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Trip report on EQ's

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Posted 26 November 2006 - 11:34 AM

HEy i didnt know where to put this so if a moderator could move it to the appropriate place that would be cool

I usually dont report on trips but this one is a testament of what can happen sort of if a person dopes not propperly plan.

Wednesday i was going to go out with my GF (whom i live with) and a couple of friends when i got off work. plans fell through and when we were driving home with a friend of my GF's we were bummed. my GF sarcastically suggested we take the boomers i had at home. everyone was up for it so we went home and dosed 1-1.5 g each. the two girls had never done it and i hadnt for almost 2 yrs. it was midnite when we dosed and i kept thinking i dont know if this is a good idea i have to work at 9 so i have to be up at like 7 but i was excited. music was played mostly jazz like Miles davis and we had some fun talking and reasoning things out. the girls reported strong visuals and i had some pattern expanding(I.E. a striped pattern on a couch expands to be on the whole wall or on the persons sitting on the couch)

It was a lot of fun but at about 2:30 my GF and i were really ready for bed but of course that wasnt happening i got sick and threw up but was prepared for it and almost welcomed it in hopes it would jolt me enough to get to sleep. My GF's friend then got sick and threw up but she was not so easy about the situation. she got very worried and wanted to go get some help. she thought she was very very sick and was of course affraid to go to sleep. my GF didnt get sick at night but did in the morning. she suffered lots of stomach cramps and cold chills which was very unpleasant she said through out the evening.

we proceeded to stay up till about 4:30 or so and finally got about 2 hrs of sleep. I didnt mind throwing up but i think my previous experiences helped. My GF was very controlled about the whole getting sick thing and didnt have any mental mind trips she just got very down and really wanted it to all be over with so she could sleep. the other girl was very very in her head and didnt want to sleep wanted to get out ect ect. we ended up sitting at my kitchen table talking about drugs and i told her a lot of stories about college and experiences i had and we colored a coloring book my GF's neices had left there from the day before.

ALl in all i cant say I personally had a bad trip it was actually one of the best ones i have had because it was a low dose and i was able to have a lot of control over it and i wasnt freaking out or in a bad place. i do wish i had told them no we cant do them this late at night because i didnt want to be up that late but sometimes when u are anxious to do something for so long, and i have been itching to trip for a couple of months now, u just have to jump and not look. i feel bad for the girls that on thier first trip they had a bad come down. my GF wasnt real hot on it, she enjoyed the 2 hrs of good stuff but said she didnt like how u cant turn it off at the end and didnt like how drained she felt the next morning. i might be able to get her to take them again in the day time but i dont know if it will happen. she is pretty set on not so much.


P.S. cap thanks for your responce

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Posted 26 November 2006 - 11:38 AM

a couple valiums would have helped to crash

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