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Phalaris Grass, Canary Reed Grass

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#1 Beshroomed



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Posted 30 December 2006 - 11:33 AM

I read some reports on Erowid about DMT extraction fron Phalaris Grass. Has anyone here had any experience with it. My FOAF is considering doing a MHRB extraction but MHRB seems to be kind of expensive and I told him that the TEK I read for Phalaris Grass extraction looked easier than MHRB as well as it being less costly.

#2 condo_pygmy



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Posted 30 December 2006 - 11:36 AM

Don't waist your time with phalaris Grass, MHRB is the way to go...:eusa_shhh

#3 Space Doubt

Space Doubt


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Posted 30 December 2006 - 12:12 PM

If you had a field of it growing nearby it might be worth it. You'd need alot and it requires a defatting step that MH does not. I believe it can have signifigant levels of 5-meo and other stuff as well...

#4 doobydoobydoo


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Posted 20 February 2007 - 10:38 PM

More talk about Phalaris in this thread...

#5 Phalaris-oid



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Posted 23 August 2007 - 10:42 AM

Phalaris Extraction Success !

Experiments with Phalaris extractions:

Hi folks, I'd like to report formally to the world that my elf friend's first Phalaris Extraction yielded nearly 2 grams of crystal from 1 Kg of dried, ground Phalaris Grass.

Here are some tips with Phalaris extractions based on real, recent research (Last two week):

- Phalaris Crystals, weather clear or not, seem to have a heavy body load. Every puff that was taken by anyone, resulted in tightening of the chest and slight Athsma-like responses, definitely an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. This was felt immediately before the effects of 'pleasurable alkaloids' were felt. Its true what the rumors say, Phalaris extracts will make a person feel like they are dying or in some kind of physical distress, gasping and struggling to breath. Its not unbearable, but it is instantly noticeable and seems to cause concern to those who never felt this before . .. I may have to agree with "Ott" when he says that Bufotenin (OH DMT) causes 'cardiac distress'. All test subjects felt this chest tightening without being told to expect it. (Notes: Test subjects are smokers, healthy and athletic. Experienced with ethenogens, etc. . Phalaris came from a drought season, stressed to near death and lots of shade and grown in Northern Ontario.)

- Phalaris grown in Northern Climates (Canada, Northern Ontario) produce ridiculous amounts of alkaloids, and possibly much more Bufotenin. I've seem up to 3 grams of (dirty) crystals per 1Kg of dried, ground phalaris.

The hot days and cold nights of late summer, prior to frost damage yielded 4X as much crystals as grass picked in early summer. (I'm now suspecting that mild frosts in the fall will skyrocket the alkaloid levels before they decay from the heavy frosts.

- Phalaris produces a lot of fat/oil/lipids. They interfere with the alkaloids when migrating to the solvents. . The end crystals are very dirty and oily if no defat was done.

The Elf spice actually does get stuck in the fat on the way up to the solvent. I extracted just the fat once and evaped it and rinsed it with Toulene and it produced huge rosette crytsals that were reddish with lye and other nasties from the bottom layer. This is proof that one could extract all the fat, and use this fat to extract the crystals from it much quicker than waiting days/months for A/B separation . . (My elf friend enjoys smoking the fats, as it tastes sweet and has a great amroatic smell of DMT The Lye, and other nasties don't seem to carry over after a rinse with toulene and Ammonia and water until crystals all clear up . )

- Location seems to be everything with Phalaris. One batch that was harvested from a roadside yielded almost nothing. While Phalaris harvested from shady, low creeks and swamps yielded very high. (Average of 1.5 Gram from 1 KG of dried, ground grass, which is good according to me , hell the grass is free and Naptha is very cheap. . . )

- Experiments with up to 8 Naptha extractions were successful. What can I say, the bottom layer just keeps cranking out alkaloids, even months later (?) which leaves me to believe that the typical A/B method needs much improvement. I nearly threw out that sludge in the bottom, until I evap'ed it and rinsed it weeks later after 6 or more extractions and found the smell of DMT very stong in there and rinsing it with toulene and ammonia makes more crystals. . (I'm guessing here is where, the 5meo-DMT and the oh-DMT are isolated in more concentrated forms.)

- The first naptha wash yielded the clearest and best crystals with any second wash or recrystalization . . it was quite pure crystals, but it did give the 'cardiac distress' effect in anyone who tried it. (Traces of oh-dmt. . )

- I notice the effects of 5Mmeo-DMT (and oh-DMT) more than pure DMT with Phalaris extractions in this region. (Northern Ontario)

- *** Note: Phalaris picked right after a heavy reainfall, yielded the most alkaloids!!!! This is when sheep die, right after the heavy rain and they wander off to find new grass growth, like phalaris. --- Long drought - then sudden rain = BIG Alkaloid jump and a real concern for any livestock farmer . . !

This was all Phalaris Arendundicae

I will answer any questions about Phalaris extractions, as I'm now a Phalaris expert. I research Phalaris staggers for the horse industry, as it actually kills horses, just like sheep! (also 'colic' and ingestion problems) Blue Phalaris is quite deadly to any horse. Blue phalaris contains other alkaloids not mentioned anywhere. . . (?)
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#6 Hippie3



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Posted 23 August 2007 - 11:13 AM

cardiac distress is not good
esp. for someone not quite in a sober state
i would predict many trips to the ER by
folks who think they are dying,
again- not good.

#7 golly



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Posted 23 August 2007 - 04:14 PM

That's some really usefull info Phalaris..Thanx for sharing and Welcome to Topia...:)
Archive material to Botanicals...

#8 Phalaris-oid



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Posted 23 August 2007 - 08:49 PM

Oh I forgot. . . Its not all bad eh? (I should have mentioned that . . ) the Elfs say people at parties seem to like the effects and the exotic taste.

Not many blast into Elfdom, but then they were scared to huff too hard in case something bad happens . . . like those stories on the web about pure 5meo-DMT OD's (mostly just serious panic, thrashing, and some bad-ass convulsions and deep gasps for air . . and a few weeks of mental instability and long term therapy? dunno, these are the stories everyone reads on the net .. . ) . ., . . .

The Elfs say it seems to be worth making it as an unusual, recreational substance, but kids across America will be in the ER in hospitals everywhere, if they are not careful . . . . and not just from tripping too hard either. . . an Athsma sufferer could really have a bad attack.. . or others with wheezing, or other health problems. . . . I see 'indirect' emergencies from other underlying health problems people have, arising from ingesting Phalaris alkaloids.

[-> it really has to be respected [!] . . . a person could tell that this stuff could really send someone far, far away in DMT land, . and unfortunately and at the same time, be breathing hard for air and feeling like something is really wrong . . ..and telling others that something is really wrong, . ..and them telling you something is wrong . . . -> you can see the madness and confusion it can cause. . . . ( 911 gets called, and off to the ER . . . )

Phalaris is much different than MHRB !!! (The Elves like to think its more wild. . . more raw and prehistoric source of DMT, . . . and thus, unpredictable. . . like a sabre tooth tiger .. . )

The Elf I know, suggests a sitter, if using high alkaloid phalaris.
High alkaloid also means different balances of alkaloids, at different times of the year and stress factors and such. It seems the exact balances are unpredictable at this point. Its not always highest in DMT. . sometimes, its the other way around ( oh dmt) :-( which just means, more responsibility and care.

The Elves seem to like the rush of the meo DMT, as a recreational substance, careful not to 'break through' too often, I guess? Anyway, the elves keep picking it and making it . . . :-)

#9 doobydoobydoo


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Posted 26 August 2007 - 04:22 PM

Wow! Great post. I was just cruising past the beach a few hours ago taking pictures of grasses so hopefully someone could help identify them for me... See that up thread in a few minutes...

The cardiac distress...

I've seen that, felt that, with extracts of DMT from mhrb. This is the only stuff I have spiced up with so far. You think it is even more stronger from spice out of the grasses?

That thing about the sheep going to eat the grasses then dying is wild! DMT is produced naturally when we die in large amounts... I wonder if they are boosting it up more for an easier transition when they die... really wild to think about that. Go animals!

Defats... no biggie... been doing them on my recent mhrb extracts and getting very nice crystals. Tis amazing the amount of fats that come out of it. Grass... OMG. hehehe lipo time.

Again, great post! Do you have any pictures of the grasses that you worked with?

#10 RedOctober



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Posted 27 August 2007 - 12:51 AM

So is there no possible way of extracting the Bufotenin? Chemists?....

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