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Cadillac ayahuasca brewing & filtering

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 08:07 PM

Here is a modification that I discovered by accident last week that can be used with Sync's ingenious use of a vacuum filter setup (cadillac brewing thread at to create an outlandishly pure tea. The sediment in the tea causes the nausea and squirts. The method below gets rid of the sediment quickly and efficiently--the result is a tea that eliminates the nausea and squirts, but I'm sure if you need to purge you still will.

Don't bother trying to use the hand-pumps for creating the vacuum that come with the buchner kits you get off ebay, it takes way too long and is very laborious. It took me all morning long to try and get a decent vacuum created by pumping over and over on the hand pump.

I processed 30 grams of sawdust size caapi vine and 30 grams of PV sawdust size leaf in very little time thru the buchner setup with food saver vacuum pull--only took a few minutes instead of hours to filter by hand pump. Caapi vine can quickly be broken down by hammering it on the sidewalk in a baggie with a sledgehammer, then putting into a $20 coffee grinder from walmart or target. Hit the button and in a few seconds it will reduce it to sawdust.

This is the only way I will do it from now on:

I discovered that if you use the vacuum port on the deluxe foodsaver, that you can create a strong and powerful vacuum for the flask--and it will pull the pure tea right out of the liquid and leave the sediment behind in less than a minute or two. It saves time and labor all with the push of a button, and it's fun.

The food saver comes with a 2 foot vinyl tube. Connect one end of the tube to the "port" hole on the foodsaver. Take the other end of the tube and wrap a small amount of plumbers tape around it. This will allow it to fit the slightly larger 1 foot tube that comes off the vacuum filter flask (these come with the vacuum buchner kits off ebay). Put a round #101 filter paper disc into the top of your vacuum filter buchner. Pour your vine or leaf liquid into the buchner.

Now hit the "vacuum and seal" button on the food saver deluxe. It will turn red, the motor will whirl, and you will see streams of pure sediment free brown tea gush from the top filter into the bottom glass receiving flask. You can then re-filter the tea in the flask by putting a new clean filter disk on the buchner, then re-filtering the tea for a second time to get it incredibly pure. The filter disc will then only have a very small amount of brown sludge left on it. Be sure to peel your filter discs full of sludge off the buchner and re-soak them in the new liquid you have prepared for your 2nd and 3rd plant boilings of plant material. This will allow you to catch any last bits of actives that may have gotten trapped in the sediment on top your filter. The tea is so pure it may not make you purge or have diarrhea, but I'm sure if you really need to purge you will.

It is a "Food Saver Model V2420" and they carry it at Walmart. It cost about $125.00 however.

A 1 liter buchner filter flask vacuum kit will run you about $60.00 or so on Ebay. A 500ml liter kit will run you about $50.00. These come with all you need to get started including a pack of round filter discs. They come with hand vacuum pumps, but as stated earlier, I don't use them anymore.

Plumber's tape will run you about 99 cents.

Other items you need depending upon if your doing the muriatic tek or the phosphoric tek or a vinegar tek are corningware pots to boil or simmer your brew, 1/2 gallon jars (for decanting your brew in the fridge for a week), 1 liter jars, 1 pint jars to store your 6 oz brews (phosphoric tek) in the fridge or freezer, a fan to blow over your brew (speeds up water evaporation) as it's being reduced on the stove to 6 oz portion,a dropper, ph paper or handheld ph meter, 10% food grade phosphoric acid, muriatic acid, vinegar, gallons of distilled water, etc.

An optional decanting of the vacuum filtered brew can be done also. Put the pure liquid tea from the filter flask (after it has been re-filtered a 2nd time) into a 1/2 gallon ball jar. Put this jar in the fidge for a few days to a week. Pour off the liquid and leave the small amount of sediment behind at the bottom of the flask. Pour this liquid off (about 1800ml water if you did 3 boilings/simmerings of 600ml water each of the 30grams plant material) into a 2.5 liter corningware pot and simmer it down on the stove to about a 6oz tea. Leave a fan blowing in the kitchen pointed at the stove to aid the evaporation of the water from the tea as it reduces. Once you have 6oz of tea left in the pot, pour it off into a pint jar and store it in the fridge or freezer for consumption at a later date when you have set time aside for your journey.

You can use cheesecloth as a prefilter if you like, but I just put a round Mr coffee permanent coffee filter disk over the fine paper filter #101 disc in the buchner funnel--it filtered out the heavy larger particles from the liquid, while the fine filter paper underneath it filtered out the tiny sediment particles from the water. Cheesecloth, Mr Coffee permanent filter disc, etc..all work well to filter out the large particles in the "pre-filtering".

You may find that you don't even need a pre-filter. On my 1st experiment, I just poured off the vine liquid thru the fine #101 pre-filter disc on the buchner, and it collected a one half inch layer of sediment AND vacuum filtered the tea (using the strong vacuum pull of the food saver) in only a minute or so flat without the use of a pre-filter. I will be doing more experiments next week so I can determine if a pre-filter is actually necessary or not. Sync never mentioned a pre-filter. I at first thought that I would need to pre-filter, but it doesn't seem to necessarily be the case.

The food saver is one of the most helpful items I've ever bought. And it's great for storing meats in the freezer since it pulls all the air out of the bag so no ice crystals will form on the meats, this way they keep 5 times longer in the freezer than normal, and taste so much better. Store herbs and medicines in vacuum sealed bags and they will keep for decades.

I like using the 1 liter corning pots with the pour off spout to cook my plants in because it's easy to pour the liquid off into the buchner filter on the kitchen table without making a mess.

Here is a pick of the deluxe food saver with vacuum port:

Here is a small picture of a buchner setup:
[broken link]

Top view of a buchner filter:

Pic of what the round filter paper that goes in the buchner looks like (be sure to use 9.0cm #101 Qualitative filter paper for a 1 liter filter flask, and use 7.0cm #101 Qualitative filter paper for a 500ml filter flask...(#101 filter paper filters out the unwanted coarse and fine sediments):

Here's a pic of the corningware with pour off spout:
[broken link]

I'm not against the use of technology to make my life easier...if it will help me to make an outlandishly pure tea without nausea and the squirts, I'm all for it.

I will most likely be working with the 10% food grade phosphoric tek from now on. To do this you use 1/2 gallon water with 15 drops of 10% food grade phosphoric acid (this should read about ph=3 on the ph paper or handheld ph meter). Use water from this ph adjusted jug for the 1st boiling of plant material. The second plant boiling will use water from a 1/2 gallon jug with one/half the amount of 10% food grade phosphoric acid (7 drops in 1/2 gallon of water). The third boiling of plant material uses only pure distilled water with no acid. Use the 20x rule to add water to your plant material. For example, if you have 30 grams of caapi vine or 30 grams of leaf, use 600ml of water in your pot with it each time. so you will end up with around 1800ml of water from all combined simmering/boilings. This is then vacuum filtered thru the buchner setup with the food saver vacuum pull. I like to then re-vacuum filter the tea that has collected in the receiving flask a second time by sending it thru a clean filter disc one last time to get it as pure as possible.

Then this pure tea liquid is put into the 1/2 gallon jar in the fridge for decanting. There will not be very much sludge collected on the bottom of the decanting jar as the buchner gets most of the sediment out allready.

I tried the muriatic acid tech, and it worked great. I got a tarry sticky extract from my plants.
With 30 grams of caapi vine, I got 5 grams of caapi tarry extract which I scraped off the pyrex dish in the end. With 30 grams of PV leaf, I got 14 grams of tarry sticky extract which I scraped off the second pyrex dish.

But I don't think I will be doing the muriatic tek anymore because even though it was easy to scrape up the tarry extracts from the pyrex dishes, they were so sticky that the stuff stuck to my hands, the whole razor blade, and anything it touched. It is so messy and I lost some in the process, having to clean my hands, can't get it off the blades, etc. This is re-combined into a glass of hot water then drunk.

The phosphoric tek or even a vinegar tek sounds a little easier...I'd rather just reduce down to two 6oz tea brews then store them in the freezer or fridge to drink together when I'm ready.

I've heard reports of these slightly acidic brews being stored in pint jars for years in the freezer and were just as potent as the day they were brewed.

If you use PV leaves, your brew will be clean and contain 100% dmt in oral form. I can't say the same for the mimosa bark, as some people have discovered that much of the bark going around now days is about 86% pure dmt, with the other percentage being "jungle dmt" a reddish substance that is reported to be hellish and scary in experiences, and various beta-carbolines that do not combine well with caapi or peganum tea which are allready maoi inhibitors. Meteor reported the PV leaf tea to be "brighter" in colors than the mimosa tea, and this was many years ago, when much of the bark going around was of the correct white-flower (not pink flower) variety. Ayahuasca drinkers are picky about what goes into their tea....and PV or DC fit the bill nicely.

If anyone has any experience with the phosphoric tek or others I'd love to hear about it...that is if there are any ayahuasca drinkers left here.

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 08:36 PM

Here are a few visual journey reports from people who have done ayahuasca.. I'm including a few reports here so hopefully we can drum up some interest in the future.

QUOTE from Meteor:
"The dreamer I know, had a most amazing dream with 30g Peruvian Psychotria viridis, and 30 g. Banisteriopsis cappi, both extracted with HCL, and dried for 15g of PV and 6g BC extract. Both were re-combined in one cup of hot water. He partook of his sacrement in three gulps over a 10 min period.

He reported that the onset of the experience was at first slow, but then after about an hour later the effects were being felt, rapidly rising in intensity.

The effects were strong, and he reported very powerful. At one point, he was not only seeing fantastic images, jungle scenes, and Aztec type motifs, but he reported that he began to "hear" things."

QUOTE from Meteor:
Last night my dreamer friend embarked on a dream that involved 4.5 grams of P. harmala and 15 grams of P. viridis hCl extract.

The P. harmala was made, according to him, using pepsi cola, steeped in the drink for a week. This produced a very fine tasting flourscent green drink. He said that in the shade outside it glowed green on the walls of the white cup. Very amazing.

The HCl viridis extract was mixed into cola just before the ceremony.

The feelings of the harmala came on rapidly, and the viridis downed as it came on.

The the dreamer lay down. CEV's were coming on rapidly. He reported seeing lovely Inca maiden faces. Very beautiful with their dark skin, lovely eyes, and knowing looks. It was as if they were ushering him into another dimension. And soon he saw angels, white wings, with iridescent colors shining in them. He reported a presence standing over him, and when he opened his eyes, the OEV's were as mists, swirling shades of color, everything rippling. And upon closing his eyes he then reports that he was taken to a place of odd silver lights, geometetric forms, static yet within them were seen living color, iridescent blues, greens, neon pinks-- colors beyond words. And they were held within the silver geometric shapes, which were at times static and at other times fluid. The detail of it was extraordinary, and he someday wishes to paint the things that he has seen.

And one was expecially remarkable, a silver-pink circle of light, the rim of which was filled with serpentine forms of iridescent color-- all colors immaginable-- yet within this circle were images, things from the his past, scenes of himself and others. All in three dimensional detail.

Another example below is a 45 minute visual session report from Benny Shannon with Ayahuasca. I found it inspirational and a good description of Ayahuasca visuals and visions:

**From Page 138 of "Antipodes of the Mind":

"By way of conclusion, I present two additional examples. Unlike all other examples in this chapter, which consist of specific visualizations pertaining to specific content items, these examples are records of sessions. They cite or summarize the various visualizations experienced by one individual drinker in one setting. I bring them in order to give the reader a more direct feel of the visionary experience induced by Ayahuasca.

The first example consists of a 'real-time' verbatim report of what I saw in one session in which I partook of Ayahuasca by myself. I spoke aloud describing what I was seeing and notes were taken by the person who watched me. This session is not part of the core corpus and it is the only session of which I have such a recording. Overall, I would characterize this session as one of moderate strength. In it, there were no grand visions and most of the visualizations in it are snapshots and relatively simple scenes. Furthermore, in this session I had very few ideations and no special psychological insights or spiritual experiences whatsoever. Yet, I find this report to be especially valuable in portraying the general flavour of Ayahuasca visions. Manifest in it is a fairy tale-like ambience and an overall air of magnificence and enchantment. Also featuring in the report are several details that are character*istic of Ayahuasca visions in general—these include fire (note the various ways it is incorporated within the narrative of the vision), light-producing objects, carriages, and processions.17 Also recurrent in the report are turning movements, upward movements, and looking forward far into the distance. One comment made by a person seen in this visual sequence is a good example of how ideas relate to Ayahuasca visualizations. The entire sequence lasted about forty minutes:

A golden crystal chalice.

Flowers. In the flowers there are birds and insects and the birds go up and up.

A wheel is turning and there is a rod that is turning round and round. From it, a fire ignites.
An old man holds a taper and from it the fire climbs up and up.

A futuristic city.

A Chinese king is sitting and turning his parasol. Now he is in his study. In the background, birds are kissing one another.

A great hall—like an animated movie.

There is a code here—like that of Morse or the genetic code. The code is constituted by many, many dots, the density between which varies. All this is a language calling to be deciphered.

There is something that pushes up and up. It is like a mountain train. All the time it goes up and up.

A car from the 1920s. Delightfully magnificent. From it emerge light and flowers. Advancing with this light, we pass along gold-plated walls and come out through a staircase made out of gold and ivory. The steps go up and down and reach a theatre.

Up in the heavens there is a woman escorted by a man. In the woman's hand there is a torch that swirls. Lights come out of it in the form of flags and the flags turn into hats full of gems. The gems are sparkling.

A scene in Europe in the sixteenth or perhaps the eighteenth century. Knights are riding. They are mounted upon magic motorcycles full of colours and light. All is like a cartoon and enchanted. It is all part of big procession. There are also small dwarfs there. Two of them are holding a banner with the insignia of the sovereign.

An Indian is smoking a big pipe. Through an old telescope, a man is peering into the far reaches of the universe. A view of the planet Earth turning round and round.

Beautiful gardens like Versailles and the Tuilleries.

There are ballerinas there. Like a cabaret. Their thighs are exposed. One woman gets to the balustrade and is watching the audience.

The Indian is smiling. The message is that 'all of these are the expressions of the same source, a source of bounty and grace'.

In a King's reception hall. There are chalices full of wine. Long processions of carriages proceed further and further. Slowly, all the time, the horsemen are pushing forward. In the hall, the seats are made out of silver. There is a feast. A big pot is placed in the middle. A fruit salad is offered in goblets of finely polished, very clear glass. Slowly, the chef pours some sort of syrup or gooey topping. The sauce covers the fruit and then it ascends upwards.

An elephant lifts up its trunk high and looks far, far forward. Up there are birds and they are looking in my direction. There are flowers, and butterflies are flying from flower to flower. All are washed in the light of the sun.

Women are dancing. Carriages come one after the other and the wine flows. An officer approaches a carriage and salutes. The footman bows and opens the carriage's door. The Queen is stepping out."

"The second example was provided by a young man who partook of Ayahuasca in private sessions conducted in Europe. This individual is not amongst the informants whose data are analysed in this book; his report was communicated to me just when the typeset of this monograph was being sent to the publisher. I present this report as an illustrative example of the experiences of a first-timer. The following is a slightly edited synopsis of what this person saw during his first two sessions with the brew. I shall note that while the report is rich in details, the intoxication experienced was not especially strong; by the present structural typology, all items seen would be characterized as single, simple images.

Animals. Those seen most frequently were serpents, felines, and birds. Some of the serpents were ornate, like Chinese dragons; the felines included tigers and black pumas; the birds included parrots, peacocks, and toucans. Also seen were a galloping horse, dragons, monsters of all sorts, and evil beasts; with some of the latter blood was associated.

Many human persons were seen. Amongst these were Indians and a sensuous Caribbean dancer. A person present in the session appeared to have the face of a gorilla with the beak of a bird.

Palaces and mansions. Amongst the buildings seen were skyscrapers and pyramids. Also seen were interior decorations of buildings. These were very exquisitely ornamented; many were gilded.

Cities. Many different ones were seen; some had futuristic architecture.

Landscapes. These included forests, open deserts, river scenes, and scenes under water. Associated with the latter were corals and 'tornadoes offish'. Overall, the landscapes had an ambience of serenity and silence.

Especially frequent were disembodied eyes; many of these pertained to big cats. Other items noted: an Indian in a boat, an old woman turning white and transforming into a young girl, cars of the 1950s that were colourfully painted in a style which was 'rather kitsch', streams of gold.

The trees outside looked like goddesses.

Significantly, the items reported by this informant include all those that are typical of Ayahuasca visions. As such, this report, I find, is a good example supporting the cultural non-specificity of these visions."

This report is that of Kusel (1965: 64—5), a trader who lived in the upper Amazon for seven years and, in his words, 'was very skeptical and not interested in these low-class local manners'. Twice he partook of Ayahuasca and nothing happened; then there was the third time:

"The first visual experience was like fireworks. Then a continuously creating power produced a wealth of simple and elaborate flat patterns in colour. There were patterns that consisted of twining repeats, and others geometrically organized with rectangles or squares that were like Maya designs or those decorations which the Chamas [the Indians with whom Kusel partook of Ayahuasca, B.S.] paint on their thin, ringing pottery. The visions were in constant flux. First intermittently, then successively, the flat patterns gave way to deep-brown, purple or green depths, like dimly lighted caves in which the walls were too far away to be perceived.

At times snake-like stems of plants were growing profusely in the depths, at others these were covered with arrangements of myriads of lights that like dewdrops or gems adorned them. Now and then brilliant light illuminated the scene as though by photographic flash, showing wide landscapes with trees placed at regular intervals or just empty plains. A big ship witn many flags appeared in one of these flashes, a merry-go-round with people dressed in highly coloured garments in another.

At a certain point I felt, helplessly, that [the person administering the session] and his song could do anything with me, which made me slide... deeper and deeper into a place where I might lose consciousness. If, to reassure myself, I opened my eyes, I saw the dark walls of the jungle covered with jewels as if a net of lights had been thrown over it. Upon closing my eyes again, I could renew the procession of slick, well-lighted images.

The colour scheme became a harmony of dark brown and greens. Naked dancers appeared turning slowly in spiral movements. Spots of brassy lights played on their bodies which gave them the texture of polished stones. Their faces were inclined and hidden in deep shadows. Their coming into existence in the centre of the vision coincided with the rhythm of [the] song, and they advanced forward to the sides, turning slowly. I longed to see their faces. At last the whole field of vision was taken up by a single dancer with inclined face covered by a raised arm. As my desire to see the face became unendurable, it appeared suddenly in full close-up with closed eyes. I know that when the extraordinary face opened them, I experienced a satisfaction of a kind I had never known. It was the visual solution of a personal riddle."

This report was written by a traditional Shipibo healer from Peru, Guillermo Arevalo Valera (1986: 156-7); it is taken from an article in which the process by which one is trained to be an ayahuasquero (an Ayahuasca shaman) is described:

"The [master and the initiate] enter a marvellous world, passing through a path of gold, until reaching a very beautiful city with most good-looking men and women. They are introduced to a factory whose machines operate perfectly. • • • They exit through a secret door and they enter a bar where they drink a cup of black wine.... Then they reach the coast of a river or the sea and from the distance they see arrive a white boat, with a white flag. When the boat has reached the place where they stand, they climb up and they salute the chief. Thereafter they leave the boat and they continue walking. There are many beautiful flowers and pretty hummingbirds. • • • They continue walking. Here there are birds that know how to speak mysteriously and that know one's name. When they see that someone is coming they start to pass the word that so-and-so is coming, and soon they discover a small city whose forms are that of a circle. In the middle there is a lagoon surrounded by flowers, nothing less than the horn of plenty. In order to return, one has to pass through a subterranean path. In the centre of the city one encounters a very big castle where there live the God of Ayahuasca along with some other gods. He who enters through the main gate of this castle will never return back. In this city the master and the initiate are now led to a bar. There they drink a large cup of chicha that brings about the effects of the toe [Datura, B.S.]. Soon they meet the gods of medicine. The initiate is recognized as a future healer of high category and the gods reveal to him how much is left for the conclusion of his diet. They bid farewell and follow the road back.

more QUOTES from Benny Shanon:
Open eyed visuals (seeing-in category):

"A somewhat more complex pattern is the following one that I experienced as I was observing a wicker shopping bag with an interlacing pattern of tan and black. I saw two alternating figures: at certain moments the wicker bag looked to me like a jaguar, and at others like the face of my niece. Later, when the intoxication was over, I approached the bag and examined it closely. The pattern was the simplest one possible. There was nothing in it that I could see as generating either the figure of a jaguar or that of a human face."

"By way of further example, I shall mention two other cases of superpositions which are visually complex, semantically elaborate, and dynamic. Twice, during sessions of UdV, I was gazing through the open doors. The bush that was seen through the door was full of beings. I might say that the beings I saw were "tree-people', for their figures were all made of leaves of the bush outside. What I saw was so rich: there were many figures, and their faces were distinct and expressive. At times it seemed that the faces expressed attitudes; for example, when the Master of the session spoke, the figures appeared to display interest and curiosity. Furthermore, it appeared that they were extending their heads towards the door so as to hear better, to be closer to what was going on inside the hall."

Terence Mckenna has two audio recordings where he discusses his experiences with Ayahuasca. Here is a report from his book "The Archaic Revival" quote:
"This time we each took sixty milliliters initially and then about an hour later twenty milliliters more. At last I completely broke through. It was a dimension very similar to the state invoked by the mushroom psilocybin, leading me to harden my opinion that active compounds in Stropharia cubensis must metabolize to some near relative of dimethyltryptamine before the effect can take hold. At one point I was given a kind of motto, which came unbidden: "Mind conjures miracles out of time." It was like a Zen koan holding perhaps a clue to the nature of reality.

There were long bursts of science-fiction-related images and beautiful hallucinations against a black background, a seeming characteristic of the ayahuasca visions. The message from this trip, which came as a very deeply felt gestalt perception, was that the Other is in man. I felt this more clearly than ever before. Unlike the psilocybin rapture, which presents itself as an alien intelligence, the ayahuasca seemed to have a kind of psychiatric presence that urged the recognition that all images and powers of the Other spring from our confrontation with ourselves. Like the psilocybin mushrooms, it displayed a network of information that seemed to make accessible the experiences and images of many worlds, but ayahuasca insisted that in some sense still unrevealed these were ultimately human worlds.

There were things I noticed that seemed to set it apart from other hallucinogens. As it comes on it is mildly anesthetic, so that the rush is not accompanied by restlessness or any sense of energy moving up the spine. Rather, the visions appear without any particular somatic effect accompanying them. Generallly, except for the vomiting it sometimes triggers, ayahuasca seems very smooth, with a very pleasant comedown that leaves one invigorated instead of exhausted. In the initial rush it is like DMT; later it exhibits the long, coherent visions that make its reputation unique. The experience of curing, the vast landscapes, and the communication at a distance are effects that have made ayahuasca legendary."

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 09:43 PM

I enjoy reading your posts Tragar , i find them informative and inspiring..
That's a good tip about the food saver vacuum filtration...It really does make a big difference when making fine teas - to have that extra pressure/suction....
Looking forward to your first hand account with the huaska ...

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 09:55 PM

Thanks Golly for the kind words. I'll be dreaming next week some time with the 30 gram peruvian extract and 30 gram caapi extract--recombined in one cup of hot water. I also have some Hawaiian chacruna that I'll be brewing soon. I'll be using the phosphoric tek with the Hawaiian.

A friend gave me some 4 hits of 17 year old acid on blotter last week that he forgot he had sitting around all this time. I took all 4 and was catapulted into an ecstatic beautiful experience. Everything was alive around me, I heard sounds I had never heard before -- music was heavenly. I felt layers of myself being pulled away like an onion. Re-watching 'Lost in Translation' was just incredible. I watched an IMAX adventure also and it blew me away. I have no idea how it was still potent after all these years being exposed to air in a baggie all this time.

Nice costume!

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Posted 31 October 2006 - 05:15 PM

I ingested 30 grams of caapi tea and 30 grams of Peruvian leaf yesterday night and experienced nothing of value. It turns out this was not enough, I should have used 50 of each or so.

I then increased my cappi tea to another cappi dream of 30 grams (for a total of 60g caapi). But this was done 2 hours later, and by then the leaf was probably mostly metabolized, and rendered inactive due to the low qty of vine ingested.

My gait or balance was slightly affected, and as long as I lay down there was no sense of loss of was sort of similar to a valium feel. it was very pleasant to lie down with eyes closed.

But then due to the increased caapi tea I began to have visions from the caapi alone that one would see while it was dark--I saw a majestic wooden ship from the past on the ocean and I could make out the details of the wood floor of the ship. I could see the ocean. I also saw faint visions of a monkey, a viper snakes' fangs, a car..and I could zoom in and see the license plate clearly. I saw a woman peering into a cabinet. At one point I saw a small spinning ufo taking off into the sky. Other visions were of a corridor with impressive stone architecture and a garden somewhere. The viper's fangs were lit quite bright compared to the other visions.

These visions, due to the lack of sufficient leaf were not brightly lit, it was as if one were night-viewing, yet all the details remained intact.

This was my first time dreaming and it was quite an experience. I achieved a very high level of maoi inhibition with the extra vine. I was dissapointed that I drank all my leaf too early though, before I took the second dose of caapi...

I've read of other people on forums who are quite sensitive, and also had visions with caapi alone--though it was mentioned that one were looking at the scenes being reflected off a tv that was turned off, or projected onto black marble. This seems what it was like for me.

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Posted 02 November 2006 - 11:07 PM

FOAF is switching to a 1/2 kilogram extraction of the PV leaf using defatting along with mar's tek down to the crystals, then will be using 30mg and up doses of the dmt obtained with this using either with caapi vine tea or with 200mg pure harmine hcl. I'll take the crystals along with a caapi tea, then switch to taking the crystals with 200mg harmine to see what sort of comparisons I can make.

There are just too many variables not knowing what the concentration of my leaves are nor what the concentrations of my caapi is, it could take months to get the correct qty's of each down to take as plant forms this way, and no shaman is handy.

A normal huasca tea was analyzed from a UDV ceremony, and found to contain around 200mg of harmine average along with about 1/2 the qty of tetrahydroharmine and 30 to 35mg dmt average, with only a trace of harmaline (30 mg or so).

This will make it much easier to work with and do controlled experiments similar to Shulgin's and Jonathan Ott's oral dmt/harmine combo trials. Jonathan's many experiments were detailed in his book "Pharmacotheon". He had excellent results with 188mg harmine hcl taken with 40mg dmt orally. He mentions he experienced no nausea during his 70 or so oral dmt/harmine journeys.

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