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Uncertain times

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#1 Baphom3t



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Posted 18 April 2022 - 11:00 AM

12 days to find a new place to live or my family and I face becoming homeless. Not because we can't pay, but all for the gain of the mighty dollar. The new owners decided to boot all the tenants out so their crackhead tooth missing inbred workers can do a half ass job and raise the rent to 1,600 a month.
What's more fucked up is that all the places in our area are at best 1,100 + utilities and these places are in areas that had trap houses and hookers free flowing a couple years back.

 Gentrification DOES NOT WORK.

If mother fuckers running traps have to pay 1,500 a month they just sell more drugs and push more bitches plain and simple. I'm getting to be an old dude. I can't do the shit I use to do to make ends meet. This is why I go to school.
Being poor doesn't make me a fucking criminal or a bad person. Even if we do find a place we don't have any ideas on how we can keep up with the payments being the cheapest we can find that looks bug free is at least 1,000 a month + utilities.
What is the fucking point of all this shit?

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#2 Moonless



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Posted 18 April 2022 - 06:10 PM

Rent is rough. Just about everyone I talk to is complaining about it. Those that are not own homes and bought them years ago.


My city has a huge price increase too. Not looking forward to when I resign my lease.


Might want to try an apartment locator.


Here's to hoping we get through it! :biggrin:

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#3 torn2bits



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Posted 18 April 2022 - 08:16 PM

I believe the pandemic?
Is what has caused this in larger areas.
It's foolish however these building owners go GIANT government funding over their "loss" that will be all our own loss & thier gain.
I pray someway things will work out, I just think it's a money game...~ToRn
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#4 Skywatcher


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Posted 18 April 2022 - 09:50 PM

That really sucks Baphom. I know its not much, but I will keep a positive thought for things to work out for you and your family...

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#5 Myc


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Posted 19 April 2022 - 10:26 AM

I wanted to post this yesterday but refrained.

"The new owners decided to boot all the tenants out so their crackhead tooth missing inbred workers can do a half ass job..."


If this is the case. Simply report them to the City/ State/ County inspection division that has authority over that particular area. If their workers don't have licenses they cannot obtain the proper permits. No permit - no certificate of occupancy.

They'll at least be forced to use qualified contractors for the work. And the work must be performed to the standards adopted by the various inspection agencies.

While it won't fix your problem it could (potentially) throw a wrench into their works. And it's not "tattle-tail" nonsense. Many of us work hard to obtain and maintain proper licenses and we get sick of following up behind the substandard work performed by gap-toothed crackheads. Housing facilities (all of them - with no exceptions) are all managed by slum-lord, for-profit, management companies who try to beat contractors down to the bottom dollar. Then they hire crackheads to come and put a fresh coat of lipstick on their pig instead of doing the right thing and actually performing upgrades and repairs.

Stick it in them for a change. Make them do the right thing while they're f-ing everyone.

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#6 Juthro


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Posted 19 April 2022 - 12:55 PM

I feel for you Baph, it's a shitty situation to be in, I know all to well that renting sucks ass.  We lived in a travel trailer at an RV park for several years to save up the money for a down payment for our property, and it was the best move we ever made.  Our monthly mortgage payment now (with insurance, and tax included) is less then we could ever rent this place for, and now our money is not just going down the toilet, it goes to equity.    IMHO it's better to own a shanty, then to rent a palace.


We started our journey to ownership with a visit to a professional financial planner, to help us see the steps we needed to go through to get where we wanted to go.  Most big banks offer that service for free.


Sorry for your troubles friend, and I wish you the best.




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#7 Coopdog



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Posted 19 April 2022 - 09:27 PM

Man I can't believe nobody has mentioned buying yet. I jumped into buying a house with $500 earnest money down and half ass credit. Go see a realtor, and offer them one of those month's rent as earnest money. Sounds like you are out regardless, but no matter the changes in the fed, you can still buy a house. My house is no mansion by any means, but hey it's mine. Stop in to one and throw your cards on the table. You might be surprised by what you can pick up. Right NOW there are tons of helpful programs to help folks that were screwed by COVID. I was in a bad way and was looking during an emergency, so the only thing I can add is... don't jump into anything, and if you buy a manufactured home make damn sure it has some time left before you hit that 30 year mark. Lots of things change at that point, and I got screwed hard on that note. BUT I still have a roof over my head. 


Sending positive energy and prayers your way brother. I have been there and done THAT. No toothless crackheads, but a fucked up septic system that made me need to move right NOW lol. So glad I did that back then. You might be very surprised by what is out there in the not so popular end. Just make sure you do your research brother. 

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