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Comparison of Estero (Panaeolus cyanescens) and Albino Penis Envy (Cubensis) mushrooms via Thin Layer Chromatography

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Posted 13 June 2022 - 09:26 PM

Albino Penis Envy (APE) is widely considered to be one of the most potent cubensis cultivars, it was heavily represented in the latest psilocybin cup (if you want to see my comments/critique of the cup, click the link and scroll down to the bottom where comments are shown).  But how does it stack up against Estero (pan cyan)?
Each dot in the picture above represents a chemical compound (these are labeled on the top). They are in two horizontal rows, so the top row is all Estero, bottom row is APE.  Starting with the two most important, look at the psilocybin and psilocin content - quantification is not precise, but you can estimate based on spot size and darkness, the Estero cultivar is approximately three times as potent as APE.  This should be a reminder to all to dose appropriately (pan cyan holds the record for most potent mushroom species in the world as per published research).  If you normally take 3 grams of cubensis, try 1g of Estero.  It is always better to start with a lower dose and see how you respond before trying anything higher (you may want to start with just 0.5g).  There is NO PRIZE for taking the highest dose, in fact there is no documented benefit of any dose beyond about 35mg psilocybin equivalent, just more fear & anxiety for most people.
But there's more to it than just triple the psilocybin and psilocin, Estero also contains baeocystin (hard to see, but its there), urea (quite a bit), and serotonin.  None of these compounds can be seen at all in APE.  Could these be partly responsible for the difference in anecdotes from user experiences on Estero?
Here are some comments people have sent on this subject:
  • "I strongly agree with starting with one-half gram dry.  It was a much better experience than any cubes I've tried even at higher doses."
  • "Cubes gave me mild nausea and made me feel 'shakey'.  Not at all so with Pan cyans"
  • "Penis Envy is and has been overrated. I think any other well sourced Cube is just the same. It’s that cultural conditioning at play."
  • "lol who needs cubes when you can have Cyanescens!  I’ve blessed a few people with them and they are now believers lol."
  • "When Estero kicked in, I wasn’t disappointed.  At one point I forgot I ate Cyanescens and thought I was on a DMT ride!  As often happens to me on DMT I was 'connected' to some kind of power cord or machine umbilical that was coming from my wall straight towards me and plugged into my third eye!  And I felt the presence of a cosmic nurse at my side. Like she had her hand in my shoulder reassuring me all was ok!  Then I was like “f*** I ate mushrooms this ain’t a DMT trip” ;)
One of this years funniest/best psychedelic reveals was the guy who actually came up with Penis Envy (the best selling cubensis cultivar of all time), when interviewed by Hamilton Morris essentially said (my paraphrase) 'Eh, it's still just a cube, and cubes don't do it for me. I find the Cyanescens far superior (they have entities)!' Haha. So the guy who created the most popular cubensis cultivar in the world doesn't even like cubensis.  Eventually I think most in the grower community will come to prefer other species.  I would still like to see some reputable published research comparing user experience by species (this is challenging to do but worth a try).  As an aside, if you listen to that Hamilton interview, the PE guy says a lot of "out there" things that deserve to be challenged, every so called claim of "supernatural powers" has always failed rigorous testing and he is no exception.   The psychedelic community has a long history of nonsense associated with it, and as far as I'm concerned, it's time to do things differently, and I will always call out the nonsense.  I have plenty more to say about Casteneda, astral projection, and more, but don't want to get side tracked.
[Notes on sample preparation and procedure for the above shown TLC]
100mg of carefully weighed, blended/homogenized mushroom powder from each sample was added to a small beaker, 5ml of methanol was added over top while also washing down the sides of the beaker. The beakers were covered with plastic wrap and secured with rubber bands then transferred to an ultrasonic bath in hot tap water, sonicated for 8 minutes with heat, 5 minute rest, followed by another 8 minute sonication with heat. Samples were allowed to settle for 10 minutes but no filtration, decanting, or centrifuging was done. A calibrated pipette was used to transfer 10µg of each sample to the chromatography sheet. Sheet was developed in a sealed glass chamber saturated with eluent consisting of 100 parts methanol: 1.5 parts ammonia. After development the sheet was allowed to dry while undergoing ultraviolet examination, then freshly mixed Ehrlich's reagent was applied by spray bottle until the sheet was saturated. Sheet was periodically photographed every 5 minutes until colors reached full development (maximum brightness).


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