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first cube grow - starting sometime soon - questions left in thread in meantime

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#1 ShroomyTravellerFromAfar



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Posted 25 May 2022 - 12:33 AM

I find its best i address questions and the 1st even cubensis grow here in the one thread.



Totally back to the basics after the failed sub grow back in 2018.


This time no pressure cooker, however i think its possible but not ideal.


The SAB we found is a nice large size box, so will be able to have space to move about, and maybe the cooktop again , as the fridge and storage shelves block air movement somewhat, plus is a nice height.


  • SAB - 128L ( 110 qt approx)
  • scarpal  
  • loop
  • small spray bottle
  • 1 L large bottle of IPA 70% (nice and cheap to refill the small spray bottle)
  • 60 petri dishes
  • LME and AgarAgar powder
  • Wild cubensis spores
  • 10mm syringes 
  • parafilm to wrap dishes
  • Scanpan 9L pot or steamer



Agar to sterlize - heat up the pot, get some steam going and simmer with tight lid just to get the steam for about 90 minutes or so?


Once i separate the good myc on the agar plates - chunks into the BRF substrate (1/2pint masons) ? or could should we try to make a liquid syringe with distilled water (small amount) on agar and scratch it a bit to get the myc?


To be safe, maybe do 6 brf jars to one container? size would suit this. 


If left over myc, i may try to do a bulk susbtrate to a larger container.


I the meantime, my brother and I found a paddock and got 720gram of fresh cubes (wet) to tire us over :meditate:

#2 HrVanker



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Posted 25 May 2022 - 01:14 AM

If you're doing agar, you'll need a PC. Depending on the containers, you could probably pick up a smaller one at Walmart for $40 (make sure it goes to 15psi). If you can't do that, buy some pre-made pda/lme plates on Amazon. Parafilm would be good for pre-made plates, but cutting an inch wide section off of a full plastic wrap roll works well too.

You could also try an LC approach, which can be sterilized in a microwave (no firsthand experience). Then inoculate the jar w/ spores, and hope for the best.

If you're using spores from the shrooms you found, print the spores properly. Make several prints so you have back-ups. Contams will likely be prevalent w/ fresh spores, so keep that in mind and make several plates from your print.

Crumbling brf cakes into a tub is fine, but unnecessary (unless you're spawning to some poo or something). So it's up to whether you want to fruit cakes or a tub. But w/ a good fruiting chamber, I suspect you would get better performance from cakes. It takes time, energy, and resources for those crumbled cakes to grow back into a block. So if you aren't adding nutrients like one might in a bulk grow, you're losing them.
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#3 ShroomyTravellerFromAfar



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Posted 16 June 2022 - 05:16 PM

Thank you HrVanker  :)


We ended up with getting a pressure cooker, which i think is a good idea. Not the largest but was discounted and a good brand Tefal. I found out it was 12psi, i think that would mean 45mins for the agar


Then we cool the agar in the pressure cooker ( 1 hour too soon?), enough so it can be poured still in the SAB, then cling wrap the plates, the next day inoculate then wrap parafilm around, store in pantry (opened ziplock bag or torte (storage container) or cupboard ? Does this sound right


I know with the wild spore there will be some cleaning up for sure

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#4 Nichrome



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Posted 22 June 2022 - 08:46 AM

A pressure cooker is a wonderful thing to have.


Good for roast beast too. Very versatile piece of gear.


Sounds like you have the basics right. There will be some learning curve for sure. Cleaning up wild cultures is really fun. To be honest that is my favorite part of mycology. If you can get past the fear of failure and find fascination in whatever your results are, you will do well in the long run.


Working with agar and mycology in general is an art form. There is science involved like any good art form. Enjoyment is the #1 priority.

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#5 rockyfungus



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Posted 22 June 2022 - 12:01 PM

With an instant pot or 12 psi. I would add 30-50% extra to any times you see.

I’m sure there’s math to extrapolate, better to be safe under 15psi
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