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Question regarding LC contam testing with Agar

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#1 nickchinn



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Posted 15 June 2022 - 11:11 AM

Can you definitively test a LC for contamination by applying it to agar? Or is it possible for clean genetics and contam to be swimming in the same solution? I have 5 LC jars and going to try agar. I’d like to see if those LC jars are good to keep. But if it’s a 50/50 shot in testing, I don’t see the point in keeping them.

#2 MushLuvR



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Posted 15 June 2022 - 01:26 PM

If the LC is clean, it will be clear, and you will be able to see through the other side of the jar.  You will see a thick mass of growth and not Cloudy outside of the mycelium "cloud".  You can definitely put a drop of LC on a plate though (easy to shoot too much), I've done it plenty of times.  I just cleaned up a Yeti LC syringe from a horrible source to Agar but to answer your question, yes, most of the time you can clean it up, others, it's full contamination and unable to salvage. 



#3 FunnyFarmer



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Posted 16 June 2022 - 11:29 PM

When testing my LC I put 3 spaced drops on each agar dish, if everyone comes out clean I figure it's good to go. If even one tests positive for contams I'm not willing to chance it and throw out the whole jar then I start the process all over again from scratch. Besides which you might even get a better sample to work with. One of the jars I tested looked good to the eye but turned out to be trich, kinda reinforced the need to test before using one. Generally I can see results within 5 days , give it another 2 just to be certain.

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#4 rockyfungus



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Posted 18 June 2022 - 02:57 PM

Simply put. Agar is used for obtaining and moving clean myc to another media.
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