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Salvia is just WEIRD, and sorta unpleasant

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#61 Paradox


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Posted 21 July 2007 - 02:05 PM

The 'breakthroughs' i had that where most enjoyable where with simple leaf. The extracts were powerful but kinda like a joke played on oneself ? With leaf alone 'breakthrough' is a mysterious thing, so elusive imo. With the extract its almost guaranteed. The refreshed feeling after i feel with both so i dont know? Building new roads and 'pipes' of reality ? i thought was just my trip ? Obviously not ! thanks for the info :)

#62 AndyLandy420



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Posted 28 September 2007 - 12:39 PM

i always get this insanely powerful and super uncomfortable feeling because the salvia people are screaming at me and wanting me to join them or do something for them and i just cant do shit, not because i dont want to but because i have no idea what the shit it is that they want and they start getting mad that i am not going along with the salvia peoples master plan so they scream louder and like force this insano anti-gravity horrible feeling on me and i cant raise a finger, last time i smoked a 21x standardized extract my entire room turned into a giant eating machine with rows and rows AND ROWS of spinning teeth/gears, they were these insane salvia people at the helm of this monstous eating machine, they were standing on top of it behind a little railing sceaming down to me that i'd better get with the program they would grind me up, all this was from one super small hit, i managed to keep my cool because i never quite forgot i smoked salvia, very very uncomfortable and not at all enlightening, everytime i smoke salvia its more and more unfriendly

#63 entheogen23



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Posted 28 September 2007 - 02:26 PM

AndyLand, this sounds like one experience I had. Far from pleasant, I have never had what I'd consider a "plesant" experience smoking the extract (5x and 10x). But yet I think I'lll try it again. I have always done it alone, in my basement. I'd like to try it outside, in the summer, on a warm night in nature. Maybe that would be more pleasant. Otherwise I am mostly thinking I want to try liquid extract orally. I did try this with some of the 10X extract leave I have (chewing it like chewing tobacco) and this was mild and mellow, but not powerful enough.

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