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Back after a while... ready to revisit extracting DMT

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#21 SlipperyJack



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Posted 06 February 2022 - 05:42 PM

FLASHINGROOSTER is in Canada I believe, and it looks like he ended up using Rechocem camp fuel... not a product that I seem to be able to find.


It actually simmered off pretty quickly, faster than I thought... I thought it would take a couple of days, but it only took a couple of hours... so I'm glad I kept an eye on it.

I'm down to about 400ml of stock.


I will grab a bottle of the Zipper lighter fluid and give it a test... it's easily accessible at the convenience store for like $11 for half a litre or so.

It looks like I also have easy access to Ronsonol lighter fluid, and Emzone lighter fluid... both relatively cheap.


I should order my separation funnel tonight, I'll probably go for a 1L just so I am not cramped for space.

With about 400ml of stock, how much naptha should I need?

From what Phineas mentioned in another post, about 20g of lye should be plenty for this volume of stock... I suppose I can go up to 30 or so just to be safe?


Thanks for the confidence Phineas.

I am nervous at every step... "Can it really be this easy?"  "What did I miss?"  "I'm sure the DMT is still in the jar with the spent bark!!!"



At this point the dmt is in aqueous acetate salt form, which has a boiling point higher than 100*C, so you absolutely cannot damage it while water is present. You can boil it hard for a while but keep an eye on it and drop to a simmer as you get close to your target volume. You don't want to get distracted & accidentally boil the pot dry.

Keep everything, on principal, just in case.

Coleman is usually no good nowadays, there's usually a non-hazardous (So not listed on the SDS) additive just to keep us from using it. That Zippo SDS looks good. It just says it has low-boiling and light hydrotreated petroleum distillates, which means they put some crude oil in a still, heated it up, and took the fraction that boiled off between 35*C and 130*C. That's exactly what we want but there might be some non-hazardous additives so a residue check is in order. If I recall correctly, FLASHINGROOSTER was in Canada as well but I can't find his thread, what did he end up using? Worst case scenario you can look for rubber cement thinner...

Ooh golly, I'm excited for you. I've full confidence that you'll get this right on the first try. Keep up the good work!

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Posted 06 February 2022 - 09:16 PM

It really is that easy!

For the lye my buddy Freddy always did 40g in 1L of water (pH=14) solution and added that to the acidic extract until the solution changed to slippery black and smelled faintly of fish. Usually around 300-400mL. He was always scared to add the crystalline lye directly to the acidic solution so he never did it, but others have had success that way without yield loss so maybe he's just a big baby...

You can probably get away with 3 naphtha pulls of 100-150mL, evaporate some until the solution clouds, then freeze & recover the product by filtration. Evaluate the percent yield and decide if you want to do a couple more pulls.

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Posted 10 February 2022 - 04:12 PM

I got lucky with that Reochem, a private non chain hardware/automotive store in town had a small old container on the shelf. Thing even had slight rust coloration on the outside. I went in a while later to see if they restocked the shelf and they did not. However I asked them to order some for me and I managed to score a three liter can of it. Zippo fluid was the only other viable option I found at that point

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#24 tregar



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Posted 11 February 2022 - 11:19 AM

Slipperjack said:
What is a typical DMT 'dose'?
I still haven't decided if I'll be smoking or ingesting.


HPBCD DMT sublingually active under tongue - Botanicals - Mycotopia

part 7: a little bit on my 70 Ayahuasca experiences, doses & visions 


Doses of dmt explained in part 1 and 7 above from 60 to 90mg, only use it sublingually personally combined with 300mg pure oral THH for Ayahuasca journeys with hours of teaching visions, music sounds just heavenly, like high dose cactus tea for hours one end, my favorite thing to do, enjoy the music enhancement, just incredible. Zero nausea, dizziness, very clear, no delirium. 

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Posted 13 March 2022 - 01:06 AM

Ok, this has inspired me to give it a go this year!


Anyone recommend a known-good source for MHRB, preferably one that allows crypto? 



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