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Mckennaii strain

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#1 Heaven007



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Posted 24 November 2022 - 04:48 AM

I am now going to try and grow McKennaii strain.  (GT did nothing to me due to SSRI tolerance "Tachyphylaxis"  Even if they don't work on me I actually enjoy growing them.  It gives a sense of achievement and friendship passing them onto my friend.  Any thoughts on the strength of McKennaii growing?  Your thoughts are most welcome.  
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#2 FunnyFarmer



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Posted 27 November 2022 - 01:06 AM

I finished up a 32 qt grow of them from some LC a few months ago. Considering the sub-par sub recipe I concocted (very low on gypsum) they went fine with medium sized fruits. I'm like you, I like growing them for the challenge more than eating them but I do MD as I feel the need.


A bit more on the sub I used, I came across a Willey Myco vid about that subject where he broke down the recipe. I found out I was being too stingy with the gypsum, like half as much (maybe 2%), and he includes powdered oyster shells in the mix. Each one makes up 5% of the total volume. With all that powder in the mix it comes out more like mud making it difficult to judge field capacity. I ran out of my usual manure so had to use a different brand and that may have come into play. I've got side by side grows that really show the difference in the quantity it will produce. Take a look at my Call of the Shroom thread, last post to see the difference. The BPK is sparse but the fruits are good sized whereas the A+ albino's are prolific but on the small side. I attribute the size to the genetics of the A+ and hope to see a change in quantity with the BPK with the different recipe.

Good luck with your grow!

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