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When to initiate fruiting conditions with cased subs?

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#1 Severian



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Posted 26 October 2022 - 10:01 AM

Got two gt tubs almost ready to fruit-

Normally I don't use casing layers, though this time I wanted to experiment and put down a layer of vermiculite on top

I seem to recall reading somewhere ( the mushroom cultivator perhaps) that initiating fc is done when casing colonization reaches around 20%... But that seems strange to me

Is there any difference between cased and uncased subs as far as colonization % for fruiting? Or is it 'wait till fully colonized ' across the board?
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#2 naMmoorhshsuM



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Posted 26 October 2022 - 10:59 AM

Man I’m super new to this but IME wait til it’s colonized 100% to case for sure! After colonization your less vulnerable to contams, I haven’t actually used verm, but idk that would case with solely verm, again I’m new to this but, idk def mix some coir or somthing with it….. but again maybe someone with more XP will chime in soon, but I wait til 100% colonization and look for knots forming before I mess with it at all…..if ya got two tubs experiment do one cased and one not…. Just an idea

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#3 MushLuvR



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Posted 26 October 2022 - 11:48 AM

Verm Only casing is usually for Cakes, I would case with Coco or Coco/Verm, super forgiving and doesn't require pasteurization.  If you have a ton of Peat for cheap like I do (Cannabis and Mush Cult), the classic Peat/Verm works great, and I add a bit of Calcium Carbonate or Oyster Shell Flour.  If you live in a dry climate, it's worth casing, if not, a pseudo casing (aka a nice layer covering your mixed sub/grains) works very well too for Cubes.  If you do decide to case, Case when full colonized and you see knots, give it a few days to poke through the casing and send it to fruit.  If you keep the beads up and don't give too much Air early on, you should do well without adding the extra step.  Sometimes that is part of the problem cultivating, SO many ways to get to the finish line.  GL  

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#4 ElPirana



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Posted 28 October 2022 - 08:11 AM

I hope I’m not too late to offer an opinion. I suggest NOT using a vermiculite only casing. Last year I had a few tubs ready to case and was low on supplies, so used vermiculite to case a couple. They turned out very bad, the vermiculite was not fluffy enough on its own, is sort of settled/compacted and did not allow a good environment for pinning at all. Had very very poor fruiting and would have been better off without a casing at all.
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#5 Severian



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Posted 28 October 2022 - 08:58 AM

Thanks for the opin elpirana

Will post photos later, but I kinda screwed up the casing by putting it down wayyy too thick- so the mycellium colonized only parts of it all the way through- that's the reason it was taking so long to visibly colonize with not much change day to day and why I asked the question in the first place

I ended up scraping off a good amount , more than a quarter liter of vermiculite from both subs.


One is pinning now, let's see what happens
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