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MushLuvR's Cannabis Cultivation Conquests

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Posted 02 November 2022 - 10:59 AM

The baby Vivo tent was flipped at day 50ish and the Gorilla Day 49, right where I like them, usually around 45 days most cycles, but I went a little longer since the Gorilla is 6ft 7 and the shorter plants didn't mind an extra day in the shorter tent.  The OG Kush (on the left) is in the small tent and she's BIG, I'll keep her at bay and with the other two plants very squat, it won't be a problem.  I may re-veg the OG, or grab some late clones, who knows, I have options and my 2x2x4 Veg/multipurpose tent will be here soon.  I may end up doing a Coco run and plow through some freebies that I wouldn't mind checking out, but LOW commitment situation.  Forgot the 5 foot tent photo's the other day.  


Gorilla Lite start of Day 5 tonight 8pm lights on time


Vivo start of Day 4  tonight 7:30ish pst


I gave both tents a foliar spray before lights out this morning... yucca,aloe,dextrose, and fish/seaweed and a tiny pinch of epsom.  I don't measure it, I go by feel, and it's a very small pinch, I prefer giving smaller doses of Epsom, but every feeding.  I have been successful in the past without Epsom, but I have ran into a few spots over the years on leaves (not the end of the world), which I usually see when I go to the final pot (transplant).  Either way, drench or foliar, the stuff is GOLD (sulfur to boot dual threat).   :cool:





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Posted 05 November 2022 - 10:33 PM

One WEEK Later...


Before And After Non Flash White balanced 









Boy do the leaves come back Quickly!  Have a wonderful night All

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Posted 10 November 2022 - 11:46 AM

Well, it rained a few times this week, and I decided to collect some rainwater for the Humic feeding which is my alternate feeding in-between the ACT.  The Gorilla was fed on the 8th and the Vivo last night at lights on.  The Miracle OG Momma is drinking like no other.  All plants are really close to going every other day with 3/4's (just under 3 liters) of a gallon per plant per feeding, but still on every 3 days thus far.  The OG could definitely go every other day, but I'll wait to keep them all on the same schedule.  The other two small plants are starting to rev up (purple wreck and Berry Bomb) and they will start filling out soon.  Alright ya'll, I'll give an update at 2 weeks.  Take ER Easy  

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Posted 12 November 2022 - 01:27 PM

What's good in the world Cannabis Consumers.  I received the 2x2 tent and fan and I had everything else on hand to put it together for my new Veg tent.  This is going to really help me grow for 4-6 months (2-3 cycles) a year and on the last run I could possibly flower the 2x2 if I want... OR Not.  Everything went smooth setting it up, Wow, is it small at 2x2x4.  I'm using an old school Mars 300 light for Veg that I have used many times when needed to get things started, never flowered this light, I have other retired 400's that are more suiting for Bloom.  The 300 does a great job in Veg, and its actual wattage is right around 130 from the wall and doesn't get hot, very low heat. 


3.5 days later, we have plants popping, 3 are already surfacing with a get out of my way Soil intention.  The other 3 are close, I can see the ground is cracking/rumbly so they should crack later today.  Right on track, I always get 3 or 4 fast ones and the others right around the 4-day mark consistently.   Alright... enjoy my new ladies to the Party.  :tongue:









And the three that are looking Close.








The second pic above shows the cracking raised soil the best.  Take Care

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Posted 18 November 2022 - 01:28 PM

Well folks, I lost a seed, it happens from time to time, I usually go 6 for 6 consistently, but this seed just wouldn't crack.  I found the seed in the soil just lying there (about 6 days later), not mushy or anything, but no taproot.  I covered it up for another 3 or 4 days and still nothing.  I squished it like a grape, and it was all moosh inside.  The shell was never soft or anything, it just didn't happen.  All good, it was a freebie seed and I'll just run 2 7gals in the big tent (or I may throw a CLONE in, not sure yet), which I've done plenty of times when I'm not running 3 plants per.  Ahwell, enough of what I don't have or could have HAD.  


I lagged on putting up the 2nd week photos, and now the plants are close to 3 weeks complete.  Tonight, will be the beginning of day 21 for the Gorilla and day 20 for the Vivo and I will be cleaning them up this weekend.  A leaf plucking PARTY.... OH YEAH!!


This last week the plants in the Gorilla have stretched tremendously, I'm going to cut back the veg days (or One more topping) for this tent, the light is a QB96 setup, and the LEDS have more deep red and IR than the QB 3500K setup... so they BE Stretchy!


The Vivo kept the plants pretty squat for being 50 days from seed to Flip.  All good, plenty of nodes and will be DENSE flowers with minimal wasted space and or gaps in branches.  Keep Em' Green


Gorilla 2 Weeks






Vivo 2 Weeks (a day off)








The new girls about 6 days from popping.












I'll get the 3-week photo's up soon and show the before and after from the Defoliation when I get a chance this weekend.  Happy Friday Folks.   :meditate:

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#46 YoshiTrainer


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Posted 19 November 2022 - 11:53 AM

Those ladies are looking great Mush!
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Posted 20 November 2022 - 03:27 PM

Thank you @YoshiTrainer, No matter how many times I do this, I'm still just as tickled as ever watching them progress... AND all the Best... to you and yours.  I'm sure you have your hands full from the Outdoor season.   :meditate:


OGK Momma doing JUST Fine and frosting up fast.  She is ahead of the other two plants next to her No doubt.  Thanks for dropping in Yosh.  



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Posted 05 December 2022 - 09:27 PM

Very nice plants @MushLuvR !

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Posted 06 December 2022 - 03:19 PM

Thank you @JuggaloJ, I appreciate you stopping by and dropping a line.  You also reminded me that it's time for an update so Thank You.   :thumbs_up:


Where were we, so November 20th, a couple weeks behind, what can I say, it's the holidays, and trying to button up the business for a new year with a game plan to get back to it and expand.  Anyway, I always take quick pictures from the old AF digital, I'm such a cheap ass when it comes to photography, and I shouldn't be, I really enjoy beautiful shots and want to get more into it, but other things in life that take precedence.


  Alright, so it's been raining lately, and I've been collecting rainwater, free resource and it's better than tap that has sat out over 24hrs. The bubbling brewer has been doing its job, usually just over a 24hr ACT and smells similar to a clean lake or pond, or a well-cared for fish tank maybe... really enjoy the smell.  I don't Ph anything, but I have checked it for shits and giggles, and it's the 5.8-6.0 range via an old pool test kit that tests both chlorine, and PH.  If you don't bubble the Earth Juice products, the PH will be low, and bubbling helps tremendously, along with the benefits of Aeration in general.  I have run the EJ products for plenty of cycles without bubbling, but it's definitely worth the extra effort, the plants definitely feed faster and seem to absorb it easier and efficiently, but that's just my evaluation, out of the bottle only does produce nice product, nothing wrong with the lazy man's way, but you may get a little PH fluctuation and lose a leaf or two, but at the end of the day, a leaf won't matter when you're chopping down fat buds.  .




Berry Bomb















Banana Bomb



Wedding Cake






11.24.22 The new girls on the Block


























Good stopping point for Lunchtime... 1  2  3  Break!  :biggrin:






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