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Mycotopia's 2nd Trip Story contest

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#21 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 08:25 PM

Naw, I'm just a lightweight, cheap date, drunk off a 6 pack, always have been doesnt matter what it is, I'll smoke ya under the table Posted Image, though very rarely dose mabe once or twice a year, got a family/ect now and I've seen pretty much all I want to see, but sometimes you need enlightenment, I love 'em I'd love to do alot more, but unfortunatley they kick my ass alot, so caution is advised when you HAVE to show up for work monday. Posted Image NOT THIS MONDAY [email protected]@!!

#22 Guest_nine_*

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 08:45 PM

Dude that's so crazy that you're always passing out. Maybe you might have a slight allergic reaction. Dose it happen with all the mushies or just certain strains?

#23 seven



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Posted 13 February 2004 - 09:38 PM

i fast for the day i eat a good meal the night before then a light brackfast oatmeal mostly ,then i drink water for the rest of the day , hey when your blacking out are you on the ground or is it kinda like one min you were just sitting there talking then the next thing you know is that youre , standing next a tree?, its called a fugue state in pschobabble.

#24 Guest_morg_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 01:18 AM

am not an english major so ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes if they exist.

Once upon a summer not too long ago, I happened to come across a vial of liquid LSD. I dripped one drop each on some Pez brand candy and loaded a half dozen of so into a dispenser and called a few friends.
The first friend I will call John and the second one had the name of Gias. John had been a friend of mine for many years and Gias was a newer friend. We met him while working a seasonal job in the summertime. Gias was from Bangladesh and he had an accent exactly like the guy on the movie “Short Circuit”. Be sure that when you read the rest of the story to read any speech from Gias in a Bangladesh-Johnny 5 accent.
We started out with a quick bite to eat at a pizza place and after we ate our pizza I dispensed one candy each to the 3 of us. Gias had only been in the states for about a year. He was very impressed when I explained to him what eating a small piece of this candy would do to him. We all ate these candies and then drove 10 minutes to a friends house. About an hour later the candies started to take hold of the situation.
It was a warm summer night and we were all outside having a beer when I noticed that the beer that Gias was drinking looked a little strange. The beer only has about 2 inches left in the bottom of the bottle but the rest of it was filled with foam all the way up to the top.
“How the hell are you drinking your beer? Are you putting your thumb over the top of the bottle and then shaking it and squirting it into your mouth?” I said.
Gias just gave me a confused look and then went on listening to the music and watching the grass and sidewalk play tricks on him. I looked over at John and he was looking at his bottle of beer with a puzzled look on his face. The next thing I know he has his thumb on the top and proceeds to shake the bottle. He then places the top of the beer and his thumb in his mouth and releases his thumb. The beer and foam exploded into his mouth and shot all over his face and all down the front of his clothing. It almost drowned the poor guy. He then proceeded to cough for a few minutes and when he looked up at me with his eyes burning looking all confused I said, “You just don’t go around doing full fledged Giases man. You just don’t do it.”
Next we decided to go to an old park to walk around. It is just after midnight and the moon is full. We start walking around the park that is set in a small canyon in the foothills of the city we live in. There are some old strange buildings around and we hang out at them for awhile and trip. We then decide it would be cool to hike up a trail that goes up the side of the canyon. The trail is paved and goes up many switchbacks through the trees. As we get into the trees Gias says, “I do not want to go in there! There might be some big cats!”
So we proceed to convince him that in the area where we live there are no tigers or leopards. He starts to laugh at himself and then comes up with an idea “We should buy some artificial big cats and put them in bushes along the trail so that when other people eat these candies and come here they will be frightened.”
We laugh and John says “Fucking Bangladeshi’s”
We make it to the top of the trail and proceed to come down. When we get about half way down I am in the lead and notice something on the side of the trail. I start to approach to see what it is. I noticed that there was a person sitting on a rock on the side of the trail. I then turn and head down the next switchback and stop to wait for the others. John comes running down the trail feeling very good at that moment and spots the same thing on the side of the trail.
John exclaims “Cool look at this statue” walks up to it and grabs the persons arm and says “Look at these knockers” Just then he notices that his hand sunk into flesh and it wasn’t a statue at all. The person was a middle aged man sitting on a rock completely naked. John screams and runs down the trail a few dozen feet to where I am and stops. Gias runs behind him. John and I laugh about what just happened once we figure out what had happened. For the rest of the walk through the park Gias was very paranoid and was looking over his shoulder constantly.
Gias said “I am afraid. I do not want to touch a naked man.” We left the park. To this day I have no idea why there was a naked man sitting in the park in the middle of the night. It seems to me that there are strange occurrences and some things only seem to happen when you are on drugs.

#25 Guest_pbeester_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 03:17 AM

Hey Hip, I posted a couple trip stories a long time ago on Mycotopia, way before the move, probably back when I was a Mod, and I was wondering if all that stuff gets dumped or is it saved on the CD? I'd like to have that story but it takes a long time to type.

#26 Guest_pbeester_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 03:33 AM

I have a story about the first time I tried Crystal T(tiletamine, I think is the proper term for it) and it is sort of like PCP and K. Well, it takes a matchhead bump to get fucked up and I did almost a fat coke line of the stuff, cause the kids who had it said the old guys they got it from called it crystal T, but it looked like speed or maybe K to me. So I do the line and we start smoking a bong. Well after the bong, I start feeling really heavy and fucked up. I started to think that the kids who gave it to me, were giving me something to make me lose my mind, so they could beat me up and rob me, so I wouldn't let my girlfriend go to the store.

Then when I tried to walk, I felt like I was a robot and could only move with short jerky motions, just like a robot. Then it got worse, and I started thinking that the kids were actually aliens, who had given me this substance to turn me into an alien like them. After that, they left laughing at me cause I was so trashed.

But the dumbest thing is after several hours of intense mindfuck, I was almost becoming sane again, but I was till buzzed hardcore. So what do I do? I do another line, but not so big because that last one was crazy and I didn't know if I'd make it.

Well, I ended up snorting about half the amount I did the first time, which was still wayyyy too much and I went back into my deranged world where I thought all kind of elaborate things up. Tunrs out that it took me almost 5 days of incapacitation, until I finally sold the rest, so I wouldn't kill myself. A matchhead bump will rock your world, so you can imagine the trouble.

#27 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 09:31 AM

Yes might be some kind of allergic reaction or somthing, it almost seems like my body tries to fight it off and it just builds up in the back room and all gets released at once WAAAAMMMM, later skater...

Its like I'm doing 100,000mph or the earths gravity fails me and I feel how fast the earth is actually spinning in the cosmos.

Its only happened twice, I couldnt tell you how many times I've dosed, mabe its the strain??

#28 pskovinsky


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Posted 14 February 2004 - 02:01 PM

My most wacked out experiance was also my first... My friend, who i shall call Mr. D. and i bought a couple 1/8th off of a dude we'd seen around, and D had tried them once the day before with good reactions, so i decided i'd like to try them. We split one of the 1/8ths 60/40(i got he 60) and decided to smoke a few bowls till they started to come on. After a bowl D's mom got home and we decided to head into the woods(which are a 1/10th mile walk from D's house, nice place). We wander into the woods till we come to a clearing and then sit down to resume our smoking. I had just got a 1/8th of gnarly humboldt bud, and was very happy about it.
As we arrived at the clearing it was just starting to get dark (this was during the summer, so it was 9pm or so)

Unfortunetly for my D and i have a tendacy to smoke till something interupts us, which in this case was the lighter flame being so mind bogglingly bright and amazing i'd jump in wonderment every time i lit it, and it would go out before i could get it to the bowl... then i's say "oh, shit" and light it again to procede smoking. This went on for a while, till i suddenly noticed that the world was taking the shape of fractals, that would zoom out in the dark, and then zoom way in when it was bright from the lighter frame. That realization knocked me over backwards and broke the spell.

Around this point my memory starts getting fuzzy, so i was intersperse what i remember and what D told me later.

After falling over backwards i stashed my baggie and pipe/lighter, and jumped to my feet, raised my fist in the air and shouted "CHAAARGE!!" and marched quickly down a path out of the clearing. Unfortunetly my aim wasn't so good and after going maybe 20 feet down the path i fell into a 3-4 foot ditch. I don't remember falling in, just that i suddenly ended up there, with tons of dirt in my shoes. Realizing that this is a serious situation i got my weed/pipe back out and roasted a couple more bowls, then starting directing my armies from my "Trench". For some reason i had decided that i was in WW1 and dealing with trench combat.
There is now a large blank spot in my memory, that i fill in from what D told me.

I climbed out of the trench, emptied my shoes and attempted to march off down the trail, but in reality i made it about three feet before falling back into the trench, smoking more bowls, climbing out, falling in, etc.

Eventualy i got distracted halfway through cleaning my shoes out, and started marching off down the path with just one on, leaving the other behind on the trail. This must have helped because i made it 20 feet before realizing that this was bullshit, and took off my other shoe so that my feet would match. After that there was another blank spot, where i marched around yelling at my troops, before it was decided that we would go back to D's house, to go to sleep.

The road back looked for all the world like the back roads near my parents house, i KNEW i was on them, but i also knew that i was in a different town, some fifteen miles away, and that i couldn't possibly be on them. Eventually i made it back to D's house and passed out... In the morning i woke up to discover that i had no clue whatsoever where the hell i was.. after five minutes of that i figured it out, and had to figure out where my shoes were. Eventually i got everything straightened out, got my shoes, and went to roast my morning bowl. Then discovered that during WW1 the night before, i had smoked 80% of the 1/8th of weed that i had. Bummer.

Morel of the story, smoking weed while tripping intensifies things a LOT, and is not to be taken lightly...

The next trip some months later i had met a girl i rather liked, that lived in the same town as my parents(and me)... I was back at D's house (spent a lot of time there) and was back on mushrooms, and only a couple bowls this time. I decided that i really wanted to see the girl, and ran outside with the intentions of running over to her house (15+ miles). after making it maybe 100 feet down the road i realized i was being an idiot and couldn't run 15 miles(not to mention it was about 11pm), so i ran back up the road. Running was fun so i ran right past D's house and up the road further. unfortunetly for my nightime jog about 20 feet past D's house there are some big blackberry bushes on the sides of the road that scared me badly (felt very very evil), so i turned around and headed back down the road, realized it was the way to the girls house, and decided i would run there.

That cycle went on for a good 10-20 minutes before i went back inside... the rest of the trip i don't remember.

#29 Guest_i_am_me_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 03:58 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

Its like I'm doing 100,000mph or the earths gravity fails me and I feel how fast the earth is actually spinning in the cosmos. <!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>

Hahaha! If you read my story I've experienced the same thing....except I saw it happening to myself from 3rd person! like an our of body experience....I hung on to the grass so I wouldn't be flung from the Earth. Thats interesting....

#30 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 06:02 PM

I dunno man, I do know that the earth spins wAAAAY too fast for me to hang on Posted Image

Your story sounds very familiar, thats about what I feel.

On another note about same-type trips, believe this or not doesnt matter to me, myself and two good friends dosed up on some REALLY good doses I believe they were flying pyramid or something like that, anyways.... We're all peaking pretty hard at the same time, hard enough to leave the house as the roof was melting on us and the floor was full of pit-holes making every step almost certain disaster, walking up a snowmobile trail to visit a friend in the woods or better yet hide out at his house and lose all grips of reality in a peaceful setting, and somebody said "holy shit you see those cans?!" and BOOOOOOOM! All three of us saw the exact same thing, freakin budweiser cans EVERYWHERE, in the trees, all over the ground, every place you looked were budweiser cans stuck on tree branches, I don't know why or how we all saw the same thing but theres no denying it it was ment to be. Beer cans EVERYWHERE!!

#31 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 06:21 PM

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......... Hehehehe...

The first time I really tripped off doses..
I went to europe with a group of friends, we partialy dosed on the plane over but nothing like the full effects.. We get to Paris, France. Keep in mind I'm MABE 17-18, I've tripped of mushies before but never LSD, so first thing we did when we got there was grocery store and massive amounts of alcohol..

So its 10-11 at night, I'm beyond shitfaced, I remember getting carried back to my room at least 8 times thrown over somebodys sholder and hauled back to the 'clink' so I diddnt get in trouble, REALLLY drunk... So around 11 or so me and a good friend john decided to take the rest of the doses, so the alcohol kind of got placed to the side once the doses kicked in, all I really remember was four girls fighting over who was gonna take us to their room the chineese VS the sweedish or something like that... So the chineese chicks won and hauled us to their room..

john is making out with one of them in the bathroom and I'm sitting on the bed having my head rubbed (man that felt crazy) complete darkness in the room, john says "I'll be right back" and I heard two doors slam, the door to the room and the door to the stairway to the fire escape so I knew where he went... I'm sitting there and this unknown girl is rubbing me, I'm looking out the window at this skyscraper and its moving back and forth like its made of water and ready to burst, I see the light shinining in from the hallway under the door and it was RED lazer light back and forth back and forth, first REAL visuals I've ever experienced from doses, kind of getting lost in the moment I jolted up and went out the door to find my trip buddie who could contain me...

Go out the door and into the fire escape, start walking down the stairs... All of a sudden I had to Pee like you've never felt before, it was coming out wheather I made it to the bathroom or not, so I stood there halfway down a flight of stairs contemplating wheather or not I could actually make it to the unknown bathroom somewhere in the hotel, NOOOOOO WAYY wasnt going to happen even if I wanted to find it it wasnt happening.... So I unzipped and started to piss in the fire escape (cement) sounded like a freakin waterfall because of the cement and the echo, just when I start pissing I hear the door next flight down slam!! So I try to pinch it off, just isnt happening, fearing its somebody that works at the hotel I waddle up the stairs pissing everywhere, I couldnt stop it wasnt happening till my bladder was empty, so I hear the foot steps getting closer and closer, I bolt up the stairs pants around my ankles pissing on the walls, out the door I go, down the hall way still pants around the ankles I'm going all over the carpet/walls, finally my bladder is empty... So I'm banging on the door to the chineese chick's room "let me in let me in I just pissed everywhere" and I'm pounding away "comon let me in".......... I hear "go away you sicko"!

WRONG FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I was pounding on the wrong door on the wrong floor, pants around my ankles saying "I just pissed everywhere!"

After I hear that I jolt like the flash back down the stairs, haul up the pants, go to the next flight down and bang on the door, it was her room and I made it back Posted Image

4 star hotel and I pissed all over the place! Posted Image believe it or not it happened, first thing the next morning we checked out a.s.a.p. hoping nobody checked the security camera tapes from the night before.

It was actually a GREAT night & ever time I think about it I just have to chuckle inside.... hehehehe..

#32 seven



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Posted 14 February 2004 - 06:46 PM

(quite)"I got these mushies (like nothing I've ever seen before and have yet to see them again) small things, fiberglass like pure white stems you pull them apart and it was just like fiberglass.." i whould bet that those mushies were pan. cyans or pan,tropicalis. they dry just like you said except when you bruise them then there black and white fibberglass looking things . There was another post about pyramid acid that he ate. id be willing to bet it was eather flying purple pyramid or there was a rainbow flying pyramid . did it have the free mason sign on it ? its the pyramid on the buck
there was a influx of this acid in the far far far north a couple of years ago

#33 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 14 February 2004 - 07:46 PM

Flying rainbow pyramid, multicolor eye w/wings. the first batch was 4x, the second round was just good doses, of course this was 8 or so years ago, mabe a little less.. Great shit so clean & visual.

I'd really like to see just a picture of those mushies, I'll search the archives, those were great and I'd love to have some more.

#34 Guest_pbeester_*

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 02:14 AM

First batch was 4x, what's that mean?

#35 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 07:58 AM

four way hit
i'd guess

#36 Guest_jiba_*

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 08:53 AM

Yeah really GOOOOD 4way. One of my good friends took three hits and he never really came back down, you wanna talk about messed up man.. All he could do was stare at the celing, we touched his eyeball and he diddnt even flinch....

#37 Guest_grimble_*

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 05:08 PM

Phish show in Omaha,Ne about 7 yrs ago.
I and 2 good friends had driven about three hours to be there. It was the middle of winter and very cold with a possible blizzard forcast.
We were very excited as not much of the good stuff was ever available in the small town we lived in. We had saved up some money and couldn't wait to hit the lot. We arrived and I had one thing on my mind...SHROOMS! At the time I had only had the pleasure of the experience 4-5 times. Well I didn't have far to look. Within 15 minutes I had procured a half ounce of some shrooms I had never seen before. The guy warned me not to eat too many as they were exteremly potent. I was like, yeah whatever, and proceded to eat an eighth or so. My friends only wanted a couple of grams. They got the smoke and some cid, of which I ate a couple hits, so we were set! Maybe alittle too set! We went into the arena and got set to see the show. We chose the upper deck as we knew we should probably be sitting down. The show began and so did the trip! Wow! That shit hit me hard! I was having an amazing time through the first half, but as the peak started to come, I started to feel abit wigged out. Then I started to feel really wigged out. Then I started feeling straight doom approaching. My vision went out to a total black field with thousands of colored geometric shapes. I had to get out of there NOW! It was absolutely imperative for me to flee! I don't know why, but I felt the overwelming need to get out. I tried to stand up, but I didn't even know what legs were, let alone if mine worked. Well they didn't and I fell straight forward into the guy sitting in front of me. Thank God it was my big friend Josh who caught me and set me down beside him. I remember him saying "What're ya doing man!" I said to him "I gotta get outta here!"(Later he informed me that completely unintelligible gibberish came out of my mouth). I felt as if impending doom was still about to strike, so I mustered every bit of my will into my legs. I stood up, my legs shaking like a newborn fawn trying to walk for the first time. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, making my legs walk one step at a time down those stairs. My vision began to white out and my ears to ring. I said to myself, if I can just make it down the stairs into the hall everything will be alright. The last few steps were there, I was extremly light headed. Somehow I made it down and into the hall, I remember thinking, yes, I made it, then looking down at the concrete floor and watching it rise up to meet me...

The next I know were the faces of 5 complete strangers close, anxiously looking at me and saying "Are you alright, are you OK? You passed out and hit your head on the floor! I saw the whole thing! Dude your sweating buckets, here let me take off your coat for you. I'll get some ice!" I frantically looked around, trying to figure out where the hell I was and who hell were these people. Slowly it all came back to me, the harrowing trek done the stairs, the feeling of impending doom. I felt alright now, just tripping hard, and those people were super nice! They helped me out of my coat and scarf ( probably a contributing factor to my pass out as I was overheated, but didn't notice in my altered state). They got me some Ice in a cup and on to my feet and warned me that pigs were coming and I should walk on if I could! I started to leave ( my legs only a little shaky) and tried to say thank you, but couldn't talk too well. So anyway, I went to the bathroom for awhile in a stall for some private time and try to piece it all together. When I felt ready, I went to find my friends. When I got back to our seat my friends were like, "dude, where the fuck have you been?" They proceded to tell me how the guys sitting right next to me had been taken by the pigs for smoking pot. ( the bacon was thick that show) I was like, holy shit, that could have been me if I hadn't left. Wow!

Anyhow, the show ended and we joined the throng leaving the arena. When we got outside we were greeted with the reality that the forcast blizzard had begun. It was beautiful! Then the reality hit me that we had no hotel room, were 3 hours from home and I had no money left. I asked my friends and they only had like 15 bucks between them for gas! We decided tripping or not we had better hit the road and quick! We found the car and waited for my friend whose car it was to open it up. I watched him go through his pockets feeling and feeling. Then he stopped and looked at us. I was like, NO! Yep, that son of a bitch had locked the keys in the car. There they were dangling from the ignition. We all started yelling at each other. We had almost no money, a blizzard was starting, we were 3 hours from home, tripping balls, and the keys were locked in the car! Great!
Then,suddenly, my friend remembered that he had a AAA gold membership! That's some good shit, AAA! Ok, so now we needed a phone to call AAA and send a locksmith to open the car. I went with Paul ( the dumb ass who locked the keys in his car) and Josh decided to stay with the car. So out Paul and I set to find a phone. We walked and looked, and walked and looked. Finally I saw a bar and said we should go there as almost every bar has a phone. We went in were immediatly assualted by the sound of blaring country music. I thought, shit it's a red neck bar, hope we don't have any trouble as we were all hippied out. We went immediatly to the back as I spied out the phone, passing several, several cowboy types on the way. Paul got out his AAA card and started calling, well I just stood there all weirded out in this unfamiliar enviornment. As I looked around something seemed very strange about this place, I mean not just that it was a red neck bar, something was out of place, but I couldn't quite pinpoint it. I thought it must just be me. Then the song that was on ended and a stately country dance song began. Then it hit me as I watched Cowboys take not cowgirls, but other cowboys by the hand to the dance floor. Then I looked over at the bar and saw couples of only cowboys, in fact the whole place was nothing but cowboys, then one of them winked at me. I began to panic, I was like, HOLY SHIT, this is a gay cowboy bar, what the fuck!!! I grabbed my friend who was completely oblivious as he was concentrating on the phone call. I told him to hurry the fuck up! He took a little while longer, during which I moved closer to him and tried not to watch the cowboys dance or look up at the bar where the cowboy had winked at me! Finally, he finished the call and I rushed him out of there. He had never noticed a thing!
Anyhow, the locksmith came, we got the car unlocked, and had to drive 35 mph the whole way home, It was almost a total white out, every few miles seeing a car in the ditch. It took a long time!!! We got home around 5 in the morning!!!

#38 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 06:01 PM

a lot of these stories illustrate
why it's better to trip at home.
Posted Image

#39 Guest_c_*

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 06:58 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

a lot of these stories illustrate
why it's better to trip at home.
<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>

I dunno. 70mg of DMT by myself at the house was the most mind shattering trip. I'll save the story for another time though.

#40 Guest_francis_*

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 01:54 AM

mohahah there so funny stories one of mine compete with the one from robert vaughn ... its pretty short actualy

me and my friend just get back from club nite we were so ddrunk i went to his home (it was about 3:30 am) so we decide to roll a blunt and smoke it up will watching visual stuff on computer and listening to infected mushroom so fucking loud but usualy neiborhoud dosent fucking care but this time as we were sitting like two vegetable sitting in front of the screen and drinking beer HUGH SPOT LIGHT CAME FROM THE DOOR RIGHT AT 6 FEET OF ME ..... HOLY SHIT 2 COPS came in like from hell as weed is everyhere on table as it smeell like holy goddss weed there like hmmm guy music is quit too loud its now 4:30 oclock we knock few time and no one respond ... hehhahe anyway as me and my friend are good fine guys they just went out gently as we told well shut the music .... that was a fucking pulse to the heart Posted Image hehehe

and the other one is a classic hallucinationnnnehaehahe totaly freak out with wich i doubt to be exctasy have been sold to us me and my exgirlfriend ... so it was st valentin
like 2 or 3 years ago was our first time .. never expect what would hapen we tought it would snap us like in 2 ours because we did it just as we were making the dinner .. so just when i was cutting the chicken it juste HIT ME IN 15 MINUTes!
i feel like i was hurting this poor little chicken en feeling realy freaking weird i felt like something was wrond downstaire so i juste got down and as it was st valentin we put lots of candle and some one f them was starting tu put fire on the table ... JUST IN FUCKING TIME BEFORE THE WHOLE PLACE GOING IN FIRE .... freak out so by now i was feeling realyyyyyyy weirdup everything was nervous around me hehehe ... so i juste got in the bedroom sittting like going to die my gilfriend was calling few time and she juste got down like ... what the fuck are you doing were making the diner and you stoped to watch the darn tv on st valentin !??!?!?!
EHAHEHA she was freaking

let me explain you her bedroom ....
2 wall are realy meesss uppppp
one look like a chess playing table lots of square and all different FLASHHY COLORE BLUE YELLOW RED PURLPLE but everything is un-equal ...
and the other one is the same color but with
kind of liquid patern merging inside out heheh fuck top

so i was starting to feel realy fucking crazy like i was traveling at speed of light and everything was mess up in front of me i was juste able to tell that i was in chaos ...
so she just look at me like hmm im feeling nothing ... i think she juste got back upstair to continue the food stuff ... few seconds or minute she got back downstaire like if she was freaking tooo we just sitting in the bed and feeling like

hooo shiittt im in a warpzooonnnnnnneee woaaaaaaaaaaaheeeha freaking for one minute ... juste got relaxe for one minuteeee .... and get back again woooooooooooahhhhh it was like a roller coaster sometime we was together sometime separate we where taking ou hands like hell and freaking like psycho hehehe that was a mess !!
anyway mayby one hour later it juste start feeling good and we end up dancing on HALLUCINOGEN psytrance music
that was so a divine moment of truth !!!
i was thinking hallucinogen was god hehehe
i was sure about it ...
anyway ...
thats about it Posted Image

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