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Going on my first trip soon....Advice?

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#41 bobster



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Posted 24 January 2005 - 02:31 PM

LMAO @ Dead, you make me laugh, I want to party with you cowboy, Posted Image

I'd say reassurance that everything is o.k., remind them that they are high, and atmosphere are key......course valium or zannies are priceless.
I have seen people over the edge before,Posted Image WAYYYY beyond talking down(like DD's x-gf), in those cases it's definately drug/counter drug intervention time.
Man, I hate it when that happensPosted Image

#42 morthos



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Posted 30 January 2005 - 10:52 PM

I had a breakdown on a trip once, alone. I shouldn't have been tripping anyway; it'd been a stressful couple months but I was on vacation and had a small window of time to trip without anyone around.

Had 4g, and tried to go canoeing on a lake as I had a great trip that way a few months before. This time however, the sun was too bright, it seemed hot, no clouds, and too many boats everywhere. I evac'd to my shack and sat in a chair, cried for awhile.

What got me out of the bad cycle was a little different; I verbally said "I give up" to all the problems & stresses in my mind. When nothing bad happened after letting my walls down, I realized things were actually fine. Sometimes we think if we relax our guard everything will fall to pieces and your demons will come for you, but often it's holding onto those fears that's doing the damage.

Had a nice trip canoeing with a sunset after that. Was a good life lesson too.

But I'm not sure advising someone to surrender to their fears is a great idea; our culture teaches us to keep control, and not to do so is thusly fearsome. Bugger is we don't have real control in the first place.

#43 Guest_cheese_*

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 01:15 PM

Pouring milk on her head!, that was so funny when i read that, I couldn't quit laughing.

A few of us guys got some good acid, it was windowpane. Didn't realize how strong it was and decided to drop 2 hits each and go snowboarding. So we get there, and things start really getting to fast pace. All of us were in a race to get our stuff on and get down that hill. We started going and it became a videogame like scenario.

I was literally tallying points and tricks in my head as I went down (and I'm not that good) But somehow we lost one of our friends. Turns out he lost it. Saw one of those emergency snowmobiles with a bodybag on the back, and he thought he was watching his own body. So he goes inside to the counter and steals some guys I.D.

Walks up to a couple of people and starts drinking their drinks. Gets antsy and walks over to one of the computer/cash registers, and starts hitting all of the buttons. Nothing happened so pushed it off the ledge and it busted into pieces. Then he goes into a closet thinking it's an exit, and can't find out where to go.

Somehow he makes it back outside and he claims there was a snowboard making a beeping sound, so he starts kicking and beating the crap out of it. One of the workers there sees him and takes him up to the office. In the room the guy was totally cool, and said "dude, I know where you are at right now, I've been there, I need you to tell me where you put that guys I.D. and we can let you go with your friends" Unfortunately my friend didn't know what he did with it, and he kept just shaking his head.

So they finally let him go, he goes outside and jumps on the hood of one of the parked cars. We are walking out and see him, and he just rips off the windshield wipers, we go over and pick his ass up and turned all of our stuff in and booked out of there. He was ok about 30 minutes later.

That's something you shouldn't let happen to you friends.

#44 Guest_vrooota!_*

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 01:30 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

decided to drop 2 hits each and go snowboarding.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>
Oh my GOd, I thought I was the stupidest person alive after I decided to dose about an hour before going to burger King, but I guess you guys take the cake.

#45 Lazlo


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Posted 14 February 2005 - 01:59 PM

Man, no dought!!!

#46 Guest_cheese_*

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 03:23 PM

Well, thank you, I have to say, acid gave me some awesome times, but it is amazing I didn't kill myself or anyone else while tripping.

I've dosed at school (then left once it kicked in, b/c of the noise in the hallways, it was just too much comotion), going snowboarding, Once we tried to drive to Memphis while tripping and got caught in a blizzard. We were going every bit of 70 mph and there are cars and trucks all off on the sides and it took an hour and a half for us to realize how bad it was. Someone was watching over us that night. It was bad.

Looper, it's no doubt, and yes I'm an english teacher. : ) ( not really)

#47 Guest_batteriesnotincluded_*

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 03:28 PM

a good thing to remember is to keep enough wits about you to explain things without contradicting their fears or visions or reality at that particular moment. as far as medical help goes, convulsions is where i draw the line. since i would only trip w/ a very few selected friends, and only one at a time, i would be very close to whomever was going into convulsions, and medical help would be forthcoming. even if i had to bite the bullet. even if they had to bite the bullet, thats a physical problem, and im not equipped to handle something like that. the loss of someone close would for me, be far far worse than sitting on my hands out of fear. but thats never happened around me, thank god. i have had to babysit a buddy at one time, but i didn't mind, after all i was his only link to reality at that point.

#48 Guest_cheese_*

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 04:44 PM

Yeah, I think the most common fear is getting "stuck" Myself and all of my friends at one point or another during a trip, though, "I'm never gonna be the same. I am stuck in this. How will I cope with.... (enter everything that has to do with life)

That's why I haven't tripped lsd for over 3 years. It was just too demanding on a person. You have to make sure everything is in check, mentally, physically, make sure you are in a good scene, with REAL friends. It's just hard to have all of the variables covered.

#49 meihoe



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Posted 14 February 2005 - 07:31 PM

One time I almost started to freak out. One of my good friends helped me simply by saying "Your tripping, enjoy it" and I did just that, but he still had to remind me a couple of times.Posted Image

If you think snowboarding is bad. I knew some people who was tripping at Cedar Point, a huge amusement park with huge rides and crowds!!! I would never be able to do that cause sometimes you have to wait in line for two hours or more to take one ride. All those people would definitely be enough to make me freak!!!

#50 Guest_cheese_*

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Posted 14 February 2005 - 08:23 PM

Yeah, some of my buddies did that on our senior <u>trip</u> and i just wasn't down for that. When snowboarding at least you have goggles on and don't have to carry on conversation or anything. You feel sort of secluded when going down slopes. Really it wasn't that bad, except i couldn't have fun because I was tripping so damn hard, it was too much of a video game scenario. I don't remember laughing once while on the slopes, I probably did, but it was just too taxing on me mentally.

#51 Guest_jam_*

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Posted 15 February 2005 - 03:42 PM

Xanax should work. They'll still
be tripping, but they will be calm.

#52 whitedeath



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Posted 23 February 2005 - 07:30 AM

Hey everyone....I'm new here, obviously. I'm also extremely new to the idea shrooms in general. So new, actually, that I haven't even tried them yet...My friends and I are just making plans to try them soon.

I was referred here by someone from another site, and I'm just getting all the advice and research in that I can before trying this. The person who referred me had some extremely good advice, although I doubt he knows it, and it helped to ease my mind a lot. I have a tendency to look toward the intellectual side of things, and sometimes I analyze things a bit too much. It isn't really easy for me to just allow my mind to go where it wants to and to let go of myself. But even though I know perfectly well that my conscious self is almost definitely going to attempt to resist the drug, I really can't wait to experience the kind of beauty and enlightenment that everyone associates with shrooms. I'm just hoping that I can overcome the little bit of fear enough to open up to the experience and enjoy it to its full potential.

I was wondering if anyone had any additional advice. My friend from the other site suggested that I trip alone, but I can't really...My friends are the ones getting it for me, and my own house is definitely not the best environment to trip, so I'm kind of stuck with other people.

He also suggested that I take 1 dry gram, max, to begin with, since I am a bit nervous. But I was wondering if that will be enough to give me a powerful first trip? I've heard that there's a lot of 'potential' the first time you trip, and I want to take advantage of that. On the other hand, I am only 100 lbs, so maybe that will make a difference? I also probably won't eat that day in order to get the full effect....I was wondering if everyone agrees with that dosage and if it will be powerful enough for my intentions.

Anyway....any and all advice is welcome. I'm really excited to begin this journey into psychedelics; I just unfortunately have a lot of resistance to overcome first. Thanks very much =)

#53 viraljimmy



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Posted 23 February 2005 - 08:04 AM

Dose low. Relax. Go with the flow.

#54 shedthemonkey



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Posted 23 February 2005 - 08:52 AM

Well, you are already at two strikes with set and setting being chaotic and uncontrolled. DO NOT DOSE LARGE your first time in this situation.

No one can really tell you how you will react to 1 gram. Some people it puts in hyperspace easily, others are hard heads like me and it takes 2.5 grams before I start to get a little lift off.

When you do start tripping, try hard to remember that it is only a temporary thing. YOU WILL NOT GET STUCK LIKE THAT! 5 - 6 hours max duration for cubies. And going with the flow is great advice, but after a few trips you will find you can stear the trip away from disturbing sights (violent scenes with lots of teeth disturb me and I always say "NO lets do something else" in my internal voice and the mushie is more than happy to comply. If your mind is strong and you dont clench up, this can be an extremely fun time. Curl up into a frightened panic ball on the floor and you will be in for a rough time. Neither is likely to happen under 1 gram.

DO NOT DRIVE while on shrooms. Even if you manage it safely, your eyes will be dialated huge and talking your way out of THAT is pretty damn hard at a traffic stop.

Start slow and save the incrementally larger doses for when you have 6 hours of safety and comfort available.

Good Luck!

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#55 Guest_dial8_*

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Posted 23 February 2005 - 10:42 AM

Good advice has already been given, so I will reiderate. Don't dose large yur first time. There is always time for that. And, be sure and eat a little something before yu eat the caps. In my experience eating shrooms on an empty stomach can lead to cramps and other stomach pains. yu don't want an upset stomach while yur trippin. Be sure to be in good company, and, for me, a few beers and a bowl always takes the edge off if it needs to be.

#56 whitedeath



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Posted 23 February 2005 - 10:54 AM

Thanks to all....I'm definitely looking forward to this experience, and I will keep you posted. Any further advice is always welcome. I feel pretty naive asking, but I guess we all have to start somewhere :)

#57 python


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Posted 23 February 2005 - 10:59 AM

just have fun

#58 destroy_erase_improve



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Posted 23 February 2005 - 11:20 AM

all the advice is good. start low and if you need too, gradually dose higher.
dose with friends if you desire, just make sure they are friends that can handle the drug so you can all enjoy it and not have to worry about them.
find an environment that allows you to let your guard down and relax.
go with the flow, even if the trip starts to turn "bad", let it run its course. remind yourself that you are only under the influence of drugs and itll be ok. then think about pleasant things.

and most of all, enjoy it

#59 reefer


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Posted 23 February 2005 - 11:50 AM

Wow, lots of good advice here already. I wouldn't recommend drinking any beer, though. I know for some people its fine and dandy, but for myself and quite a few of my friends it is a very unpleasant combination. When I have had beer and shrooms at the same time it has made me very sick feeling. Never again.

Smoking some herb always makes a trip more relaxed for me, though.

#60 Guest_JT_*

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Posted 23 February 2005 - 12:11 PM

have pot handy.
pot helps the shrooms kick in.
they help during my peak with fuzzy visuals.
and the come down is more relaxing.

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