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Hummingbird Tek Ayahuasca

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#1 rocketman



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Posted 08 November 2006 - 10:02 PM

I have found this tek to work very very well. The soak in the phosphoric acid is the key imo. I soaked for 3 days and was blown away by the result of vine and leaf.

Greetings, valued friends.

I have had a lot of private requests to post about this method (as told to me by a magical hummingbird in a magical dream).

It seems that it might be time to do so, here, in this forum.

I hope this is the correct decision.

I trust that people will use this dream imagery with great care and resposibility... and sobriety.

If you dream of it, PLEASE... get the quantities right! Someone really messed that up a while back and had an unpleasant over acid reaction.

Done properly, it will produce a dream brew that is a good bit less acidic than a coke, and works wonderfully.

So the delightful creature appears in a dream and says...

"I have used phosphoric two ways.

First way is pretty much a traditional brewing , but with phos.

Now, 20 drops of 10% food grade phosphoric acid in 1/2 gal of distilled water = ph3... Please be sure to get that right!

So, place the herbs in the solution at a ratio of at least 20/1 solution/herbs, (by ounces).

Soak 1-3 days (the longer the better), in mason jar, shake vigorously as much as is practical, (several times a day).

Then simmer 3x (no boiling) for three hours or so, each simmer.

For 2nd simmer, use 1/2 as much acid, for 3rd use plain distilled h2o.

If you like, make the 3rd simmer longer, as you feel.

Each extraction is filtered through a permanent wire mesh coffee filter, then put in fridge for at least a day to completely settle.

Then carefully decant, leaving the sediment, combine, and gently reduce to 4-6 oz, total, per dream serving.

This tec has (in dreams) produced exceptional results with vine/leaf combo.

2nd tec... Long cold soak for rootbark (powdered, by dreamer)

Same solution, same ratio.

1st soak, 4-5 days in fridge shaking often. Filter, place in fridge to settle.

2nd soak, 4-5 days in fridge, with 1/2 the amount of acid, shaking often. filter, place in fridge to settle.

3rd soak (might be optional, it's pretty pale) 1-2 days, plain distilled water, shake, filter, place in fridge to settle.

After all the extractions have completely settled, VERY carefully decant, combine, and gently reduce to 2-3 oz per dream serving. Then in a dream, drink after drinking a caapi brew (2-3 oz) made with the other tec.

This cold soak bark tec has produced marvelous results, but...


A dreamer who has dreamed of as much as 33g of bark with another less effective tec, (DON"T TRY!) was fairly blown away by 8g! No kidding!

Another dreamer who I shared this with, who is experienced with hcl tec, said that he felt the phos tec was much stronger.

It seems that much of the magic here is in the fantastic absorption qualities of phos.

BTW, it's MUCH better tasting, as well. (compared to lemon or ascorbic)

You can probably use less acid, but the resulting brew is close to ph5, which is MUCH higher than a coke, and has produced no problems to date.

I have confidence that the cold tec would be equally as magical with vine/leaf, especially if one dreams of Hawaaian leaf, by far the best in the world.

I will try that soon.

Remember, both tecs will be significantly stronger than those with less effective acids, so adjust your amounts accordingly...


Please love and take good care of yourself... PLEASE!"

Then he flew away at what seemed to be nearly the speed of light!

If there are any questions, I will pass them on next time I am graced with a visitation...

Be well, and sweet dreams...


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#2 Elf Salvation

Elf Salvation


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Posted 08 November 2006 - 11:21 PM

:bow:TY Rocket

#3 Hippie3



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Posted 08 November 2006 - 11:36 PM

phosphoric extraction's been around quite awhile now,
i'm not so sure it's actually responsible for your great trip
as materials are critical for any technique.
but all the basic steps for success are there,
the long soak, the low simmer
the soak-rinse-repeat, etc.
the same methodology would likely give great results,
assuming great materials,
with phosphoric acid
as well as lemon juice or vinegar or even cola.

just got some great materials in,
thx friend
so i'll give this a try,
proly neutralize the tannins with protein again too.

#4 rocketman



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Posted 09 November 2006 - 09:27 AM

You are always welcome friend :)

#5 Guest_cap_*

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Posted 11 November 2006 - 07:55 AM

what flavor u gonna try this time hip?
thanks for postin this rocket!! :headbang:

#6 Hippie3



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Posted 11 November 2006 - 09:12 AM

think i'll try to get unflavored gelatin this time,
the slight sweetness of flavored jell-o didn't really taste that great.

#7 rocketman



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Posted 11 November 2006 - 01:38 PM

yeah the artificial strawberry takes away from the serious nature of the brew imho, but it does work. unflavored is the way to go for certain.

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