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Tripping and Politics

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Posted 14 February 2022 - 04:53 PM

Anyone else notice that when they take a big old dose of acid or shrooms they tend to not give a shit so much about all the disagreements the world has? For at least a week or two after my brain is in love mode, lets all hug and get along stuff. Fighting seems so pointless and counterproductive, then as time goes on those feelings start to fade. I see its been about six weeks since my last trip.....


Are these the musings of a insane hoser I am not too sure?


If there is any credence to my thought then dosing as many talking heads as fast as we can would be a good idea


Down the road though, that leads one to wonder if the folk tripping end up getting wiped out by the "aggressive" folk that don't.

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Posted 14 February 2022 - 06:17 PM

You might feel that way. I certainly do after I trip hard. But we're not politicians and lack any real political power.


Sociopaths and Narcissists always seem to have great trips from what I can tell/have read (unfortunately). They aren't suddenly confronted by new emotions or anything that changes their world view much, if at all.


Those kinds of people don't really give a shit about political conflicts or war or anything else, so there's no awakening in store for them. They just use politics and conflict to get what they want if they are in a position to do so. Giving a sociopath who has vast political power a huge dose of fungi won't change a damned thing about him (this is an overwhelmingly male problem). He'll probably really enjoy it, and ask you for more.


But dosing such people's kids might have an effect.  Reb


And that's precisely what I've spent the past 32 years doing. I wish I could elaborate...

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Posted 23 February 2022 - 03:10 PM

Well a tab of acid appears to be far less effective than a high dose of shrooms in this regard. But comparing a tab and a seven gram dose is not really fair either. For some reason once I hit that one tab range I don't tend to want to get any higher, but I feel like there is a barrier on acid I have yet to break through. Six hours of being high out of my mind feels like too big of a commitment, even on the shrooms I feel like the intense part only really lasts for an hour or so

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