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Chasing The Mushroom Euphoria Dragon

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Posted 15 March 2022 - 02:17 PM

So by now many of you frequent users of mushrooms have likely had one of those really awesome mushroom trips where there is little introspection and plenty of good time feelings pumping through ones mind. We are well aware of the mainstream factors that one points to when trying to lead to one of those fabled trips. Things like set and setting, dose, strain, and method if ingestion. I wanted to specifically focus on ingestion methods and rates.


Even more specifically the rate at which the doses are consumed and if one is sticking to only one ingestion or multiple. We do notice what appears to be a significant drop in potency if say you were to try to repeat your trip the next day, often leading one to consume nearly twice as much to see the same effects. So what happens when we try to do the second dose right away. I find most of the trouble on a trip comes from that first hour when things really kick in, so what happens when we go through that process on a very low starting dose. Then crank it up after about an hour or so with the intended dose. So say start off with something under .5 grams and then finish off with one around 3 or whatever you please. 


Memories of nights where I kept eating mushrooms and the night kept getting better. I want to tell myself that this method of multiple dosing seems to smooth the ride out. Running sort of counter to quick and intense delivery system of the tea. 


I would love if some users could try this method out and report back what they found? Is this something I made up in my head trying to quantify the variables of set, setting ect? Or is there actually something there to providing a smoother ride with the pre dose dose.

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Posted 15 March 2022 - 04:12 PM

   That is the way to go for me. I have had a lot of damn large doses in my life, and had some flat out amazing nights on them. I was getting real comfortable with using them recreationally, and in my gut somehow I know that is not how they are supposed to be used, when suddenly it was if a door had been slammed in my face and that euphoria became much harder to find. I stopped completely with the big hero size doses and found that if I started with 2 grams or so, and that was feeling groovy from then on every 2-3 hours or so do some more was a much more enjoyable method. 

   I always enjoy them 3-4 hours into a good size dose, but the first hours are spent miring in guilt. They ARE indeed teachers. Just keep that in mind. I think the better you live your life the more you will enjoy them. When the inside and the outside begin to line up is where they are telling me to get to. Had a few good ones in the last few months and a few that just started off rough from the start with the same damn mushrooms. 

   I do also believe different strains have a little different energy to them. I made a search for some Pan Cyans a while back (Spore prints) and someone gave me a couple grams. WOW that was beautiful. Had two beautiful nights and one gram was plenty. As soon as life levels out here that will be the next thing I attempt. 

   I found Orissa India to be a very friendly strain and grows huge fruits. Equadorians and Amazonians were all friendly to me. 

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Posted 15 March 2022 - 11:09 PM

Rooster, I’ve seen you mention some of this before, so I’ve tried taking the small dose first, then take the rest an hour or so later. I didn’t really care for it that way, felt like the overall trip wasn’t as strong, although that’s pretty subjective and could’ve gone that way regardless. Also, I get a lot of physical discomfort at the beginning of all my mushroom trips and even on small doses I still have to deal with it.

I’m not sure that my experiences would be typical though. I’m beginning to think I’m a bit of an oddity when it comes to how I react to psychedelics. For example, I’ve tried acid a few times recently (both with and without sherry) and I disliked all my experiences, I tend to get side effects only and don’t even consider it to be psychedelic for me. And with mushrooms, I don’t get visuals much anymore unless taking a large amount. I also rarely have an afterglow following any of my trips.

Back to your topic, I would say I prefer the full dose all at once. Let the come-up hit as quickly as possible. And since I trip at night, I prefer not to prolong the experience any more than possible, I kinda like being able to get a couple hours sleep than none at all.
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Posted 18 March 2022 - 03:32 PM

Thanks for the replies, it is so hard to try to quantify this stuff it does often leave me wondering. I have been focusing on the Acid and sherry thing lately and I suppose my initial success had me thinking about those euphoric mushroom trips again

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Posted 19 March 2022 - 12:54 PM

Hmmmm. I think I remember this mentioned before but I never tried it.

In my personal experience I had a rather rough trip a while back. And it left me a bit sketched out about going too big again. I'm getting older and my main concern during this rough trip was unchecked health issues, mostly blood pressure and family history of heart issues. At the time I hadn't seen a doc about It in years. It was so intense white knuckled trip I was scared I'd have a heart attack.

Since then I've been back to the doc and got the blood pressure under control. Ah....getting old.....nothing quite sinks that thought home like a regimen of daily pills to keep ya ticking.

Since then it seems like the few trips have been very anxious and uncomfortable. It's honestly probably fear of a repeat performance. And I haven't gone as big of dose which makes me feel like im missing the coolest part. I think maybe next time I might try taking 1g and then an hour later taking 3-4. Because like your saying, it's those first couple hrs that seem so uncomfortable and then once you get used to it the rest is much smoother.
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Posted 24 March 2022 - 03:52 PM

Yeah it is something that might take some experimenting to figure out. Some folk find that mid range dose to be troublesome, the 3-4 gram range. I would agree that those higher doses do have a higher risk reward ratio, the last high dose one I had all I wanted to do was lay down and close my eyes, the visuals felt to intense or something I don't know how to explain it. A far cry from my first trip all them years ago when I watched my foot vibrate on another wavelength and thought it was the coolest thing I ever did see


One thing I have tested enough with friends to feel fairly confident in saying is that there is always less trouble on the really low end. My friends and I faded away from eating handfuls together and tripping balls as life situations changed and opportunities became less frequent. So now when doing them pretty much sticking with whiskeys and one small mushroom each to kick the night off. People ask me for some at a party and I always say just take a small mushroom I promise you wont regret it, so far so good.

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