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Shabby Ecuador all in one ebay grow bag

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Posted 03 January 2023 - 10:51 PM

So heres the deal, I got in alot of trouble with the law. Turns out i have bipolar with a hint of schizoaffective. When combined with LSD and a copious amount of high quality homegrown organic weed those two things lead to a heavy case of delusional psychosis. Which in turn can lead to criminal behavior. Either way im now on probation untill the end of summer.

If i was smart i would lay off the magic smorgles, but as it turns out i really enjoy the pretty colors.

Here is what im working on. Ive got a small tote with no holes other then a cracked lid. This being the case the colonized all in one grow bag receives often manual FAE.

The strain is Ecuador which is a common strain but a reliable strain.

Here are some pics from the bags colonization and the first 3 flushes.

To avoid suspicion i dont have a scale, so i have no idea about the dry weight and dosing will be tricky. Im not living alone and have to keep this on the ultra down low.

I really shouldnt be posting this but ive been away from topia for so long and thought some peeple may get a kick out of my shabby back closet smorgle operation. Ive truely fallen a long way down.

I normally wouldnt go past the 3rd flush but im going for a fourth just so i can squeez out as many smorgles from this grow block as i can.

And please nobody mention the carpet, i know its bad but i cant do this openly. So far it hasnt caused any problems.

This is basically the dirtiest shabbiest low level smorgle operation i have ever attempted. Even my first PF grow was more sophisticated.f8b6e9741c650250ab73db17ee94d321.jpga6d691430b94d183314c9ceee9dc6af6.jpg07ee4dba49b191a6f229a3e0607320e1.jpgb64c4633bde5f711d0e2445577604653.jpg5cee3f0f248aea16675b15630fcad3aa.jpgab3aa109b8b315e390875339cece6c8a.jpg08729e2fa5bb5335624e3becb1a0cf19.jpg9ee9f35ddf65068e1dee52727c4e6cc1.jpg

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