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1mg LSA + new aldehyde molecule discovery results in effects similar to 100ug LSD

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Posted 23 April 2023 - 11:57 PM

you can often get a mag stir , for about $20 to $40 .. on Amazon

I got one coming in the mail but it dont get here until wed ...I'm just being impatient lol
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#22 Opendoors



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Posted 27 April 2023 - 05:09 PM

you can often get a mag stir , for about $20 to $40 .. on Amazon

yea I got it today ...the extracts sitting on it right now
I grinded 30 grams of hbmg put I half pint jar dumped in 5 shots of sherry .06 dl tartaric acid 6 drops pepperment oil a splash of vinegar 4 Oz peppermint mĝ shook for 2 mins made placed on stirrer ...see what happens I doubled everything since I doubled seeds ....hopefuly that was the right thing

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Posted 28 April 2023 - 03:56 PM

ok so I mixed the 30 g of ground seeds with 5 shots of sherry 4 Oz of peppermint tea 5 drops of peppermint extract and 50 mg of dl - tart ...I put it on mixer for an hour, shook it ,put in fridge ,checked it a couple hours later there was no liquid layer the whole thing was like jelly .I thought maybe I didn't add enouph sherry so I added a couple more shots , didn't help so I added 5 more shots all together for a total of 10 shots then put back on mixer for an hour ...I stuck it in the fridge over night this morning I went to check it and it has a thin layer ofliquid all the rest is pretty solid....any suggestions ? I tried to double the amount in the tek could that be the problem? is tge tek for only 4 or 5 hundred seeds?

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Posted 19 May 2023 - 09:32 PM

ok besides the last post I did I've tried this 2 more times :
First time
I mixed fresh hbmg seeds ground to dust with 4 shots of cold sherry and 30 mg of dl tartaric a cup of peppermint tea and 3 drops of peppermint extract shook for 10 min put on magnetic stirrer for an hour shook 10 mins put in fridge for 10 mins filtered pressed put back in fridge over night shaking it here and there dumped off top liquid layer and chugged it

after an hour or so I didn't feel anything so I smoked some dmt and weed just a one hit... my stereo was on shuffle and tool was playing the song tempest about 6 minutes into the song I laid back and closed my eyes and the sounds became sights the bass and drums a soft darkness vibrating perfectly in time and the high squeal of the guitar flouresant pink cutting through the vibrating darkness an alien headed snake
animated cracks and plants growing from all directions all enclosed in this globe of bass and drums Rotating and and sudden turns everything in perfect time ...About the end of the song the I began to come down and after 20 mins I felt just a soft afterglow i ended up smoking dmt and listening to the whole tool album fear innoculum ...I've heard it before but didn't really pay attention to it until that night now I jam it everytime I smoke dmt.
I ended up going to bed after awhile not sure how much it effected me because I smoked dmt but it did make the dmt trip alot brighter and even cleaner feeling

I'm thinking maybe when I put the beaker on the magnetic stirrer I didn't put it in an ice bath maybe it got too warm

the 2nd time I put 4 peppermint tea bags in 8oz of near Boiling water and put it in the fridge I put an ice bath around my magnetic stirrer put 8 shots of sherry in a jar with .06 dl tartaric acid 3 drops of pure peppermint extract and a big splash of vinegar . I ground 30 grams of seeds and put them in the jar I capped it of and shook it hard for 3 or 4 mins dumped it into a beaker and put it on the magnetic stirrer for an hour I noticed that my cheap ass walmart stirrer isn't powerful enouph to create a vortex in the beaker I leave itbrunning anyway thinking it can't hurt as long as I keep it dark and cold . about every 10 mins or my stir bar would shook off to the side and i had to manually stir it until the magnetic found the center again .
After an hour I shook the shit out of it for a couple mins put in fridge for 10 mins . filtered pressed with spoon put back in fridge for about 5 hours. poured off liquid discarded pulp put in freezer for a couple days took it out and drank it hour later I made tea out of a couple grams of penis envy ...they are extremely potent so I only drank 2 grams about 10 mins later I felt it come on pretty quick I couldn't tell If the extract intensified it or not it seems like colors were brighter music sounded great
sex, as usual on psychedelics , was excellent... I think it may have made those 2 grams feel like 4 but I'm not sure ...I got to try this by itself one day,,, I have a 60 gram batch In freezer now maybe tonight's the night

I think where I may have messed up is :
first time no ice bath on magnetic stirrer and in sure I got over °69 also I'm not sure ..I do mix the peppermint tea in with the extract before stirring don't I? also I added 3 drops of peppermint extract because I haven't been able to get ISOVALERALDEHYDE yet. that shoukd cover though if I read right , shouldn't it?

I feel like this has hope ...I really HOPE it does . some of the instructions are a little hard to follow plus the repetition saying the same thing over and over makes it a little hard to read this tek because I get confused about what I've already read and what's being repeated and I think i may have missed a couple things I don't know .
I'm not on pc alot so maybe I'm just reading wrong .

tregar I also wanted to ask you a couple things about your sublingual ayahuasca tek If that's possible ...can I msg you? I apologize for all the questions and don't even know you I'd introduce myself but I'm not sure if that's what we do on here or what like I said before I'm not in forums very often
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Posted 23 May 2023 - 04:43 PM

well I tried this one last time, this time by itself.
I ground 30 g of hbmg seeds in the dark.
added 7 shots of sherry .the beaker along with .06g dl tartaric acid and 3 drops of pure peppermint I also had 8oz of peppermint tea and a splash of vinegar
I shook the shit out of it until my arms were tired and put it on the stirrer , which was in the fridge with cord running out the door. I left it to spin for 2 hours instead of one because I doubled everything else and because my stirrer doesn't go hard enouph to create a vortex
afterwards I shook for a few minutes put in fridge for 10 minutes shook put back in fridge for 10 mins and I did this 4 or 5 times before letting it settle and filtering it off
put back in fridge all day (8-10 hours )
poured the liquid off and put it back in fridge until the next night ... I filtered it again then chugged it.
I waited a couple hours and didn't feel anything smoked some weed and fell asleep woke up the next day and puked...tasted like peppermint sherry
not sure if I can ever drink anyth
ing peppermint ever again

I don't know if this is bs or I did something wrong ..magnetic stirrer wasn't powerful enouph,I used pure peppermint instead of the ingredient tregar revealed ...maybe my seeds weren't fresh enouph (though the source I got them from is the same place I get my mhrb and they've never let me down before) or maybe it's bs
one time I think colors were brighter but I was smoking dmt too.

when I first read about this i remember seeing something about this extract is like taking a hit of the best acid you've ever done x2, definitely didn't get that.

even if I figured out what went wrong I don't think I could drink that extract again

It sucks because I was kinda of excited to try tregars sublingual dmt, I've even ordered everything to do it .. now im wondering if it will work

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Posted 26 May 2023 - 03:06 AM

I have stumbled onto a vial of Hoffman's Sandoz recipe LSD 25 recently. This is the most special thing I have come across in many years. 100UG per drop at 2-3 drops results in a damn near spiritual orgasm that makes an afterglow that lasts for weeks. This is not a common thing in my life and I am very grateful. I have a lot of Morning Glory seeds to plant when we get our move done, and I am looking forward to trying some of these teks. 

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