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Trip Report B.cappi and P.virdis

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#1 craigwhite21



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:06 AM

Well I made my first batch of Ayuaska yesterday.
First before I tell you about the report I wan't to say I am sorry if I've offend anybody the last few days. You have too remember i'm a newbie to the Ayuaska scene and I haven't meant to force people to listen to my ideas, just came to share them. So I apologize if i've offended anybody.

I only had 30g of B.Cappi and 12.5g of P.virdis. I wasn't sure if it would work and I was going to wait to I got more P.virdis, but I decided I would try it to famalirize my self with the brew and hopefully give myself a small taster before trying anything stronger.
I brewed for two and half hours by this time the water level was about 750ml. After straining through a T-Shirt It only looked like 500ml. I thought I had lost some but continued and made a second batch. Because it was only a small amount I only did two extractions. I was left with about 1000ml. I wasn't sure about simmering down as I thought some might get wasted in the proccess as I didn't have much. Could someone tell me if this is true. I had a few appointments to go too so I put it in the fridge while I was gone.

I got back and tried it at about 9pm. The effects where minimal too say the least but I got a good feeling of the power of the brew.
I didn't think it was working then starting feeling waves in my stomach and then it just came on, I could see visuals in the room like stars. I decided to go into my spare room in the darkness and could hear whispering voices in the darkness, that seemed to come from within and outside at the same time. I started to think that I was controlling these voices as one minute they where telling me something good then something bad. It was as if two opposing forces where fighting in me, I could also feel energy round my charkras and clearing of my stomach.
I was starting to freak out a bit, but starting to realize that I was controlling the trip to a certain extent.

I turned on the telly fumbling about the living room trying to get something to ground me back to reality slightly to chill me out as I was getting a bit scared. Everything seemed evil, people jumping about on one programme. Turned over the channel thought I was watching an old 80's movie one off these western type things earthly and chilled out. Arggh Arnie jumps up its terminater. BANG BANG BANG!! Arggh violence evil. Turned over the telly, Paul Mc'Cartney doing a concert, talking about peace and love and saying there seems to be an invicible connection between us all when music is played and emotions shared.

Class this has got me on a better frame of mind. Then the concert kicks off, I am drinking my last part of my cup of ayuaska and as i'm putting it down Paul Mc'Cartney is slowing his song and puts down his microphone at the exact same moment. You know the way your drinking a beer with mates and you put it down at the same time. Strange Syncronicty, talk about connection weird. Don't know if it was live though but still uncanny coincidences happening.

Then Paul'Mcarnety says we are going to do something that has not been done before, we are going to beam a symphony live to the space station. This is the first time this has ever been done and they are going to talk back to us. By this time I am in a much better mood. Two spacemen beam back smiling at the concert and the concert's waving back at them. Paul'Mcarntey tells them they are Pioneers from earth, and they tell Paul'Mcarntey that he is a pioneer he has embraced all kind of fashions,music and brought generations together and he is still embracing it all.
Then Paul'Mcartney kicks off with Wouldn't you like a cup of English Tea, English Tea. By this time im shouting at the Tv,
This is Class, This is Class jumping up and down a bit I can feel the raw emotion and energy i'm smiling with them feeling exicted wishing I was at a concert now. This is cool and I'm thinking to myself those Astrounouts are exploring outer space, while Paul's connecting people on earth, while im exploring inner space all at the same time.

This is Cool I can actually feel the emotion as an energy and feel the love there was definetly some kind of connection or syncronicty taking place. Soon after the concert finished and I had kinda straightned up a bit. I have really thin walls and was trying praying while I was tripping sending a message out the universe saying I just wan't to learn to be a better person as I was inspired by Paul so I just thought I hope no-one heard me next door. They would of thought I was nuts, but no-one did. I then wen't for a walk down the beach and I swear I could see more stars than are normally visisable in the sky as if I was seeing outside the normal wavelengths which I proablly was also I was feeling a mild state of Ectasy similar to pills, as if an emotinal blockage had been cleared also I could feel energy in my legs etc being cleared when I spewed.

I came to the conclusion that night an Ayuaska trip must bring things to the service, trapped energys, so afterwards even if you have a bad trip it must realease all the negative brain-waves. I don't know if that is true but that is what I think. Anyway what started out as a negative trip ended up really good. Also I was guessing cards while on ayuaska
I would hold my hand above them and said 2 of spades. Pulled it out it was.Holy Shit it worked, Tried again didn't work, but every now and then I would get it, say four cards or so I found that when I held a number in my mind and believed it would actually appear when I had doubt I got it wrong.
I think after the trip the brain, reintergrates the experiance in the nervous system, so even a bad trip must be good as it brings all your emotions energys to the service is this why some shamens say you feel ectasy afterwards I wonder?? Because you've cleared yourself out. I will have to take a stronger dose next time, but I will take your advice and take it slowly. I also have quite a bit of respect for the brew now as I understand some of its powers. All in all not that strong an experiance but still rewarding. Thanks for the advice Guys :-)
Also Simmering down after making the tea can you lose some of the content or does it not evaporate as it isn't water? And also how long do you guys leave between each exploration so you don't mess up your heads?

#2 spacecake



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:23 AM

Nice Ayuaska report !


#3 craigwhite21



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:34 AM

Your welcome, cheers

#4 golly



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:45 AM

Interesting report Craig...thanx...

#5 condo_pygmy



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:51 AM

Yup nice report, if you want to try some PSI tests next time you dose,
click here:

{you have to register, but only takes a minute}

There's 3 Card tests, a couple Remote Viewing tests & a Location test.
I've scored way higher just after a spice ride !! :eek:

#6 craigwhite21



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 09:55 AM

Have any of you felt a release after Ayuaska or an ectasy state, and how do you guys combat freaking out??

#7 max_freakout



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 10:04 AM

how do you guys combat freaking out??

I don't think you can really 'combat it', the best advice is just to GO WITH IT, but sometimes that just can't be done

#8 craigwhite21



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Posted 16 December 2006 - 10:19 AM

Do you guys freak out every single trip or just sometimes and have you all felt the release I was talking about?? I.e mild ectasy state??

#9 Xerces


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Posted 16 December 2006 - 10:39 AM

I remember in the following weeks after that extreme experience I had, the emotions in the characters really got inside of me. I remember watching this movie where the guy gets on a plane and crash, and then they inform the wife who just cant believe it. It impacted on me so deeply that I couldn't control my feelings. I also remember zapping through the channels and seeing the evilness inside of some charachters. Not only that, but when I was walking in the street, I swear I could "see" or more "sense" the people's true demons. Somehow I also saw the fears within those around me.
The truth is that there is 99% more input coming to our brain than we think.
Otherwise we would be able to consciously 'feel' all this things -even the extra stars you saw in the sky-
Our mind its like a triangle... The tip of the triangle is our single consciousness. Further down is our subconsciousness, unconsciousness, and further down is the collective unconsciousness.
So I think, strong psychedelic drugs such as Psylocin, LSD, Ayahuasca, DMT, etc works with our brains in a particular way in which thoughts, senses and emotions 'float' from our subconsciousness to our consciousness.

I like the fact that you are a person willing to take the chances, such as taking heavy drugs such as these, in order to explore the subconscious, trying to bring a higher meaning to our current simply material conception of the universe, and I definitely feel like one of those travelers myself.

Just be carefull and don't be a careless traveler. Sacrifice is OK, just accomplish your mission first.

Also, during bad trips, remember that the things you are seeing/hearing are only bad or scary because they arise from the subconscious and are not fully understood by us, so we start to think the voices are little demons, etc. Remember the effect will wear off, you won't die, and you will go back to normal.

And about the people who go against what you believe, know this..

"The lips of wisdom are closed,
except to the ears of Understanding"

The Kybalion

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