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Mycotopia's 2nd Trip Story contest

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#1 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 10:06 AM

ok friends,
still have some microscopy syringes to get rid off
so here's the deal.
the prize is 4 syringes.
winner picked by direct vote of members here.
contest starts now and runs until the last day of february 2004.
to enter,
post a trip story/short story essay to this thread describing one of your adventures while partying.
whichever one is voted for the most,
limit 5 story.entries per user/member.

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#2 Guest_mike_*

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 03:30 PM

One time I was over come by the thought that the mushrooms have actually tooken over my brain, and now control my ever movement, and the whole time its was telling me its fine, there is nothing to worry about I have control. Maybe it does and I'm just a drone for its every need.

#3 Guest_sancho_*

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 03:56 PM

We started on the beach. I knew that things were beginning to change when I saw worms moving beneath the sand, so we decided to get back to the house. It had become quite dark, quite fast, so we used a bonfire on the horizon as a guide. I kindof suspected something that I ate was making the police lights and fireworks shoot out of the bonfire, but instead of getting scared, I just grinned. My friends were grinning too, which just so happened to be causing their skin to turn green.
"Green?" I said, looking at friend A. My attention then shifted to friend B, who was ever more green skinned. "Greeeeeen?!" I said, as he started to laugh. That's about when I noticed that I was wearing my green polyester coat, which was blasting the absolute greenest light that I had ever seen. I was overcome with green and exclaimed "It's hellllllla greeeeeeeeeen!", which took about 6 entire seconds to say. When I looked up again, it was as though I was looking through a filter of green. The whole entire landscape was different shades of green. I wanted to tell my friends, but all I could do is laugh, but I think they understood what I wanted to say anyways.

/first trip

#4 Guest_i_am_me_*

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 04:33 PM

Heh this trip report is in no way condoning the extreme dosing...

My best friend and I went to Bonnaroo last year. Of course on Friday night we smoked and just chilled. We didn't take to many drugs that day/night but we did stock up for the next 2 days. We awoke about hour and a half before the Whailers were to take the stage. My friend looks at me and says that we should dose down at 11 and then make our way to the stage area. He takes 3 hits of cid, 1 pill of molly(pure mdma) and 1 pill of mescaline . I ingested 3 hits of cid, 2 Star of david x pills and a couple of grams of our fungi friends. It was a 10 minute walk to where we sat down in the grass awaiting the whailers to take the stage. By the time we had reached our destination we were both already getting some odd feelings. We were at a 300 acre farm..and the stage was in the middle of a HUGE field. I layed on my back and watched the clouds waiting for the Whailers to take the stage. When the whailers came on I could feel the Earth spinning underneath of me. I looked over at my friend and he had chill bumps all over his was 90 degrees F outside. We knew we were in for quite a ride. I danced a bit to the music feeling the waves of that lovely Reggae sound slamming into my was joy. I sat down again and started to feel the earth spinning again. Suddenly I had an out of body experience where my sight shot up into the heavens showing my and my friend sitting on your blanket in the middle of the crowd...with the Earth spinning so fast it seemed unreal. My sight zoomed back into my body and I could feel the Earth flying through space. I could feel myself being slung off of the planet into deep space. I grabbed onto the grass to secure myself onto the Earth. I told my friend he might want to hold on...this ride was moving fast. I could see the Earth curve...I could feel its roundness rolling me through space....then the music was over. The Allman Brothers were next...and I layed on my back watching the clouds dance to the music for an hour. We decided to head back to the camp site at that point. So we go back...and our campsite is right on the main roadway where people leave the main stage. We stand there watching people walk out of the concert area....a big sea of people...while smoking a bowl. I start to knock the ashes out of the bowl with my lighter when all of the sudden BAAAAAAMMM!!!!!!!!! A huge white explosion happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. IT BLEW MY HAT OFF! All I could do was scream in joy as I felt as if I had just exploded myself. People from the crowd walking by screamed with me and everyone just stared at my wondering what just could nothing explode into a loud booming white cloud right in front of my face! ...come to find out a few minutes later my lighter had exploded from hitting it on the bowl...right in front of my face. It was the most insane feeling I could have ever experienced. The rest of the day was just a mix of colors, friends and music which was one of the best days of my life. So in short I almost got slung off of the earth, I watched my friend get chill bumps in 90 degree weather, the clouds danced for me and a while cloud expoloded loudly in front of my face out of nowhere. Man....that was fun.

#5 Guest_fitch_*

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 08:29 PM

This was what I consider to be my best trip, regardless of dosage. We had just harvested a lovely crop of Ecuadors or Orissas, and I ate 3 dry grams. Chewed 'em up real good, then sat back on the couch and waited...

Patience is something I still work on, but lucky for me they started to hit 20 minutes later. A warm feeling evolved in my stomach, and quickly spread through my legs. I came up with a rush, and felt my senses heighten. My head got lighter, and I felt warm, and very elated. As the drug crept through my body, my dorm room began to distort. Shadows melded into each other, and the TV picture became sharper, before it too started to distort. At this point, the TV stand began to bounce, and the TV and CD player began to dance like in an old cartoon: the stand would bend down then rise to the left. Bend down, then rise to the right. On the down cycle, the TV and CD player bent in, and expanded on the up cycle. I knew it was going to be a good night.

I lay back on the couch, eyes to the ceiling to see what would be revealed. I did not have long to wait. My textured ceiling began to shift, and make faces, but the faces began to rot away into skulls. Two buildings appeared, no colors, just lines and detail formed from the manipulated shadows. People were jumping off the buildings and falling towards me. I could tell they were screaming even though they made no sound. They fell with their mouths agape exposing their teeth, eyes wide in terror. I dont know how long they fell, but then the buildings disappeared and a great spiral staircase formed in their place, with no end in site. People and faces came screaming down the staircase, rotting as they got closer, until only their skulls and some scraps of flesh were left.

I do not know how long I watched this grim procession, but soon it ended, and my ceiling disappeared. In its place were rolling clouds against a fantastic sky, that was definately not that of New York. The clouds began to roll angrily, and then they broke, and a clawed hand appeared from them and beckoned towards me. I made no move, and lay calmly watching. Another hand appeared and pulled the clouds away to reveal a massive demon, with a red face, and great horns. It smiled wickedly at me, exposing long, razor sharp teeth, and beckoned again. I lay there and ignored it. I was not afraid, because the good need not fear things such as demons. I gave it no reaction, and as quickly as it appeared, it left, the clouds disappeared, and my ceiling returned.

At this point, I was in control of my senses to walk to the bar and see my friends. One of many religious experiences involving drugs; the others coming while smoking marijuana.

Thats my favorite trip experience. It might have been disturbing to some, but I was happy at the end of it, because I had been shown dark visions and I did not waiver in my faith.

#6 Guest_iliveinabox_*

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 09:46 PM

i dont have a great trip story but all well ill tell. me and a few friends went to this girls house and i ate 2.5 grams, the kid i got them from got all excited cause he said they were real good and that when you tapped the top of the cap gold dust fell out i dont anything about that but it was fun. i ate them straight and i sucked on the fattest stem( out of habit) and about 45 mins i started to feal it. i was chewing gum a peice of gum and it felt like my mouth was a mile away then i forgot i was chewing it for about 2hours. we then went into her room where she had black lights and cool posters and we turned of all the light s and sat there. she had this creapy mug shot of the girl from the exorcist and my friend said that when you covered up the exorcist on the poster it looked like she was stairing through a window. it was so freaky cause she jsut tarted moving and blinking. it was crazy. then i came down pretty much instantly. all and all it was a good night

#7 Guest_omni_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 01:59 AM

a few years back I did a teacher survey of hallucinogen use (in high school) and about half had use some sort of hallucinogen. Interesting... One guy told this story about how he rode his vespa into a herd of goats while tripping and then hit a Washington state trooper in the head with a snow ball. lol. Anyways now for my story...

My third trip, my most mellow, my best, and my only one on homegrown mushies. Dose: 1g to start, 1.5 gs 45 minutes later.

Me and a good friend went up into the hills one day to trip. I know this nice hill that is very isolated exept for a motercycle trail which runs by a little ways a way. A beautiful spot. We took a bunch of stuff up with us. cool photographs, notebooks, stuff to look at, a portable cd player, blankets etc. we ate the mushrooms and layed back to wait. I was a bit nervous as my previous trip had been pretty crazy, but after a few minutes my whole body relaxed and I felt comfortable and happy. I started to get a ringing in my ears, quiet at first and then louder and louder, I got up and the ringing stopped. Everything, the plants trees etc. seemed strangely familiar and in place. I walked around a bit the plants on the ground were gently bending and swimming. Then, without warning it started to absolutely poor rain. Thunder was crashing around us. I had a very strong awareness of the microcosm of the hillside. The cycle involved, the system of renewal, and the world of life around me. We threw a tarp over our stuff and booked it back down to my car running through the rain. little torrents of water ran down the hillside with us. We got to my car and both stripped down to our underwear. My friend had taken a whole eith and was tripping out looking at the seats of the car. She put on Atom Heart Mother and this, along with the sound of the rain on the roof of the car, launched me into a different world. With the car gently swirling around me I became very aware of time, and how fleeting and beautiful is life, and existence itself. I felt as if I could reach out and grab the music out of the air in front of me. The car grew into an entire world in and of itself and everything around me had an indescribable air of the eternal. After a while it stopped raining and we stepped out of the car. I stripped completely and walked off into the trees to take a piss. The world was dripping with the moisture from the sudden rain and everything was sparkling. the sun came out and as I walked around I felt very aware of my short presence on that hill and on the earth in general. I stooped down and watched bugs crawling and living out their own short lives. I could be completely absorbed by each small "world" I found. Each realm of experience drew me in. My friend had gone off by herself but after a while we met up again and eventually went up and got our stuff from the hill top. Very nice trip. I had a feeling that the mushrooms were in a way "tuned" to exactly what I needed.

#8 Guest_babylon_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 02:31 AM

I think that my most interesting trip took place on the beach, a friend and I had decided we would enjoy shrooming together while we walked on the beach and we started at one end of what I knew was a good 2 or 3 hour walk. Along the way we discovered an ancient truth, the crows and the seagulls which were out in great number and quite vocal were in fact fighting a generations old turf battle over the sand. The land belonged to the crows and the water belonged to the seagulls but the beach was disputed territory and had been for a very long time. after observing this for a while, and understanding it in a way that under any other circumstances would have required growing up both a seagull and a crow, we discovered a great blue heron, he was standing on one leg partway submerged in the water and looking quite wise. we realized that he had been called in as an impartial judge to determine who should have control of this stretch of beach for the moment. Finally he reached a decision, and after pronouncing it with a long call, all the seagulls left that stretch of beach to the crows.

#9 Guest_robert_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 01:45 PM

i had just harvested four strains: pink buffalo, z strain, tasmanian, and plantasia mystery. so my girlfriend and i decided to celebrate by chilling out and eating a salad of these guys. we rented fantasia 2000 to watch on the 43" flatscreen too. so we're watching the movie, and all of a sudden she was just too overcome by the psilly's that she had to be alone and ran off to the bedroom. now i'm just chillin in this trippy ass livingroom of ours with our paisley wall paper and couch, wavy elephant tapestry, and tripped out images of the beatles on the wall, havin' a grand old time by myself when there's a banging on my door......."----- Police, open up." FUCK!!!!!!!!! at that very moment a bright flash hit me and i realized just how much shit i had gotten myself into. there is no way in hell that i can go break everything down in this little time (mushies and MJ). but what the hell else can i do??? i ran upstairs in a panic and just started disassembling EVERYTHING. now, i had a hydro unit going in the closet and a portable zipper closet with shelves and a humidifier for the mushrooms in the bedroom (not good). my girlfriend just started flipping out like "what the hell's going on??" i explained the best i could in the position i was in, but who knows what the hell came out of my mouth. i was too busy trying to group my thoughts, separating the mj from the mushies. it was like one big cluster fuck in my head. i was almost frozen, but my hands were making progress in some way, shape or form.i was doing the best i could in my moment of desperation. she was very confused and obviously concerned, so the only understandable response i could give to her was "look out the window". so she carefully walked over to the window to take a peak out, turned, looked at me and said, "Andy's here." AHHHHHHH!! Worst fucking night of my life. I wanted to beat that kid!! Good mushrooms, though.

#10 Guest_bil_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 02:17 PM

ha thats a funny one, I can easily relate.

#11 seven



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 04:01 PM

well my best a craziest trip was when i descoverd , the famed p.azucencs , being a bunch off kids ie 18 -24 , when we got the mushies i was wary of these the were to small i said and there black , or they cubbies i asked , the reply i got was hell i don't know here start eating your 1\8 ,soo being a lamb at the time i at all 3.5 grams dried of this . the worst tasting nasty shrooms ive ever ate barely gagging them down i washed them down with a an hit and then not more then 20 min later , i took another hit of the n20 and the second time as i was coming down from my hit i looked up and to my horror the i had jumped from n20 to playing super nintindo mario cart , i dont know if any one elese has had this looping time thing where one min youre talking about hoping that those mush that we ate were not some ass holes joke on the youngens, and then it happened i heard a voice , kind like a deep grumble i looked over and noticed a lil goulie looking thang picking over the couch laghing at me it didnt scare me it was almost calming , then there where more elfs, giggleing talking in there langue i couldnt understand it but i knew they were there eather to convay a massage or just laugh at the silly humans for not seeing whats always been , as i turned my head to look at my friends.lmao and one of them was tranxfixed yelling that he is winnning ."IM winning damn elfs arnt gonna destructor me""thats when i knew , we where all fucked . every time we took n20 hits it whould knock us out into a drooling gaze , the tweenty yard stare you see in some vets back from nam . lol there is soooo much more to tell but i could go-on but thats enogh for today

#12 Guest_underground_shaman_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 04:22 PM

just wanted to join in the fun...

Posted on Friday, February 06, 2004 - 05:59 pm:

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
This trip report is a collection of memories and categorizations from a trip taken two months ago. Much of the story takes place in a dimension void of the confines of literacy, and therefore much of my experience cannot be described.

Mazatec strain was consumed fresh. 25 wet grams were injested, and an hour later 25 more wet grams were added. The first indication that I had taken too much was the faint feeling of nausea when I realized I didn't need the second portion.

By the time I got out of the shower, my world was a blinding shimmer of color and light, with every move of my head inducing changes in the patterns of colored light swirling around me.

From far away, I could hear my wife asking if I was okay...I could barely acknowledge her presence, as she seemed strangely confined to her own physical reality.

As I began to really accelerate into hyperspace, my ego had the wherewithall to get me to a soft surface, and I sat down in the Pappazan chair to contemplate what I had done. Thoughts of money and social status began to invade my psyche, and I became struck with the futility of the day-to-day struggle to earn and spend.

At about this time, the thought of "poison" entered my mind. I am a seasoned psychonaut, so this is a very uncommon occurance. The next two hours had me OCD, holding my legs and rocking back and forth, whispering under my breath to what was left of my psyche "it's just a drug, it's just a drug, it's just a drug." Time lost all meaning and I was traveling back to a time of man before he was man. I interacted with these preliterate beings, and they began to show me how a series of grunts and clicks could be constructed to express ideas in an abstract way. Suddenly I was whisked away, into what I consider to be the future, into a time where again spoken language was obsolete. This experience has convinced me of the circular nature of all things. We are but a speck of dust in the cosmological-evolutionary timeline.

I had returned to my chair, and the physical reality around me was still swirling and colorful. When I closed my eyes, the most indescribably beautiful displays of color and form
danced their timeless processional on the back of my eyelids. The incredible potential of the human mind to "create" was revealed in this three-dimensional fantasy.

The sudden feeling of dread brought me out of my glorious stupor. There, to my right, was the spirit of the mushroom himself. As I acknowledged his presence, he indicated his displeasure at having been summoned. You see, I had only intended to injest a recreational dose, and I had no purpose, no plan, for this trip. This greatly displeased and upset the spirit, who then told me that because of my carelessness, he was going to show me the vast untold potential he could unlock for the true seekers. He took hold of me and again I was whisked away into a world of indescribable beauty and light. I suddenly understood how the ancient shamans were able to transcend both time and space, and how they were able to change their physical form. He brought me to a vast precipice, with the glory of infinite wisdom above, and the horror of suffering below. He spoke to me, "the choice is yours", and suddenly I was falling from this precipice. I fell for what seemed like hours, reliving the horrors of human suffering through the ages. Tunnel vision took over (like the Heroin overdose in "trainspotting"), and I truly felt as though I had died.

I lay on my bed for several minutes after returning to my physical reality. The trip was suddenly not as intense (I was able to stand again), and I rejoined my wife in the other room. The rest of that night, and for a full week following I felt absolutely wonderful, cleansed. It has taken me several weeks to incorporate what I learned on this trip.

Then, two weeks after this trip I was walking outside in the snow and realized that my third-eye had been opened. my encounter with the mushroom spirit has permanently opened channels of sensation and understanding which had been previously unavailable to me.

Now it seems that daily I receive admonition from the great mushroom spirit. Never again will I seek him without a concrete purpose for the voyage. Treat the sacrament with respect, and it WILL show you things you have never seen.
Posted Image

#13 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:11 PM

Last year myself and a couple friends went to the Phish 'IT' show in Maine, my good friend said he's tripped before but nothing spectacular, but he knew what was going on so he says...

So were chillin, set up the tent on TAR, got 1/4 of potato chip like fatty shrooms, not sure the strain, but there was one shroom the cap was bigger then a silver dollar and the stem was about 3 inches long and an inch thick, so were sitting there getting ready to dose, my buddie asks me 'what do we do' I said 'eat one' and went into the tent to get a beer, I come out and he ate the BIG one, the whole freakin thing!! I couldnt believe it!! Not only has he never really tripped before he just ate well over an 8th like it was nothing........

SOOOOOO.. Twenty minutes later he's like "dude I'm getting realllllly fucked up" I was all like "man it hasnt even been a half hour yet" basically thats all he said for the next 10 or so minutes, "wsssssshhhhhhhhhh man I'm messed up", a half an hour later he was an egg frying in a frying pan, flat out on the tar staring to the moon, no doubt completely TOASTED, couldnt make out anything he'd attemp to say, and he couldnt move, flat out.............

So I'm like man these can't be THAT good, so I ate mabe 2 grams, an hour later or so I felt a great rushing body buzz and a light 'trip' mode, but I sure as hell wasnt experiencing what he was... Eventually we carried him to the tent "still mumbling mmhshhssssssssjbbbmmmmmmbbbb" got him a baby sitter just in case and we headed off to see the show............

Come back 4-5 hours later, he's still sprawled in the tent, but now his words are somewhat making sense, you could tell he was still on the moon. I had an overall great buzz all day, tripping but no visuals.. So we wait an hour or two so he can get his shit together and go up for the final set, at this time I ate the remaining gram or so left in the bag.... We headed off to the show....

TWENTY minutes later I'm run over by the biggest tidle wave I've ever experienced, this was no working yourself up till you peak type tripping this was BAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM! your peaked out BIG time and then you come down..

So we smoked a couple pipes sitting there, the light show sucked me in, and I'm starting to trip REALLLLLLLLLL hard, like tooooo hard, my buddie was standing up and my girl was sitting down, I grabbed his leg and grabbed my girls sholder and said something along the lines of "I'm tripping REALLY hard"
My girl says do you want to go back to the tent, I said "yea", so she helps me up, RIGHT when I stood up BAAAAAAAMMM I'm back at my tent curled up in the sleeping bag all nice and cozy, it felt good.... And then I hear something in the background fade into my head "are you ok, something bla bla medical tent" BAAAAAAM I'm awake, unfortunatley not in my nice warm sleeping bag, I'm face first in the mud,.... Their words started making sense and it dawned on me 'I just dead man style passed out' and I'm still beaming HARD, VERY hard, my girl says 'comon lets go we need to get you some help, I layed there for a minute, counted my chickens and when I got it all back together decided I better go back to the tent afterall... Stand up.. BAAAAAMMM I'm back in my tent curled up in the sleeping bag again! Nice warm fuzzy sleeping bag.... In actuality I had gone over backwards this time, landing on some nice girl, finally woke up and I'm laying on some girls lap that I've never seen before and I'm balls to the wall flat out tripping, she said something and I just looked up in her eyes and replyed with a "balallddayyaaadaaaapffffffffttttttt" She offered me some water which one of the two dumped on me, all I could do for the next hour mabe more was lay there in a land of kelidescope in the mud, sweating BULLETTS, and no doubt VERY VERY messed up.......

Anyways.. They both said "I've never seen anything like it, right when you stood up you went flat out on your face like somebody shot you in the head, THEN you did it again over backwards!" "scariest thing I've ever seen" They sobered up REAL quick, I was still in fairy land for a long time...

This after giving my buddie a hard time cuz "theres no way you could be tripping that hard this soon" well... there is a way... Cuz they whooped my azz like 4-way windowpane.

Covered in mud, convulsing on the ground, sweating bullets, passing out twice dead man style, landing on some nice girl, & shooot me to the moon baby...... He said he'll NEVER take shrooms again, and for the amount he ate to the amount I ate I don't blame him, I believe he went straight to hell/heaven and every place in between.

#14 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:26 PM

SOOOOOOO :D this other time.. I was MABE 17yrs old, I got these mushies (like nothing I've ever seen before and have yet to see them again) small things, fiberglass like pure white stems you pull them apart and it was just like fiberglass.. I got them from a good friend and she said "whatever you do do NOT eat more then a gram" Soooo I was like alright... sure... Ate mabe 2 1/2 grams, tripped pretty hard for a good 6 hrs, peaked and started coming down, chilling with some friends drinking a 40 and smoked a little weed, I'm 100% sure I've peaked and starting to sober up..

Soo.. We go to the store, I went in got a mt-dew and a suzie-Q, there was mabe 8 people in the store and I'm in the back of the line with one of my friends, got that light headed feeling..... Turned to my buddie said "will you pay for these" and handed my stuff to him, he said "WHAT?!" undoubtedly thats not what I said.. who knows what I really said, probally some jibberish mumble jumble.... Then BAMMMMMMMMMMMM the lights got bright.........

So I wake up...........

I'm laying on the floor with a bunch of people standing around me saying "are you ok?" theres cigarrettes ALLL over the place, book shelf on the floor books everywhere, I said "yes" dropped my shit and booted out of the store as quick as possible before the medics showed up or something..

Friend comes out and says "holy shit man! Dude you had a fucking seizure or something, I diddnt know what you were doing, you went to the counter headbutted a rack of cigarrettes and flopped to the floor and flopped around like a fish, kicked over a book stand lets get the hell out of here before the cops show up"

So anyways I'm beamed to the moon once again, this was the REAL peak, and I was toast... Ended up calling my mom! of all people.... saying "come get me I'm tripping hard" thats all she needed to hear she rushed over and picked me up, get in the car and she says "what happened to your eye?" I'm like "wshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "er,huhhhhhh" had a 1" cut on my eyelid, never knew that happened.... Anyways it was a CRAZY night, prop's to the mother figure for being 110% supportive of my condition, played some mellow music on the way home and I tripped for a good 3 or more hours afterwards, such a sigh of releif when she showed up, my trip turned from crazy to good & safe. It was a long nite.

Funny thing was I tripped for so long I knew I had peaked and come down, when in reality I hadnt experienced jack squat, the trip had yet to come.....

#15 Guest_i_am_me_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 05:41 PM

You seem to blackout often hehehe thats wierd. I've taken massive doses of several psychedelic drugs and never blacked out or forgotten anything. So strange how these things effect us differently.

#16 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 06:37 PM

Yeah, definely makes for a long strange one..

Just the mushies do it to me for some odd reason, I've dosed LSD till my brain frys leaving me in a 15hr land of kelidescope & everthing in the world perfect geometrical proportions, but no 'lights out', same thing with mescline, no lights out, the lights are WAYYYY on but no passie-outie.
I could tell you the stuff I've seen but I've seen it all, craziest of the crazy, past the point of tripping pure hallutinations, but the passing out stories for some reason are the ones to tell.
1g is all I need any more and I'm pushing the brinks of seizure/flop land, sensory overload or some shit... So far always come out of it with huge respect and knowledge beyond my grasp. :D HUGE respect for the mushroom god and he who brings me back.

#17 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 06:42 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

You seem to blackout often hehehe thats wierd. I've taken massive doses of several psychedelic drugs and never blacked out or forgotten anything. <!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>
you're not supposed
to forget
to breathe.

#18 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 07:13 PM

Funny that you say that hip....
I said that EXACT thing to my girl, though it REALLY freaked her out my intentions were good, I knew I was in control laying in the mud Posted Image but couldnt express it "dont let me stop". If that doesnt freak ya out nothing will... I was golden just some things you have no control over.

#19 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 07:15 PM

Sometimes you've just gotta ride the wave and hope you don't bail. Posted Image

#20 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 07:24 PM

do you often go without eating before dosing ?

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