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Heirloom gardening

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#1 Vettiver



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Posted 27 February 2005 - 11:19 AM

Just wondering if there were any heirloom gardeners out there. I lost my collection of heirloom tomatoes and flowers and am trying to get a new collection started. i had nice tomatoes, poppies, hollyhocks, ephedra plant, various herbs, patchouli plant, roses and many more. Would anyone be interested in doing some sort of seed excange this spring? Or helping poor ole me start my collection up again.

#2 Hippie3



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Posted 27 February 2005 - 11:33 AM

if no one answers right away
be sure to check back,
i know we have several members here
that are into this,
i am too, a little but i doubt i'll plant this year
as i plan to move in the fall.

#3 davros



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Posted 27 February 2005 - 11:41 AM

i can help you out with some pepper seeds
i have several different kinds
that is about all that i grow save for my ethno's & cacti
just pm if interested

#4 Guest_thafunkyone_*

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Posted 27 February 2005 - 02:50 PM

I'd be interested in some heirloom tomato seeds as well if anyone has some...I can only garden in pots and tomatoes are good...:)

#5 Guest_mosach_*

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Posted 19 March 2005 - 08:41 PM

Pardon my ignorance, but what is heirloom gardening?

#6 Guest_afraidofamerica_*

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 09:10 AM

Pardon my ignorance, but what is heirloom gardening?

planting with seeds your grandma had. seriously it's the pratice of growing a crop, harvesting the seeds, and replanting them next year. repeat over many generations of plants and you have heirloom gardening. It's nifty


#7 Guest_thafunkyone_*

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Posted 20 March 2005 - 11:36 AM

Here are some seed stores I've found..http://www.tomatofes...eds_search.html
The last one had a bunch of peppers, lettuces, beans, stuff like that.
I gotta get on the ball...

#8 Vettiver



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Posted 20 March 2005 - 04:42 PM

I have a few tomato varieties. Next fall ill have seeds to give or trade.

i tried to find some heirloom poppies but there are none to be had. I think i read a blurb that seed companies are being hassled for selling them. what a crock of Bs

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