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botanical dependance

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#1 Somniferos



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Posted 29 November 2022 - 02:15 PM

in consuming botanical, i have grown dependent on consumption on the botanicals i consume. tobacco, coffee, cactus. psilocybin.



after consumption i have lost interest in cultivating them but through dependence i have desire to cultivate them.

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#2 Somniferos



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Posted 29 November 2022 - 02:39 PM

i edited the post

#3 DocOct


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Posted 19 January 2023 - 01:32 PM

Everybody is dependent on something mate, if i were you i would try to cut out the caffeine. Its pretty much targeting the same receptors as nicotine so its pretty redundent and youll feel alot better after a couple weeks of disuse.

If use is making it harder to cultivate then you are really in a tough place. Ive never had that problem and am not a daily user of anything besides nicotine which is on and off for me.

The good news is that what you are dependant on isnt as destructive as something like amphetamines or opiates.

Definitely interested in hearing your reasons for use, like if you struggle with chronic depression and/or anxiety. You really didnt give alot of information as to how and why you have these dependencies so its really hard for anyone to address.

I do mescaline about once a year and use mushrooms maybe once every few weeks sometimes ill go years without use, in the last two years ive done mescaline once and ive done mushrooms twice. I just havent been feeling "the call". Id definitely like to hear more about your story.

I use topia as a way to motivate myself, i like logging my work and it kind of keeps me from becoming negligent as i dont want to make a fool of myself on here. There is definatly a standard here but most are understanding if things arent perfect.

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