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Preparing manure granules for Panaeolus: Guide

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Posted 01 December 2021 - 08:16 AM

Hello Topia!
Sometimes its too hard to find regular manure in big city, but growing pans on granules is much harder, i found only 3-5 success reports from lucky guys in the internet. Reason of that bad situation is shitty quality of that manure ofc, but i found a way to fix it and to use every mark/type of manure granules in growing. I tested it on about 5 different manures, and it works without any problem.

We need:
1. Manure granules(4 liters)
2. Baking soda(100g) (NaHCO₃) or another PH 7-8 maker
3. Yeast(25-50g)
4. Water

We do:
1. Add manure to water. Wait 24h. Mix and change water every 30-60 min during these 24h.
2. Add yeast to manure with water and mix it. Granules had been made on high temperature, it produced some kinds of sugar in manure, we have to remove it. Wait 12-24h.
3. Change water and add soda, mix it. Amount doesnt matter, maximum possible ph of soda is 8.2. Google said, that ph of manure is about 8, but ph of granules can be 3-4, dont know why. Wait 1 hour.
4. Change water again 4-5 times to full remove soda water.
5. Put manure to dry into some hidden place. We need it to remove hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Yeah, that shitty smell. Wait until u get full dry manure.
6. Use in growing with proportion - wet manure:another substrate 1:6. Granule manure has adhesive consistence, so i use about 15% for good fae inside substrate, but you can test another proportions.
7. Enjoy mushrooms :)

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Posted 01 December 2021 - 02:41 PM

nice guide, WU. Thanks for the write-up. One for the Vaults

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