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DMT trip reports

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Posted 21 October 2006 - 04:22 PM

When my friends come out of a DMT trip, they are usually pretty chatty. Sometimes they are quiet, but most times they feel a need to talk about what they 'saw'...
So feel free to post here whatever you like about your DMT trip.
I'll start off with today's experience...
When I trip, I tend to trip alone, during the day...
Today I layed on the bed, put on 'high' by james blunt, turned the fan on low, and got my trusty bubbler out. (bubbler is for DMT only, its like my magic lamp)
I began smoking... when I thought it was my last hit i took one more, layed it on my night stand, and sorta rolled over to get comfortable, but it was too late, i was taken over.
my left hand still had grasped in my hand the blanket i was going to pull over me, never made it... i got preoccupied with the colors in my head.
previous trips have been very gem like, lots of rainbows and colors, once i was over a city... usually i feel like i am somewhere, these last 3 trips or so i've been some kind of patient.
i usually try to keep some kind of awareness of reality of my real surroundings (such as i'm safe in bed at home) but this time i let go and completey forgot i smoked, or where i was at.... a little panic set it, i realized i didn't feel like i was breathing, and started to tell myself to breath slowly in and out, which seemed to help. a thought came to me to speak, because i never have(under dmt influence)... so i said something, and damn if i can't remember what i said, but i know i said something, it was a single word... after i said it it sounded so strange, i had more thoughts about it, but i can't remember, i slipped back into silence.
like i say, these last few times i've been stuck in some kind of bed, and these beings keep shoving tubes in me, and trying to give me pills which seem to pour and spill out in the most exagerated way...
it's like they are trying to give me medicine...
my attention came back around again i heard the music... i could hear it but i couldn't tell where it was at on the cd....
i just kept telling myself to breath... i then realized i was gripping the blanket... so i finally pulled it over me... i think i had tears in my eyes, but that happens with shrooms too
i layed there until i felt right again....
:teeth: What a good birthday!

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Posted 21 October 2006 - 04:29 PM

Last time it took me a minute to find my head. Then I just kept looking at the clock wondering when it would be 10minutes.

Very dopey feeling at first then the lattice visuals kick in. After getting a handle on things and wathing the clock for a couple minutes, it was over.

Hmm, should I do it again or just go on to the next object in my research?:eusa_thin

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Posted 21 October 2006 - 04:42 PM

My last trip a few months back was the deepest I've ever gone.
It's been a while, so I'm feeling ready to step off that edge again.

I've been wanting to break in my new freebase bubbler. Yesterday I smoked 75 mg in one huge hit. Before I even exhaled, I knew I was in trouble. I truely thought I was dying. I was certain I had done something horribly wrong. My heart was racing and I lost all sense of time and didn't know where I was. I fell back onto the bed, my loved ones immediatley came to mind. I knew I was leaving, so I said good bye. With my eyes open, I watched as my room changed into a multidimesional space of fluorescent green lines and black walls. Just how I picture the Matrix. I was incredibly scared yet felt completely free. After a minute had passed, I experienced the greatest feeling ever...I realized I was alive. I came back to this world and noticed my buddy laying next to me smiling, I was never happier to see him. This last batch was so clean and strong, I've never gone so far on one hit. What a fu**in' ride! I felt like i shook the hand of GOD and lived to talk about it.

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Posted 21 October 2006 - 05:04 PM

Waylit, I started a thread a long time ago about "Ego Death"....(it was probbably started more than once before me, I am sure). I never heard a description of it alike the one you just posted

Thats what I was wondering!....thanks man!

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