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Very awesome random encounter!

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Posted 09 April 2022 - 06:42 PM

I have a couple of authorized reproduction Grateful Dead Tshirts that have brought me some great random encounters. By far the best one today. I went to a little bakery/sandwich shop that just opened for the second time today. Their sandwiches were most impressive. 


   Went in there today and wore my super bright colored shirt emblazoned with the Dead logo. It was kinda busy so took me a few minutes to get up to the counter and order. I noticed an older guy staring at me. Finally, I smiled and nodded to break the ice. His eyes teared up and he came up and said he just had to introduce himself. He told me he used to travel around with the Merry Pranksters, as Ken Kesey was the cousin of his best friend back then. Said he was mentioned in a book and by chance I had the same book somewhere around here, and it was the Dead Family Album. 

   He told me he is an artist that lives off of selling his art, and that his brains are addled now, but that when he saw my shirt all of these great memories came flooding into his mind. They sell his art out of a local gallery here, now I have got to go see some. He said he is a musician that used to play all over the place, but now just plays occasionally in the little gallery where his art is, so we had a LOT to talk about. I didn't mind a bit that his mind wandered, because it covered some fantastic subject matter that was immensely enjoyable for both of us. 

   He mentioned Jerry Garcia and told me I reminded of him, not just in looks but in my spirit too, and I told him about the strange spirit connection I have with Jerry, for no apparent reason. I always liked some of the Dead's music but never considered myself one of their diehard fans or anything and I showed him the hand drawn pencil drawing that is framed and hangs over my bed. He also said he was just drawn to talk to me and that he was so glad that I was approachable like that by a complete stranger.

   We talked for an hour, and I had a few more errands to run, and really didn't intend to stick around nearly as long as I did, but I could not tear myself away. He had tears in his eyes the entire time, had to give him a hug as we parted. I had a feeling he wanted to drag me back to the house for dinner lol, and that would have been ok if I wasn't on an errand to get stuff to cook dinner tonight, and it was already after three when we parted. 

   This was one amazing random interaction. So glad he spoke up, and that I had my rainbow colored tie die on today as well. I think I need to order a few more of these tshirts. They came from a site called liquidblue, and they make very high quality items. (hope I am allowed to say that, and if not whoever mods this please just delete that part.}


   Anyhow, I just had to tell someone about all this. Made me smile deep down inside, and wish I could talk to this guy all night. Thanks for listening. :)


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