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Mycotopia's 2nd Trip Story contest

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#81 Guest_mj_*

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Posted 29 February 2004 - 02:19 PM

Me and my friend took a couple of microdots during the last period of the day - 12 grade. We get home and start peaking when my Mom calls from work - "that camera you traded soso, was it stolen?" Yes but I said "I don't know," of course. I had intuited the stolen part. The guy stole it from his high school, ran his mouth, somebody ratted, gave my name and now my Mom is coming to take me to the station in my hometown 45 min away to turn in said camera equipment and make a statement. Turns out that the guy who was with me was also there when I traded the camera and so, voluntarily, and without nearly as much tripping experience as me, he came along to testify on my behalf. Man the best part of that trip was definitely wasted in the car. We looked at art books, my Mom being fairly naive. I did laugh to myself when I passed the Peak exit seein as how I was peaking and all. We went in and the place was loud from the air conditioning. They took the camera, interegated us, and asked us to make a written statement. The bricks were breathing in and out. I could swear that his gun would jump right out of his holster. Loud airconditioner. "Is there a problem? Are you okay?" "Yes" offier. "Fine." Then we left. Unfortunately the trip was short lived and I was no longer peaking the second time we passed peak (this way the sign indicates not Peak but another close town accessible from the exit). My friend served 6 mos over the cam. They never realized this student they had given a skeleton key to and even allowed to instruct photography classes had stolen much more than that over the years. He just finally got caught.

#82 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 01 March 2004 - 07:27 AM

contest closed, no new entries.

#83 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 01 March 2004 - 08:27 AM

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#84 Guest_mj_*

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Posted 01 March 2004 - 10:24 AM

This is not an entry. I was just reminded of a story.
I locked my keys in my car and then a fallen cherry from a j set a glove on fire while I was in homeroom class - 11th grade - They called my name but they got the wrong guy same name, then I ran out and reallized as I got to my car with Firemen around it that I didn't have the keys in my pocket. Never got in trouble despite the roach in the ashtray. I grabbed it as soon as the fire was out.

#85 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 10 December 2005 - 05:42 PM

well..last night i decided to eat a ten strip of cid...
and decided i wanted to have a contest..;)
i wanna hear others tell of their ten strip adventures
(or higher)....up for the prizes..
1st prize original old school PFC..(this print is old school)
2nd prize i got a supposed PE print in a trade which turned out
to not be PE...but tis a great strain regardless i call it PE? since i really dont know..:)
3rd prize oxacan mexi print..(i dont see this strain to much...never grew it out...but would love to see some else try..:) )
now i wanna hear some crazy get to typin guys and gals..:D

#86 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 10 December 2005 - 05:55 PM

hehehe...yeah...i bet...
that mofo is crazy..:)

#87 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 10 December 2005 - 06:12 PM

c'mon people...write them stories
down and post em...;)

#88 smacked12



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Posted 10 December 2005 - 08:21 PM

i'm not interested in the prints but here's one.

although it started out great it turned into my first bad trip...

i had picked up a sheet of rainbow micro dots a few days before and on this particular morning it started calling to me. knowing i had nothing to do all day i busted it out and cut off 12 hits. the weekend before i had done 10 hits of white blotter and absolutely loved it so, i figured why not bump it up a bit. i threw them on my tongue and within an hour i was flying. i sat on my bed playing my state of the art NES sytem(the original) for an hour or two when the walls stated closing in. i decided i needed to go out and explore the world. i headed out and started walking down the railroad tracks that ran by my house. it was absolutey incredible. it was like looking at the world through two fish eye lenses, everything curved around me and it felt like i had a connection with everything. i played around in the woods next to the tracks for a while when i decided i needed a drink bad. i made my way back into town and stopped at a gas station to grab a coke and pack of smokes. i didn't realize it when i walked in but i had a full pack in my shirt pocket already. when i got to the counter i asked for a pack of smokes and the clerk said "what about those in your pocket are you planning on paying for them". i just stood there blanked faced, mostly because i only understood every other word he was saying. slowly a wave of anxiety swept over me. i realized at this moment coming into the store was the biggest mistake i had made all day. after several minutes of confused looks and more babble i had convinced the clerk that i had brought them in with me and out the door i went. by the time my feet hit the parking lot i was totally engulfed with anxiety. i figured i just needed a place to chill for awhile and everything would be good. so, i made my way accross the street to the local bowling alley. i figured i'd go into their arcade and just chill for awhile. it was a sunday afternoon and the place was dead. besides myself the only other person there was the owner. i changed in a fiver for quarterss and dropped them all into the nearest pinball machine. i was still on the first ball when it started. i could here people all around me, talking about me and how fucked up i was. i kept telling myself be cool there's only one other person here. it didn't help. out of my periphial vision i could see hundreds of people staring at me. as soon i looked up they would dissappear. this went on for another 10-15 minutes or so until i couldn't take it anymore. before i knew it i was running out of there as fast as i could. i ran all the way back to my house with the voices following me. i ended up in my room under the covers praying that it would end.

and that was my first bad trip...

i promised myself if i made it through i would never dose again, haha. that promise didn't last long though.

i've had a few more(bad trips) since then but none of them as bad.

#89 BennyBlanco



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Posted 10 December 2005 - 10:45 PM

I went to my cousins house and looked in his freezer and seen a ten strip of cid so I said "whats up let me get a hit" he said sure but you have to take it all at I said fuck it and took the whole thing...Well about ten minutes later he told me that it wasnt his the acid it was our friends...My cousin was like man hes goin to be pissed off...hes coming over tommorow to pick it up... he has his whole night planned out to take that acid with some other people.....Now it has been like 20 mins and im already trippen...some Im like wtf why didnt you tell me it was his..he was like cause man I pissed at him he owes me five about an 2 hr later the owner of the cid comes over to pick the acid up......he looks in the freezer and he starts flippin out like "wheres my shit blah blah blah".....And now Im really trippen hard I mean the walls arent breathin they look like there ready to cave in on Im like its got to be in I start helpin him look for his own acid that I took lol....then about 15 mins later of searchin he knows that its gone and thinks that my cousin stole they start fightin I mean fist breakin lights and tables over each other.... shit was flyin everywhere it was so crazy trippin..well my cousin kicks everybody out..after about 5 mins of fightin but it seemed like hours to my boy that I stole the acid from is like u wanna go smoke some weed...I like why not this was a big mistake...we drove to his house and went up in his room and he broke out some blazzzzzzin azzzzzz weed and smoked a joint of it with I thought I was trippen early...after I hit this weed I started seein crazy ass shit...and Im tryin to play it off like Im not trippin so he doesnt find out it was I had to keep all this inside me... all the shit I was seenin and after I couldnt handle it anymore I decide to sneek out the window when he left the room...idk why I decide to go out the i was half way out the window his dad pulls up in the drive way and sees me comin out the I took off runnin and he started to chase me....I hid under a pinic table 4 like half an hour till I decide it was safe to come out....I called my friend to come pick me up...I told him everything that happened and all he did was laugh his ass we went back to my cousin house..when I go inside my aunt, her boyfriend and my cousin are there...I had knew that my aunt smoked but I never smoked with her...well after a coupal of hrs of chillen my older cousin came over with a pound of schawg and emptyed out 3 blunts and stuffed a nice quarter in each of the his mom came down and her boyfriend all drunk and was like damb we want about 6 of us packed in the little bathroom and steamed that mother fucker was so crazy smokin with my aunt and all that weed in that little bathroom...well I finally went home and tried to go to bed...and have never done acid since and this was when I was 16.....because it was so crazy....Im not good at puttin my thoughts on I tried to expain it as best as I could

#90 Guest_pissybee_*

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Posted 16 December 2005 - 03:18 AM

I think you all eat too much E, :lol:

NOTICE I AM JOKING!! kinda?!?!

#91 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 16 December 2005 - 03:22 AM

I think you all eat too much E, :lol:
NOTICE I AM JOKING!! kinda?!?!


#92 MurCurY



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Posted 16 December 2005 - 07:00 AM

10 strip...that's crazyness!!

I've done a 6 pack before. Story after my final.

#93 Grateful_soldier



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Posted 06 January 2006 - 10:52 PM

Ok, here it goes, around july 2001 I was celebrating my 5th anniversary with a huge fight with my wife. I ended the fight by walking out of the house, my origional plans were to just go grab a pack of smokes and cool off for a bit. For one reason or another, I stopped at the local head shop and bought a case of whip its, lol. Well, as I was walking out, I see this flyer for a festival, this is a thursday and the festival starts friday. Its a Jerry Garcia B-day bash in terra alta WV and ekoostik Hookah is playing along with david ganz. keller williams, etc, sound like a killer show! After a lot of debate, (about 2 minutes) I said WTF and headed down to WV. 6 hours later, I'm pulling into the show and the early birds are just arriving! I pull in, park my van, pull out the back seats, set em up and build a fire and its on. As I start looking around, I find out their are 2 kinds of trip floating around, spider man and something else, I think it was some GD album Covers or something. Anyways, the word is that the SM is really mild and the Album covers are junk. I hooked up spider men and went walking around, saving my treat for later. Was later thursday evening I met a pretty cool chick and hung out with her the rest of the festival. She had never Done acid b4 so it was on. Now, just for the record, we hit it off really well but it was just a hangin out thing, she was cute but there was nothing more, just hanging out. ANyways, Friday, about an hour b4 hookah takes the stage, we dosed, 1 for her and 4 for me. Now, as I said earlier, Mild was the word. I might even go so far as to say disappointing considering i took 4 anyways we tripped and had a good time, the festival ended and I went home. About 2 weeks later, I got the word that Hookah was playing Nelson Ledges in Ohio. I decided to go, the thought had crossed my mind that this person from WV might be there, and so on. ANyways, I went. I never did see her again but in my journeys, I found of all things, Spider Man Acid! Now, my logic was Same band/tour, same name/face on the trip =same potency so I bought a 10 strip. A little bit later, about the time hookah was taking the stage, I dosed all 10. I think it was maybe 30 minutes tops before I started getting the Idea that I migt have fucked up! This was apparently a different batch or had been taken care of better or something cuz it wasnt the mild, mellow layed back spiderman that I had met in WV! Within another hour ( 1 1/2 hours from initial dose) I knew I had fucked up! Now, I am a little older than most at this show, not alot but a little. Anyways, My point with the age is that when I was growing up, E wasnt readily available so I had never done it. This guy tells me that it has a mellow, calming effect, what a dick! Given this info, I decided that E is exactly what I needed to calm me down. What did I find? a 1/10 of Molly. I decided that given my state, I was better off to lay it all out in 1 good rail and plow it down. Hold up, wait a, its on now! Now, let me fill you in on my upbringing a lil so you can understand the rest of this. I was raised by aging hippies who were raised by southern baptists so while I was taken to shows at a young age and introduced to partying on several levels at home I was also sent to Sunday School every sunday, with grandma and grandpa. Now, I feel that this resulted in making a pretty balanced, well rounded outcast out of me. Anyways, along with the good parts of the southern baptist upbringing like the bluegrass/gospel music I have come to love so dearly and the morals I feel define me as a person, I also got alot of doomsday/judgement day, end of the world, second coming of christ, hell unleashed on earth, book of revelations, hell, fire, brimstone kind of preaching inbedded in my memory. Well, who knows what makes acid pick out the things in your brain that it picks out but guess where this 10 strip landed? Right in the judgement day department! Now, for the record, I have never actually hallucinated off of acid but I have experienced some really good visuals. You know what I mean? I have never actually seen something that flat out wasnt there but in the fading light, given the shadows from fire lights, etc certain features are enhanced in people. Now here I am walking around with about 4000 people, with 10 hits of acid and a 1/10 of molly in me and my mind set on the end of the world, that doesnt make for the best combination! I swear it, I guess it was the molly, but I can feel the music actually passing through my body, and every person there is starting to develope demonic features as sillouettes are passing me in the darkness. THe show is over by now and I start making my way back to my camp (which I had a really hard time finding) getting just a lil bit more sure, with every step that the second coming of christ has come and passed, I have been left behind and satan has been fred from a lake of fire to unleash his reign on the earth bringing with him an army of demons! By this time, hoots and hollers from various camp sites have evolved into screams in the darkness and camp fires have turned an ongoing see of darkness into patches of fire and brimstone leading as far as my hazed eyes can see! I tried to tell myself that its just the acid and it will all be over in a little while but it was a hard sale to make! Eventually, I found my camp and stoked up the fire real good and just kind of hunched by my fire hiding under my hat, now, I put on an accoustic Jerry/dead mixed cd I had made and between the pizza tapes version of JErry singing Amazing Grace and an old harper college version of the dead singing cold jordan and some old school jerry banjo pickin, I was able to maintain myself but I can assure you if anyone had walked up to my camp fire and said so much as boo to me, I would have totally lost it, lol. I kept praying, please god, let this pass and I will NEVER TRIP AGAIN, lol, it was bad, really bad! I swear, in just the right light, anyone can develope seriously demonic features...Well, I did keep the promise to God, kind of, lol, I have not done Acid since...Shrooms on the other hand, seem so much more mellow, I know alot of it is probably in my head but I have never had a bad trip on them, ofcourse that was my one and only bad trip on acid so I suppose I could have one on shrooms just as easy. Not long after that night, I had what I would call a true pchycodelic<SP?> experience and it was the closest thing to ecstasy I have ever experienced, I lost all perception of humanity and suddenly, I was just part of this love, hard to explain but maybe sometime, I will try. Anyways, thats my 10 strip story.:eusa_thin

#94 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 10 January 2006 - 12:44 PM

great story mang..
i really liked always
get demonic shit going on when
trippin ballz....

i will be closing this contest soon and
starting a poll...:)

so get your entrys in..:D

#95 Guest_dial8_*

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Posted 10 January 2006 - 01:32 PM

I really enjoyed the story, Sounds like one "hell" of a night.

#96 Phungivore


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Posted 12 January 2006 - 06:10 AM

I was Frying balls on 12 hits when i seen a car hit a fire hydrant so hard water was coing out, that was crazy and to top it all off there was a commet to trip on too.

#97 Grateful_soldier



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Posted 13 January 2006 - 03:28 AM

Ok, I got a story for ya, its not an acid story but its a funny one....kind of...
Ok, Not long after I got to kuwait for what was to be my second tour in Iraq, I gave my wife the address in Iraq where she could send packages to me...well, I told her she should make a couple cakes and send em too me in a care package, jars and all...I mean, who wouldnt like to get a cake from home? Well, mail takes 3-4 weeks to get to us over there so when I got em, I was in Iraq and they were fully colonized and already pinning. It was winter so heat wasnt a big issue and they were healthy as could be! I was as excited as a kid in a candy store and soon went to work building a fruiting chamber for them! I looked around and found an old iraqi ammo crate and I used a real thick layer of wet paper towels in the absence of perlite. It wasnt long till they fruited and I dried them (was really easy in the climate there!). Now, my plans were to save them for my R&R in Qatar where I could really enjoy them but they didnt last that long. I think it was a couple weeks when I let it slip to my buddy Gizmo that I had em and he just kept going on and on about how we are on a big base, nothing ever happens here and it would be ok to eat em up one night in the barracks. Well, I let him talk me into it so we ate a rather conservative dose each (about 2 grams dry) at about 1800 (6 pm) on a friday night. Well, we went up to the roof where we had some what of a lounge area set up. We had a stereo, camo netting for shade, lawn chairs, some fake grass, it was a nice set up! Anyways, we kicked on some tunes and were just starting to get off when the PLT SGT comes up and informs us that 2 haji's may have gotten in the wire and everything on base was shut down, we had to use the buddy system anywhere we went, we were on 50% security 24 hours 12 on/12 off...well, this was a bad time to tell us that! It was just our luck that we got selected for the first shift on security watch! Here we are on the roof of our building, in iraq, its just getting dark, we are armed with night vision, him with an m-16 rifle mounted with an m-203 grenade launcher and me with an M-249 SAW belt fed machine gun, and we are both trippin! OMG, the trip only lasted about 4 hours total, luckily but i still wasnt right even after the trip wore off....I'm lookin through my night vision and we have roving patrols on the ground who are all wearing infra red glow sticks to identify themselves to the tower and roof guards which are only visible through night vision but they make some serious tracers, lol! Anyways, 2 days of the security went bye and the haji's were never found and it is believed that they were never there, a false alarm, but I'll tell ya what, I learned me a lesson I never will forget again! I actually called a buddy of mine who was the runner for the sgt of the guard and told him I was trippin, he helped me out alot, then demanded that I share the remainder of my shrooms in return for the favor! It was fairly uneventful bt you can imagine the shit that was going through my head! About an hour into it, something hapened at the front gate, I'm not sure what but there was some gun fire and you could see tracer rounds from the 50 cal, that was pretty wild! I feel really bad about it actually, I mean, I took other peoples lives into my hands and that aint cool, but when it was all said and done and comletely over with, I had to laugh about it! I didnt party anymore with the exception of a little hash, a couple times smokin some bud and an occasional drink, but, that has to top my list of trip stories, even though it was a fairly small dose!

#98 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 13 January 2006 - 07:57 PM

thats crazy mang...
even tho it was asmall's
true that the setting and feelings are
the things that really determine your trip...
glad you made it thru that ok..:D
thnx for the bonus story..

#99 Guest_pissybee_*

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Posted 13 January 2006 - 09:03 PM

Well, this may not qualify, since I did way more than 10 (besides I don't need to win anything)... But I saw a kid get stabbed and die, when I was on 30+ hits of LSD, plenty of nitrous oxide, and cannabis to boot...

It starts out, that I had just scored a nice new fresh vial of silver crystal... I had been used to eating 20 or so hits at a time, every week or so, so I went balls to the wall and ate 30 to start my trip, plus a few licks whenever I dosed a sugar cube or a buddy... We had a nitrous tank and were invited to go to a kids that I had just met a few days earlier through a buddy... He had a tank or two and we were gonna go hang out for his party...

I guess he had had an argument with some kid over a girl at the local fair, earlier that day... So, we had called and were goin to head over, but we waited a bit because our boy was gettin off of work and had a nice car, with a big trunk for my tank.. We grab the tank and tossed it in the trunk and headed on over.. We pulled up and got out of the car, then grabbed the tank out of the trunk. It was damn near full, so two of us were carrying it into an apt building, and as we opened the glass outer door to the building we hear all this yelling...

I am thinkin to myself, damn this is a loud party, hope we aren't gonna get busted.. But as we started to walk down the stairs I looked to my right, and the kid we were goin to see, had a just laid down in the doorway of his apt, and there were girls holding a towel/shirts around a knife stuck into his chest... I looked down and realised the yelling, was actually girls screaming, because the guy looked like he was dying and was pouring blood from his chest where the knife was stuck..

In that split second, my boy stood there stunned... I grabbed one side of the tank and told him grab the other, as we started back up the stairs... The girls said the police were being called, so me and my two boys carried the tank back to the trunk as fast as we could, and dropped it into the trunk, then jumped in the car... We tore outta the complex, and on the road leavin, we saw police and an ambulance pass us on the road...

When we got back to the house and called to find out the whole story, we were informed that the kid had actually been fatally stabbed, which I already knew in my heart.. It was a very disturbing night, but I made it through okay... I had only met the guy a few days earlier and he seemed really cool... Unfortunately, a stupid fight over a girl ended up with one dead and another facing a rather long prison sentence...

That was prolly one of the worst things I have ever seen on a trip, but it didn't really disturb me as much as one would expect... Sucks to think about it, but I am glad I am not permanently disturbed from it...

#100 Guest_pissybee_*

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Posted 13 January 2006 - 09:18 PM

I see this flyer for a festival, this is a thursday and the festival starts friday. Its a Jerry Garcia B-day bash in terra alta WV and ekoostik Hookah is playing along with david ganz. keller williams, etc, sound like a killer show! After a lot of debate, (about 2 minutes) I said WTF and headed down to WV. 6 hours later, I'm pulling into the show and the early birds are just arriving!

I love Sunshine Daydreams ( ), and Jerry's B-day bash gets off the hook... This year was RatDog, and I had a phenomenal time... I may have been at that bash, even... I try not to miss that one, every year... Always a ton of spunions at that show!!!

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