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Spawn Breakup

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#1 krongi



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Posted 31 October 2022 - 03:54 PM

Well everyone, it's been A LONG WHILE, but I'm back. Lots of new news including lost jobs, new charges, new jobs, more money than I knew what to do with to nearly being without a place to live and back to middle class. Anyway, I won't bore you further.



A few months back I decided to begin new grows after approximately ten years. Since I had done it before I was gonna go from memory. LOL,  I have the memory of a goldfish and the attention span of a humming bird, so you can guess how that went. I had moderate success with some contamination but so far I am happy with the yields I'm getting. Well not happy, I guess thankful because of how stupid I was when starting over.


I got some spores from friends (B+ and GT). Grown GT before but not B+. Fast forward and I've spawned to bulk improperly a couple times and had some successful mini tubs with about 2/3 of a mason jar full of B+ spawn to popcorn. I'm not here to go into all the different things I did with the spore solution and prints but my biggest problem I felt during spawn was actually BREAKING UP THE DAMN GRAIN SPAWN! Specifically the B+ and after just doing another 3 mini tubs like fifteen minutes ago with the remaining spawn and having a difficult time breaking it up, I wanted to check with the community.




Like when they're like full on ultra-colonized and have super thick myc growing throughout the spawn. I felt I had to be extremely rough with the grain spawn. Almost too rough and ripping them apart was a decent effort.


This particular jar had been in my mini fridge for about 2 months now, but even the previous, and again, specifically the B+ was VERY HARD to break up, I legit thought I was crushing the myc beyond healing. Would've been better to ask before but I'll be doing more agar work probably next week with a grain transfer not too long after, so I might as well ask now.


Thanks for all your help everyone


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#2 Arathu



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Posted 31 October 2022 - 06:52 PM

Heavily colonized rye grain spawn in a quart jar......I beat the thing on an old bias ply car tire that I saved for just this purpose......


Keeps you from breaking the jars and not only saving the spawn but a potential wicked gash from broken glass....


Indeed well established mycelium will be a tough critter....some "loafs" that grow in bags can be quite fruitful left whole....


Bags can obviously be kneaded......jars obviously not so much....old car tire works like a charm....



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#3 krongi



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Posted 31 October 2022 - 06:55 PM

Thats a good suggestion. Not sure I got a tire laying around right now but it's possible by the time I start this again. I swear some of this sh*t is like kevlar. 

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#4 coorsmikey



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Posted 31 October 2022 - 09:59 PM

With best practices, a jar of cubensis spawn would be colonized and ready to mix with sub in 10-14 days. In that scenario, they are much easier to break up with a couple of taps on the jar then a good shake. Now Im not saying that I don't dive into a project one weekend and intend to follow the the next, two find out that two months later my jars are like Kevlar and hard a shit to break up. Ideally you will get better overall performance by using the spawn in the first couple of weeks. Not only, just for the ease of breaking up, the culture does lose its vigor the longer it chills out in the fridge or waiting of me to get around to finish what I started. Cubensis is quite forgiving for the procrastinator, and by all means isn't that why we continue with species like cubensis. If I know that I have the time and motivation to give my full attention, I would definitely be growing much better mushrooms like Pan/Cope's where from spore to harvest is less than 4 weeks.


I guess that other thing I would mention in support of Arathu's Tire, is that  Mycotopia-bags are a thing now. They break up easy and you don't have to worry about cutting you hands with shards of broken mason jars. If you start off with the right sub in the bag, sometimes you can OOPS I forgot I had them going and now I must check on them. Sometimes you make back to check them and find out that now must move in to harvest mode. But that's a good problem to have I suppose.

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#5 krongi



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Posted 31 October 2022 - 11:39 PM

I was worried about the loss of vigor. Which is why I finally got off my ass and decided to do something with it today. All of my B+ tubs got contaminated with just this last jar remaining. Should've used it a while back but the idea was to keep it for another round in a couple months, which now that I think about it is essentially what I did. 


So pans and copes take longer to colonize from spawn? Didn't realize that. I figured once the myc is moving it was relatively the same for all of them. Shows how ignorant I am, lol. Thanks for the info and the suggestions. I think I'll put yours and Arathu's tips to the test next go around. 

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