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golly's ziplock mini-tray tek

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#21 Hippie3



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Posted 22 November 2006 - 09:57 PM

here's some related info from our archives-

#22 Beshroomed



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Posted 22 November 2006 - 10:17 PM

Sorry to have to ask this but it's my FOAF's first time trying a cseing. The tek says that after you fill the trays with the mixed substrate you put them into the Fruiting Chamber to Incubate for about 3 days of Incubation.
Fruiting Chambers are about 74 degrees, right? And Incubation Chambers are around 82 degrees, right?
So........which should the newly prepared trays go into? A 74 degree chamber with 70 to 90 per cent humidity or an 82 degree Incubation chamber without the extra humidity?


#23 golly



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Posted 22 November 2006 - 10:30 PM

I use the term "incubate" pretty loosely ..In this case it just means the tray is left mostly covered ...all stages of growth are pretty much at room temp 75F give or take ...Sorry for the confusion...

#24 golly



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Posted 22 November 2006 - 10:37 PM

Started a new batch of Teachers 2day so i'll make pix as i go..But i can show the spacer dealio tmrw with me Agaricus tubz...

#25 fingers



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Posted 23 November 2006 - 10:45 AM

Thanks for the clarification (and link hip :) )

One thing I'm now thinking about again, is the most suitable of trays for casings and similar teks.
Opague or transparent, i really dont know. I've seen transparent, opague plastic, the foil trays of course.

Apart from the fact the foil ones deteriorate over time, is there in fact a difference between (or advantage gained by) using opague or transparent vessels for casings?

Any opinions at all would be much appreciated. I preped another 2kilo's of popcorn last night. Gonna try a G2G tommorow hopefully. I'd rather not have the clean popcorn sitting for too long.

I've found a factory only 5 minutes from here that packages the most common brand popcorn in supermarkets here. I might drive down this week some time and see if i can negotiate 10 kilo's or something.
Just fruit cased popcorn.

Anyway, I'm just enjoying Zoe right now and the sativa high reeeeeeally gets me talking. I'll quit now. :amazed:

Take care guys


#26 golly



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Posted 23 November 2006 - 10:58 AM

Larger trays are best if they're opaque and preferably black imo...
The little trays are fine either way but i like em clear...It's interesting to see the myc progressing through the sides and their easy to pop out to harvest ..Its Much harder to harvest any bottom feeders in a large shallow tray that's translucent...

#27 Doctor D

Doctor D

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Posted 23 November 2006 - 11:44 AM


I noticed in your first pic in the top of the thread you've got two different shaped containers, maybe they are both 20oz containers but one is wide and flat (as if to hold a sandwich) and the other is deeper and not as wide.

Have you noticed which type of container fruits the best? I.e., the flat one with more surface area for fruiting, or the deeper one? Or does it really not friggin matter?

Those ARE different containers, right??

#28 golly



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Posted 23 November 2006 - 12:17 PM

Those two trays are identical - 20oz sandwich containers...For Cubes i much prefer these shallow ones - having a high surface to volume ratio seems to be most efficient ,especially as its so easy to keep em from drying out..

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