021 - 08:46 PM

In all honesty if I was a riot cop I would think that thing was dope, get me the frick out of that gong show experience. I can see it from their safety stand point, but do I even have to say it? This sort of stuff will always be a hot button issue. On one hand if I was a business owner who was financially devastated by rioting I might think this exchange of safety for freedom was worthy cause. However if I was protesting on the streets for a cause I believed in and they were using it to silence me then ya suck it dozer.


Seems to me like you could lay down and use a non violence to stop it if your were brave enough. That thing could easily cause harm to a person if care was not taken. Unless the controls are so jacked down that it only has one speed super slow. Maybe it would be useful if you could use it as a guard rather than a pushing force, like stopping a bunch of people from storming into a building.


In the long term I mean whats the harm in totally incapacitating the human experience with administrative controls and mechanical physical force.  So when the greasy day where folk need to revolt shows up, they are actually powerless to do so. This might sound a little crazy but when those people stormed the capitol building the big thought in my mind was well. That was it, there might have been a time when the people could surprise the goverment but that has passed now. Enter 30,000 national guard or whatever. How much do you want to bet that is going to be the status quo from now on out. The fear of a repeat of the most pathetic insurrection attempt ever will ensure that, and believe me I don't think tearing down your goverment is the answer. I have heard the rings of election fraud coming from both sides already. So now if an actually tyrannical leader shows up the people are out of luck, they burned the surprise attack up on that bullshit.


Just another tiny little step, but hey hopefully those bulldozers have little real world usefulness.

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