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Best contam/compost techniques?

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Posted 18 September 2022 - 04:22 PM


You go through the process, inoc your jars, everything is colonizing well, you shake at day 7 or so and then?

Then, all is well except!

Except you notice that a a few jars seem to be recovering slowly

On the day your going to make bulk sub to spawn it all you notice some tiny bits of mold contamination

These slight contam jars are still full of colonized rye though!

So, in the hopes of salvaging something from these contaminated jars what do you do?

Whose got a favorite 'contaminated jar compost Tek?'

I just through the jars in with some year old compost from my pile at a more/less 1:1 ratio in a plastic tub and covered it with a light casing layer of the same compost, covering the whole tub with a light dishtowel and putting the lid on sideways

Monsoon season here, it's been raining more or less nonstop for the last week- today's only sunny day (partly at least ) we've had in that time. And the wind gets fucking knarly- so double and triple checks for humidity and airflow.

Thought about removing the lid alltogther but flies would almost certainly be an issue

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