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Question about “ breeder's statements of maturity”

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#1 StrayDogWanders



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Posted 07 February 2022 - 09:53 AM

Statement - 8 week strain that is suggested and rewards you with extra weight if allowed to go 10 weeks

Does extra weight = more surface area which means more trichomes development ?
Does extra weight just mean extra weight for the purpose of selling your crop ?

If there is no extra trichomes development for the extra 2 weeks and it’s for personal use then it seems more beneficial to chop at 8 weeks if the trichs are in the correct condition and save the extra 2 weeks of energy and resources.

Thoughts ?
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#2 Myc


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Posted 07 February 2022 - 11:37 AM

It's a matter of trichome maturity for me.

Under my traditional HID setup the plants just weren't ready at 8 weeks. The trichomes simply did not mature in the number of weeks stated by the breeder.


Some folks don't know to observe the trichomes for maturity and instead harvest the plant at the exact stated time of maturity - as if the plant were an hourglass with all of the uniformity presented by an hourglass.


An already mature plant - allowed to go further - will develop more of the red colored trichomes. This will result in a heavier, stonier smoke.

Plants harvested too soon - with a preponderance of clear/translucent trichomes - will result in a speedy, paranoid onset of the high. Ever heard folks claim that weed makes them "paranoid"??  Steer them toward some mature, properly harvested, properly cured cannabis. ;)

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#3 Myc


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Posted 08 February 2022 - 08:03 PM

Your query may have been based upon a comment in the Grow Show thread and I now understand the confusion.


Had I ceased the addition of liquid fertilizer at the appropriate time - I would have been rewarded with plant growth as opposed to plant suffering (the extra two weeks) - - which is what has bee detailed in the thread.  The coaxing of an extra couple of weeks - was referring to the "lost" couple of weeks while the soil and plant suffered.



In the interest of science I still have more seeds of each cultivar.

We will be able to compare Grow Show to Grow Show V2.0.........etc. I'm not afraid to fail and to display so that others may learn.

As my techniques modify and improve, I imagine that the LED thread may become useful to someone else.

Rather than coming across as some expert I like to involve the new grower at a level that is easily grasped. I am - essentially - a new grower under the LED lighting system - a newb. But I'm picking it up pretty quickly. ;)


I like a plant that has all opaque trichomes with roughly 10% of them appearing red or amber color.

The observation is made from the calyx and the surrounding guard leaves.

The calyx will have roughly 10% red while the guard leaves may have much more - up to 30%. I like a good amount of CBD/CBN in my herb so I'm patient so as to get the most out of what is produced. It is a preference thing for sure but I guarantee that if patience is exercised - the rewards are well worth the wait.

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