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Mycotopia's 2nd Trip Story contest

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#41 Guest_who_*

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 02:06 AM

once while we were partying(in a big college town), we left our house (where we were all gathered and partying), drove around the block for the heck of it (on e)... and saw a golf cart come down the road with the woman on it looking at us kinda weird.
it's about 7am or 8am so we just keep going.... weirdo.
then we see a couple girls standing on the side of the road also looking at us weird.
then we kinda slow down, a few people are running towards us. they run by... a few more though come.... so we stop....all giving weird looks as they run by, then a massive flush of lemming college kids come flooding the street, we just sat there laughing.... unbelieveable. we drove right into a marathon.

#42 Guest_david_*

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 07:06 PM

well i used to go to school in a little mountain town in north carolina, and one night when we had a circus come on campus i decided it would be a good idea to eat the 18 corecidin (sp?) pills i had.

about 30 minutes after i had injested them, we started heading to the circus and i was beginning to have problems walking and my vision was starting to get blurry but i was still semi-coherent. Once the cirucus started the effects were really starting to kick in and at one point my vision was so blurred i couldn't tell what was going down on the floor b/c they turned the lights out. Once the lights turned back on they began doing all the normal circus stuff w/the animals and then they brought the elephants out. The rest of the first half of the cirus i was talking about how i was going to go down and mess w/the elephant (my friends who were extremely drunk at this point were not helping any by encouraging me).

So the intermission rolls around and i'm peaking on the DXM, i can barely walk, talk, or see straight. and then they announce that they are giving elephant rides, and i knew this was my chance. So my friends basically carry me up to the elephant and when i get to the head of the line i just stand there and the carny says "well are you going to get on or not son?" It takes me about 5 minutes to answer him then i say to him "no i want to wait until i can ride in the front." Then the carny says "no you're getting on now" and grabs this little kid who was riding in the front and puts him all the way in the back (you can see him sitting in the back crying in the first picture). So at this point i'm completely trippin my balls off on the DXM and riding around on the elephant, i was having the time of my life i thought it was the funniest shit ever. I was swinging my hat around like i was a cowboy and yelling "ye hawww" while they were taking around the ring and my friends are just laughing hysterically at me b/c of how retarded i am (the 3 yr olds got a kick out of it to.)

any way i definitely recomend everyone ride an elephat tripping b4 they die, the only way this ride could have been better was if i would have had some acid or shrooms on me at the time.

here are the pics from the evening j6rOLt09wHzM*Y1nOTKJO3imTLIWdI2oxOTjkQBjDCdIqOrzs2 A94cGGjVRW7IOdsG400M!3PmfKWq3ya!Wch*G1aNFQMU8JjNw/ ViewImage1.jpg?dc=4675411044456057832

(if an admin would be so kind as to upload those for me i'd appreciate it... my IE kept crashing when i attempted to upload them)

#43 Guest_david_*

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 07:35 PM

i just re-read the rules and realized that it can include just "partying stories" so here goes a couple more.

after imbibing several shots of everclear we made our rounds to the waffle house. it was quite busy so i decided i'd help them out and go back to the waffle iron and just make my own waffle so they didnt' have to worry about making it. all the employees just looked at me for a second and weren't sure what to do or say and then finally the lady that is pointing at the door in the picture looks at me and goes "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE? Get the hell out, and no pictures in the waffle house!"

waffle house pic:*7UO2KBM3JMK7UT*bBRTuBTeq4pOkw1YzxX2bcTcL4la4Gr7jHTS9pAc00WBT2rJFrGotDgZ*TtalsseNm1tMgpctZHXJvg1IY/waffle.jpg?dc=4675417377831244061

then later that same evening we decided to go to the 24 hour walmart and hold the rascal olympics (those motorized scooter things). I was so drunk that i couldn't drive it straight and ran into one of those displays that they had set up in the aisle and it fell over and almost hit an employee. my friend convinced said employee that i was retarded and she let it slide, but once we started doing the wheelies in the carts we were promptly thrown out.

wal mart pic:

once again admins if you feel so inclined i'd appreicate it if those could be uploaded as my IE won't allow me to do it for some reason

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#44 Guest_wesley_*

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 08:04 PM

here we go

Two summers ago my and some friends got ahold of some AMT if you know what that is if know ask. It started out about 9pm we snort 1/2hr later nothing 15 min later still not much starting to get mad as if nothing was going to happen then out of no were this wave(the only way discribe it) came over my body and it was a body high unlike no other. It was me 1 other guy and two very nice looking girls alittle young but of age. the girls started to get really giggley. it had only been 15 min since me and the ladys started to wonder and they were all over me cause he was not felling nothing so he got mad and left he only lived maybe 5 blocks so it was no big deal he could always come back.
well he never did so we said forget him. these girls would not leave me alone (i didnt mind but man) they kept on telling me how horny thay were and how good this drug felt well i was lost in the maze on my pc and could not get out for nothing next thing i know i hear this moning and kissing i finely get up and i look over and both of these ladys are on My bed fully undressed and it was the best 69 i have ever seen (every mans dream) i thought to my self no way this is not happening to me but oh well its nice so strip (of corse) and i have the best time of my life with these girls any thing goes it took like three hr's they were still ready to go but i could not breath at all so we stop and watch willy wonka and try to call the other guy and he would not answer his cell well we fell asleep(to bad) and woke up still nude so i know it was not a dream.
Noon know and i here a knok on the door the girls run into the bathroom and i grab a towl and answer the door it was my friend all blood and brused up I asked what happend he said "i do not know i woke up in my hottub on the back porch and was like this" I did not see his car i ask were is your car? we step out side and look down the street and there is the park turnd over in the creek was his brand new 2000 Green Mustang.
pretty shity but thanx to insureance he got a new one.
Well that is my story please dont mind the spelling i suck

#45 Guest_i_am_me_*

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 08:27 PM

So..... AMT you say... Posted Image

#46 Guest_pbeester_*

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 12:29 AM

I've heard some girls having very terrible experience with AMT and even a death. I saw a guy rob this guy who was selling AMT at Bonnaroo because he supposedly thought AMT had bad reactions in some women. He was talking about how it could kill people, etc. I have tried a tiny dose about 40mgs and it wasn't much but it made me puke. I gave my buddy about 100mgs and he wigged nuts for 16 hours and said it was the most intense trip, stronger then peyote, but very unleasant(with puking and overall discomfort) and this is from a guy who has done several thumbprints, so I got rid of it, besides it had just been turned illegal.

#47 Guest_i_am_me_*

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 10:13 AM

Heh yeah I've read a lot of bad stuff about AMT. I was joking.

#48 Guest_wesley_*

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 05:56 PM

I have read the stuff two but knew other people hwo tried it so i said what the hell but as you read one did have a bad time and cant remember anything to this day. We had 300mg's split 4 ways.

#49 Guest_smerd_*

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 09:03 PM

This isn't really very adventurous, but it's a fairly accurate account of my first strong salvia trip.

I received my three-gram button bag of 10x Salvia Divinorum and immediately called my buddy R to see if he was up for some experimentation. He said, sure, come over, so off I went. Having read a few trip reports, I was a bit frightened so I decided to first "lubricate" the way by taking a few hits of nug before embarking on the main feature, salvia. After about half an hour, I loaded about .2 grams of the precious mint into a water pipe bong, metal bowl, and used a butane, blue-flame (torch) lighter to ignite it. I held the flame on the salvia and drew in a monstrous hit of whitish smoke. I'd been unable to take the whole bong-full so I covered its mouth to prevent loss of smoke. I held the first hit for about 30 seconds, slowly released it, and stoked the bong again, taking in remnants of the first hit as well as a second toke. During this toke, the effect of the first hit began to kick in. It's razor quick, this salvia.

I carefully put the bong down, leaned back in a comfy chair and, for some reason, crossed my arms before my chest, praying-mantis style. They stayed in that position during the entire trip because I couldn't seem to move them. I'd closed my eyes because there were so many distractions; I think that's the best way to enjoy salvia. Anyway, things started to twist around on my inner eyelids, sort of like swirling paisley patterns revolving around an invisible center. The next thing I knew, another world, kind of off to the left, showed up. I felt I was split between two worlds. One was where I had been, with my sitter R, but I felt my body pulled sideways into the other, somewhat cleaner and brighter world. My sitter and my wife, who was not there, were somehow in both worlds. R was in the new world and was urging me to join him there, but he was also in the old (real) world saying, "Go ahead. It's not bad." My wife was just kind of looking on indifferently as my body was half in the old world and half in the new. In this fantasy, I looked over my shoulder and saw my wife and R looking at me as their world became upside down and darker and darker. I decided to roll into the bright new world, even though I felt guilty abandoning the entire old world in which I had so many obligations. I tumbled through the wall into the new world but had by now somehow concluded that it didn't matter; that whichever world I ended up in was fine and how it should be. This was a comforting thought.

The salvia began to subside - I think it lasted perhaps three minutes or so - and I was, of course, where I'd started, still in praying mantis position. We were listening to an extremely strange Phish song (from Siket) at the time, and there were certain sounds that had, during the trip, caused sideways volcanic flashes in my head, but I think these were just manifested thoughts, not true hallucinations. When you think about it, I guess hallucinations are always manifested thoughts, so a rose is a rose . . . whatever. Never mind.

After I'd come down, R just looked at me and said, "Wow, you were out there." He was kind of a crappy sitter, by the way, because he chattered occasionally while the trip was effected, and that shaved some of the buzz for sure, but what can you say? Although intrusive, he was helping out, eh? The point, though, is that you need to do this stuff in silence, darkness and without chatty sitters. (I had politely told him to be quiet, actually, but he could keep his trap only but so shut I suppose. In fairness, I guess it's kind of hard to be straight and watch someone else tripping his ass off without making some noise.)

R had never been a salvia-believer but, having just seen me trip out, decided to give it a whirl. He'd done some straight leaf in the past but never gotten as much from it as I had, so I expected the 10x to kick it. I loaded another .2 grams, and R took two fairly impressive tokes. He was almost immediately off to la la land. Although I'd told him to keep the torch flame burning the salvia during the entire draw and that he'd be better off eyes shut and sitting still, he didn't quite follow instructions. Instead, he stood and went for a grand tour of what he described as "layers" of perception. He said he felt he'd been on sticks or stilts rather than legs and, in fact, did a clumsy little dance in the middle of the den. I, being essentially straight now, was struggling to watch this impromptu jig without giggling. His trip, during which he constantly mumbled and laughed, lasted about as long as had mine.

We were determined to try the stuff again to see where salvia ultimately leads, and it was my turn at the wheel. I loaded up another .2 gs or so and inhaled deeply. I held it 30 seconds at which point the salvia kicked in hard. R got off the couch and said, "Hey, try walking. It's really cool." So I tried, but I didn't get very far. I bumped into the coffee table, mercifully not knocking over the bong, and managed to take perhaps two more steps before R again chimed in (it's really irritating having a chatterbox about during salvia – much like trying to sleep and someone keeps waking you up), "It's like you have no legs." I looked down and, sure enough, my legs below my knees were gone, disappeared. I collapsed onto the rug, landed on my hands and knees and pretty much stuffed my face into the carpet. I couldn't move. I remember thinking, man, this is bad for your nose - you're going to break your nose. My pointy schnoz was pretty well crammed into the carpet but, I tell you, I simply couldn't move despite R's continuous, insistent recommendations regarding walking. I just stayed in that position, eyes shut, couldn't move, listening to Bjork's "All Neon Like" as it washed through my mind causing, as with Phish, sideways, colorful volcanic eruptions with each bass beat.

About now, I started to feel as though I was enveloped in a vast emptiness, a huge, infinite realm of absolute black. But there was a current and form to this emptiness. Within this realm formed a plane that I’d say looked (felt?) like a sheet of thick, floating, black steel. One corner of this plane was sucking everything toward it, kind of like a black hole might, but nothing really seemed to pass through it. It was more like things were being washed toward it, gravitating and bent in that direction. I felt myself being pulled thus, but what really felt cool was the sense that other “elements” were washing over me as they flew along the plane toward the sucking spot. It was bliss.

I was finally, after a few minutes, able to turn my head somewhat and fixed my now open eyes on a statuette of a border collie on the hearth (there really is such an object) and feeling sorry for it. I felt it had a soul, frozen forever in a hopeless, hardened state. In tears, I muttered faintly and, I'm sure, indecipherably, "Oh, puppy. Don't worry. It'll be all right," but the little fellow just kind of stared back at me with an air of slight distrust and indifference. Then the salvia effect started lightening a bit, and I was able to return to the couch, although waves continued to hit me every so often. Things remained vivid and somewhat distorted, mildly two dimensional, for another 10 minutes or so.

Now it was R's turn again. Same drill, but this time in mid-toke he dropped my torch lighter absolutely dead on his right ankle. Bang! The lighter has surprising mass, and it hit really hard, causing R to shout in pain, but by then the salvia had begun to kick in. Not wanting to disturb his trip but needing to stay nearby, I watched him from the deck. He was sitting absolutely still, completely stone faced, staring forward, eyes open, mouth agape for a good three minutes - no movement whatsoever. It was all I could do not to laugh, but I kept my cool. When he came out of the salvia state, he was somewhat belligerent, mad at the lighter and me. I knew it was the salvia talking so I just stayed quiet. He said that while he was under, the pain resulting from the lighter accident had sent a green mass throughout his body, enveloping "like an empty balloon" his existence. He said - he kept his eyes open during the trip - that a bubble crossed over him from left to right, shifting and distorting everything, including him, as it passed over and through. The bubble's fluid membrane sort of got stuck halfway through, he said, and vacillated back and forth until finally receding to the left. "That was the weirdest thing I've ever felt," he said.

I must agree, although on the whole I prefer mushies mainly because the effect is more predictable and long lasting. But at least this is legal, for now, and easier to get a hold of. Pity it's so expensive.

In summary, I didn't see or feel "a guide" as others have reported, but there's definitely a feeling of alternate reality and distortion with salvia that I've experienced with no other substance, legal or not. I've found that, unlike alcohol or pot, smoking more salvia doesn't really ensure more tripitude. Maybe the opposite. It seems to work best the first couple of goes. I also didn't feel the "terror" others report. I found it to be very enjoyable, almost sublime, although you are definitely out of control. Many folks say it has no place as a recreational drug, that it's too mystical or whatever, but I found that, at least in the right, secure setting, it was a blast and loads of fun - not wholly sullen, terrifying or ethereal as other reports suggest. Maybe people feel this way because, as in a dream, they lose control and perception of what's real and unreal. Salvia's effects are like being in a dream while awake.

#50 Guest_wesley_*

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 09:37 PM

I Forgot to tell you that both girls did puke but was 2x as messed up as befor

#51 Guest_smerd_*

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Posted 17 February 2004 - 09:55 PM

Is it the links that are stretching out the right column? Damn it's hard to read across such a wide column.

#52 Guest_mycos_*

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Posted 18 February 2004 - 04:59 PM

Oh, just party-stories are acceptable? Well, here goes one....

It was April 13th 2002, I think...Saturday night.
There was a party going on at one of the first Tattoo studios to open up in the city, after it was legalized here. My brother, a graffiti artist well connected in the local underground art scene here was doing some stuff there, so that's how I ended up going to this thing.....Anyhow, I came there with a 40-ounce of MGD that I began nursing as soon as I stepped in the place. After about 2 hours or so, I still had at least 25/30% of it left...I was sitting back shootin' the shit with some kids who should NOT have been there! Teenagers from a high school in the area. So, we're shooting the shit...and one of them starts to roll a blunt.

Now, I usually don't like to combine alcohol of any kind with weed...makes me sick...but having nursed that 40 for a few hours, I was feeling well enough to go ahead and smoke. Now, he sparked it up, and I only had two hits off of this shit....within 15 minutes, I was just absolutely fucked..I had to step outside and get some fresh air, maybe even throw up. This was some GOOOD shit!

Here's a vital part to the story: This was in a rough Black neighborhood on the East Side of the city.

So I step outside and walk a bit, feeling so fucked up that it was getting worse with every step, until I decide that I need to sit down somewhere alone to avoid the embarrassment of being so fucked up around all these people, and get the shit out of my system before joining the party again.

So I go to what I thought was the back lot of one of the storefronts on the street. Over the course of an hour, I'm sitting there, fucked out of my gourd. Even breathing was a fight, and I'm thinking that I was about to die of alcohol poisoning...fighting it with all my might and will and thinking: what if this isn't a storefront, but the back of someone's home?
And if it is, what if they leave or come back...even worse, what if it's some big Black dude with a gun?

I begin to look out on the lot, which is dotted with trees, and this Matrix-like scenario pops in my head: I begin to plot how, at the first sight of a muzzle-flash or sound of a pop, how I would dash in and out between the trees, dodging the bullets, and make it back to the party unscathedPosted Image

Well, I'm there with my backpack, which I take off along with my glasses and also set down an umbrella that I had with me.

Lo and WAS a home....and the big black dude that lived there came home. Posted Image

So, as I'm picking up my bookbag and running away I'm all like "I'm sorry man, I was really fucked up, I needed a place to sit and get my shit together, I didn't know this was a house..I'm gettin' fuck outta here right now!"

And he's like: "IM'A KILL YO' ASS, BITCH!!!Posted Image

Well, I forgot my glasses and my umbrella, but at least I left with my ass intact! Woke me up and snapped me right out of that stupor! Posted Image

I make it back to the party, and I see my brother. I say "Holy Shit, Bro', you'll never beleive what just happened!" Overjoyed with making it back alive, I tell the story, and we're all laughing our asses off...not even 5 minutes after it went down!

I spent the rest of the party sittin' back, lovin' life, feeling golden, talking to people and just having this grin on my face that said "What a night!"

That was an experience that was about as Psychedelic as any LSD or Shroom trip, hahahaha!!!!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


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#53 Guest_john_*

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Posted 20 February 2004 - 06:49 PM

1st post here we go.
so im like 17 years old me and my buddy had a job cleaning at my moms work. we were in the kitchen when we found 8 mini pop kegs, that looked like they had been there for awhile. anyway, we didnt know where to take them because they were fucked up looking (not like normal kegs) so we went to the deli dep. at hyvee. we managed to convince this new employee we were for real. so we walk out of the store with just over a hunderd big ones, and what do we do we blow it ALL on some chronic and shrooms, oh yeah and 5 dollars in gas. alright, now were just starting to shroom, and one of my dim-witted friends shows up wasted. he informs us of a party goin down across town, soo we head out. now were driving on the freeway smokin a bowl when my car runs outta gas. we coasted down the exit and end up downtown, we all get out to push my ride up in this lot. miliseconds after shuting the door i realized i just locked my keys in my car. soo, here we are no gas, no keys, and trippin out. we dont know what the fuck to do, so we start walkin and about 2 blocks down my drunk and dim-witted buddy finds a coat hanger and says hes goin back (forgeting we have no gas)so we let him go and continue to walk. at this point were thinkin we gotta find someone who smokes and make them a deal they cant refuse (because the only thing we had to our name was some dank buds and shrooms) this proved to be harder then previously thought. fastfoward a little bit and we end up walking in front of a tiny little drunk bar. at this point reality is setting in and i realize just how fucked we are. so i go in this bar and basicaly lay it down, i got no $$, i got no gas, and i just locked my keys in my car. well one bitter drunk says "well looks like your screwed, huh" but at least one lady gave me like 3 dollars in quaters. so we start walkin back to my car 3 hours after my drunk and not so smart buddy turns back. finally we get to my ride theres my friend still trying to get in with a homeless dude sittin next to him. my fellow tripper runs up to them, ironicly we were like 1/2 a block from a gas station and i saw this mexican guy and his girl pull up. well i run up to them and ask them if they smoked and if theyd give me a ride, well they didnt want to smoke (i think they thought i was a cop) but they gave me a ride to my house. i grabed my moms keys to her car then went back for my friends. finally when it was all over we smoked a fatty and laughed about our valuble lesson spend more then 5 in gas when you have the $$

#54 Guest_roll_*

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 03:34 PM

Not-tripping party story.... everyone else is adding so WTF....

I have a life long friend, we'll call him 'mike'.
'mike's' parents are VERY religous/strict blue collar good people.

So we're hanging out in an old wood lot getting shitfaced, its late spring, 'mike' drinks 1/5th of cuddy sark (whiskey) within a couple hours.......
Nightfall, people start showing up....
'mike' is beyond shitfaced.....

So everybody is standing around the bawn-fire, we hear 'mike' holler out "I'm going to take a SHHHHIT" everybody is like "thats nice"... And I watched him stumble into the woods (I'm thining that must suck!)

So half an hour mabe 45 minutes pass.... Were still standing around the fire chatting, I realise 'mike' never came back from his shit trip in the woods so I start yelling "mike what the fuck" a couple minutes later he stumbles out of the woods, bare ass naked, makes it mabe 20ft out of the woods and yells "WHOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" puts his arms straight out (remember he's buck ass naked) and totally passes out jesus christ style flat on his face in a 10 foot 'greese' mud-puddle the puddle is almost dried up but just enough to make it super sticky...

He's out cold........ Buck naked, the front side of him is covered in mud head to toe litterally. I, being the nice guy that I am had a couple friends help me carry him to my car, threw him in the passenger side and let him sleep it off a little.....

SOOOO like an hour later this hot little thing shows up and she wants it hard, once again me being the nice guy that I am decided I better give her what she wants Posted Image So we go to the car, its a hatch back car and we pile in the back and close the door.. 'mike' is still passed out buck ass naked covered in mud in the front seat...

There was no waking him up, it wasnt happening, I smacked him, yelled at him, nothing was waking his sorry ass up..

So I put the boots to 'er, car rockin, buddie in the front seat passed out.......

Mabe 10-15 minutes after we get done going at it the party starts to disperse, I think all that rockin/moaning got them all horned up and they had places to go and people to do..

Its getting late and I'm getting tired so I decided its time to call it a night and head for home... Well my buddie is still naked covered in mud passed out cold in the front seat.. We quickly stumble throgh the woods where he was and found his pants.

Its probally close to midnight..

I drive him home and on the way he starts to come to, mumbling jiberish, at least he understands shit now or somewhat coherent.. So we get to his parents house, its late all the lights are out, I pull to a stop 30 feet from his house tell him he has to go in and go to sleep...

So his drunk, still naked, covered in mud ass gets out, passed him his pants and he puts them over his crotch and starts stumbling towards the house (THIS WAS THE SADDEST SIGHT I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!) Gets to the front door.. Its locked! HAAAAAAA!! He had to sit there and pound on the door till his very religous/strict mom opened it up, and wouldnt ya know, theres 'mike' buck ass naked covered in mud, pants over his crotch, holding onto the door frame so he doenst fall down.....

I guess you had to be there, cuz if a picture says a thousand words this one would have said a billion, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life, and to date it was by far the saddest sight I've ever seen.

#55 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 05:31 PM

each entrant now has their own sub-topic above,
it'll make voting easier.
i noted some had multiple entries,
an issue heretofore unaddresses,
so i set the same limit as our art contest,
only 5 stories posted will count
for each member.

#56 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 06:07 PM

Posted Image
a bit harsh
but lesson learned.

#57 Guest_john_*

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Posted 21 February 2004 - 11:57 PM

well well were do i start, i guess upstairs with my girlfriend of 5 years sorting out mushrooms. little tiny ones seperate- so ended up with 1\2 oz of the tinyest liberty caps youve ever seen .we had been eating them for about 1 mounth or so so starting to get a good tolerance ,so the little ones were the idea of the day I DECIEDED TO give cathy 1\8 oz & i ate 1\4 oz just becouse i didnt belive the stories about the little meanies being so mean .anyway the walls start moving & i start finding it real hard to walk so outside we go. had to change the sceanery i knew i was high becouse all the blades of grass were dots like those posters you see green,yellow,blue any way thats when i see it a BIG bummble bee all done up like the poster flying about my head well im no dumby i know thats not real but try to ignore that though 10 min later cathy says to me did you se that big fucking bumbble bee all done up like that poster you have,in all those tiny yellow blue green & red dots. i just couldent believe it how could we both halucinate the excact same thing 15 minutes apart unless there really was a pok-a-dotted bummble bee out there but i dont think soo neadless to say the rest of the night went like that .so any one thinking about doing a bunch of the little meanies be very carefull they are strong & DO HAVE A BIG KICK

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#58 fucgubarn



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Posted 22 February 2004 - 12:39 AM

Posted Image

#59 Guest_josh_*

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Posted 22 February 2004 - 02:53 PM

Ok i suck at telling stories so if stuff doesnt make sense sorry.It was a saturday nite and of course me and my friend were on a mission to find some mind altering substance(prefferably shrooms) and my friend knew of someone who might have the answer. So we went to meet this guy and i had 20 bucks. I told the guy how much money I had and he gave me about half an eigth of all caps(they were quite small though). So we proceeded to Arbys where i got a beef n cheddar to consume my new bought fungi. After Arbys we went drove around the dual(thats the place where teenagers like to race and all hang out around). My mushies hadnt kicked in yet but i was having fun anyway at the same time with my friend driving around trying to find a quick race before we headed to the mall. Keep in mind that he drives a 98 VW golf gti Vr6(for you people who kinda know cars). So after beating a few cocky civics and eclipses we headed to the mall where we were planning on seeing a movie.

Finaly we got there, I dont know why but as soon as i stepped into the malls foodcourt that was surrounded by lots of neon glowing lights and other bright stuff i felt the shrooms setting in. My mind was slowly starting to react to the pyscedelic drug. So me and my friend started walking around the mall just enjoying the lights still letting the drug set in before we went to the theatre part of the mall. At our mall their is a handi capped person in a wheelchair who is seriously at the mall all the time. Well we sat down for a little bit and who comes strolling along but this handi capped person(Oh yeah i left out a lil detail about him, he has no arms or legs and a forehead the size of a buick, not trying to be mean but its the truth) and my friend and i kinda stared not knowing it and my friend was like "did i just see that" and i swear as i was looking at the limb challenged man he turned and looked at me and gave me the most evil smile i had ever seen.

After that happened we walked down to the theatre to see what movie we would be seeing as our peak would occure during the movie(so i thought). So we had to pick a good movie that would fuck with our heads. The Butterfly Effect seemed to be the movie of choice. So we sat down and waited for the movie to start and still setting in. A large group of loud teenage african americans sat down right in front of us and kept talking even while the movie was going on. As the movie kept going and the people were louder and louder, my mind had thoughts of how i could possibly kill the whole row of of loud annoying people that were ruining my trip and runing the movie for others and somehow get away with it. But i knew in reality i couldnt do this, but thinking about it helped. Apparently I wasnt the only person who thought these people were extremely annoying. I heared a bunch of "Shut the fuck ups" and I guess it got the loud people and they left the movie, thank god. Now i was gettin more into the movie. If youve ever seen the movie you know that there are parts of it where the main chacter(Ashton Kutcher) has some kind of tunnel vision shit where stuff is moving a million miles an hour and this was a good fun visual to see in my state of mind. Also in the movie a baby and her mom get blown up to fuck and back which really made me think about life and stuff, i found my mind working extremely hard to process all the information and thoughts it was receiving. A couple of times I looked away because i seriously would feel dizzy from thinking to hard(or atleast it was all in my head). I didnt really feel my peak kickin during the movie but more after it.

This is where it really started(took long enough!). I had a more mental trip than visual at this time. My mind was fucking with me so much. I even remember at one point i beleived my mom won the lottery and i was expecting to go home to a mansion with hummers and mercedes sitting in front of it. Then i had thoughts of my friend planning on killing me and taking my money but it made me laugh. While all these thoughts were going on i still knew in reality that this could never happen but i went along with it for fun sakes. Him driving me to my house felt like forever. Then the visual trip kicked in. About every on coming car that passed looked like it came at us with a head on collision. I noticed stop signs that i knew said stop on them but the white lettering didnt form the word stop. They kinda reminded me of chinese symbols and stuff. The road looked as if it were wavey like as waves are in the ocean. Id look in empty corn fields beside the roads and see all sorts of black figures of creatures that didnt exist. Pulling into my driveway(I live on a farm) i was staring at the cows and noticed there black spots running down the sides of them like rain on a window or something. This was great. I was having alot of fun with my trip. Then i went into my house and had a great conversation with my mom about my nite(she doesnt really care what im on as long as im not driving). I explained to her about the lottery and all that stuff and she just laughed. After that i went into my room and dozed off to sleep.

I know this wasnt really an interesting story but sharing pretty much any trip experience is interesting to me. I've never gotten sick from mushies or had a bad trip(yet)and i beleive them to be one of the funnest recreational drugs out there. They kinda brought me to another world, a world that is extremely fun and trippy. Well have fun and keep shroomin.Posted Image

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Posted 22 February 2004 - 04:57 PM

Sitting at my friend's run down flat, waiting for a dropper of liquid acid. I didn't really expect it to come, but 'knock, knock' and there's a little plastic bottle 1/2 full of acid in front of me.

Ah, should I? Shouldn't I? What do we put it on? Hey, I have Plastikman Sheet One in my car! For those of you that don't know, it's a c.d. and the front art work is a sheet with hundreds of small perforated squares on it.

So, how much do we put on a square anyways? One drop each. Let it soak in...doesn't seem like enough. I ended up talking the guy into putting about 4 drops on each hit and buying two.
I surprise my boyfriend by shoving a square of paper in his mouth, and announcing we're going to a rave (our first one), Sensual Bliss.

It hits hard and fast, and I got that sharp acid taste in my mouth. Chugging orange juice, and I get to be the designated driver.

Driving the big brown Crown Victoria boat, we stop to get gas. It's about 30 degrees out, and a car full of chicks in bikinis pulls up same time as us. They run into the gas station with a video camera, molest the old man inside, and run out again squealing and giggling.

Whoa. No one says anything about this because, shit, we're on acid. I wouldn't expect anything less. I look back at my friend and he says "All that glitters, is cold." Just a Marilyn Manson lyric, but it seemed so profound. It still sticks with me to this day. That moment.

Off to the ghetto. Woo hoo! Detroit is glowing and crumbling all around me. We park in front of a dilapitated church. The air is so still...

Inside is a different world. The music is surreal. I never saw ravers dance before that, and I was captivated. My boyfriend and I sat with our backs against a poll. I wrote in my notebook. My mind was spinning, I felt on the verge of enlightenment or insanity. I was already having anxieties about coming down. What was reality anyways? Why did I have to live by the invisible laws? And I realized, I don't have to. Reality is whatever the fuck I want it to be.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend is thinking that the world has been obliterated outside, and the bomb will come through the roof at any second. I dropped my notebook on his lap, and he sat writing frantically the rest of the night.

Someone handed me a nitris balloon. I wandered around inhaling and exhaling the fuck out of that balloon. Oxygen must not have touched my lungs for at least 5 minutes. People were having sex in dark corners. People were swirling around me dancing for me, giving me light shows with their glow sticks... The music was life sustaining. If the bass stopped, so would my heart.

Eventually, it got old, as most things do. We left before it was over. Maybe 3a.m. My eyes were open and clear. And no, I never came down. But, yes, you get used to it. I have perpetual acid vision, and apparently I'm immune to acid now. It puts me to sleep. (although, keep in mind, this is not the result of one trip. It's the accumulation of the comsumation of mass amounts of paper acid, gel tabs, mescaline, and shrooms over a very short period of time.)


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