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AYAHUASCA [ was weak caapi]

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#1 AndyLandy420



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Posted 18 February 2007 - 07:43 AM

i cant seem to get any effect off of ayahuasca brew made with caapi as the maoi, where is the best place to get potent caapi?

#2 siam_jim


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Posted 18 February 2007 - 07:56 AM

did you try our sponsors? check here only hear great things.

#3 AndyLandy420



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Posted 18 February 2007 - 09:02 AM

would you recomend the yellow or the red caapi? i made a brew of red caapi from there and i consumed about 150g worth of brew and it barely inhibited me

#4 Hippie3



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Posted 19 February 2007 - 09:01 AM

you used 150 g of red caapi ?
that's more than plenty.
or what did you mean ?
how do you know the caapi was the dud,
what was the dmt source material and how much was used of it ?

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Posted 19 February 2007 - 09:37 AM

LOL, where are all the ayahuasca drinkers? Are there any more left here? It seems the quick 'smoked dmt' experience for the masses is the norm. What happened to Phalanx?

With an ayahuasca question asked you're lucky to get one response...but if you ask about dmt, naptha, heptane'll get endless responses LOL.

I grew up in the golden renaissance of LSD (mid 90's) so I guess I picked up an appreciation for the longer experience back then. If you never try good Ayahuasca you are seriously missing out on one of the most exhiliarating & visual experiences a human can have.

I've found 40 to 50 grams of equadorian ciello caapi to be very strong. It is also intensely bitter--I've thought of brewing it then evaporating it down to extract so I wouldn't have to subject my taste buds to it in the future, but swallow the extract buttons.

With Peruvian caapi, I've had to use over 60 grams, again ciello.

I no longer use pure harmine with the admixture, as I've found the genuine caapi + psychotria to be the more visual and real experience, perhaps due to the substantial amounts of THH found in the caapi brew, acts as a serotonin uptake inhibitor (may prolong the half life of the admixture actives) and weak MAOI. It is also more relaxing then the straight pure hamine hcl.

130 to 193 mg THH found in an average caapi brew along with 204 to 306 mg of harmine and 24 to 36mg harmaline.

Metzner 'Ayahuasca'.

There is some evidence, that THH, the second most abundant B-carboline in the beverage, acts as a weak 5-HT uptake inhibitor and MAOI. Thus, THH may prolong the half-life of DMT by blocking its intaneuronal uptake, and hence, its inactivation by MAO, localized in mitochondria within the neuron.

On the other hand, THH may block serotonin uptake into the neuron, resulting in higher levels of 5HT in the synaptic cleft; this 5-HT, in turn, may attenuate the subjective effects of orally ingested dmt by competion with it at post-synaptic receptor sites.

Callaway 1997.

It seems that serotonine inhibition potentiates the effect of injected DMT....the finding that an MAO-inhibitor decreased the activity of injected DMT may be important in ayahuasca pharmacology.

Ott 'Ayahuasca Analogues' page 67.

I've taken over 50 grams of equadorian ciello caapi all by itself (with no admixture) many months ago
and saw visions with closed eyes. The visions were painted in dark greens and blues and appeared as 'sillohuettes' -- remarkably detailed just not bright. The visuals included a scene from medieval Europe of a woman with long dark hair dressed in the fashion of the day wearing earrings was standing and leaning out of a window in her kitchen into the vast landscape outside. The first visual I saw (and the brightest) was green fangs wide open, then jungle animals like a black jaguar...this moved on to a ship on the ocean, incredible stone architecture decorated with flowers, and enchanted gardens, other visuals. It is amazing how caapi alone is able to pull these visions out of 'nothing' and present them to you in all their glory.

Caapi contains 3 tricyclic indole derivatives -- harmine, THH, and harmaline. LSD & ibogaine are complex indole derivatives. LSA is a complex indole derivative found in fresh morning glory seeds.
The indoles are fascinating compounds.

Here are a few visuals I picked at random from Shanon (who took psychotria + caapi some 120 times):

With open eyes, in the sky, I once saw the figure of the mischievous Hindu divine being Ganesh.

I myself have seen palaces and temples many times. I saw palaces and royalty from different cultures on both sides of the Atlantic. The most impressive of these were two visits to the throne hall of an Egyptian pharaoh. The Egyptian palaces revealed to me in my Ayahuasca visions appeared to be totally new and full of life, as if they had just been constructed...

The most impressive city I have seen was that described in the Prologue whose buildings were made of gold and precious stones.

Works of art I have seen many times include pieces of sculpture, pieces of furniture, chandeliers, ceramics and articles of gold, masks, carpets, tapestries and rich fabrics, embroidery, jewellery, crowns and sceptres, as well as swords and shields.

The most frequent vehicles of transportation I have seen are of land, sea, air, or space. Most frequent ones were on the one hand, carriages, mostly royal, and on the other hand, boats and ships. Twice I have seen what I recognized as space ships.

I have seen what seemed to me to be futuristic cities. These featured skyscrapers, hi-tech constructions, and many neon lights. All these kinds of cities have been reported by my informants as well.

Most of the cities I have seen belong to ancient civilizations; most were of ancient Egypt and the civilizations of pre-Columbian Central and South America, Judaea, Assyria, ancient Persia, the Hellenic world and classical Rome, medieval Eurpoe, and the Far East.

The landscapes I have seen included open vistas of meadows and grassland, panoramic views of mountains and of the sea, as well as scenes of lakes and riverbanks--snapshots of exotic places are seen often.

I have seen in my visions places of entertainment--One is that of places such as bars and cabarets, often lascivious and somewhat lewd. The other include amusement parks and circuses.

Scenes of people--usually groups of women--dancing are very frequently reported. Also to be noted are persons with tilted heads and ones whose torsos are inclined; especially marked are women who raise one arm and brush it up against their ear.

Shanon 'Antipodes of the Mind' 2003.

For anyone who might be curious about how the stages of Ayahuasca run...I found this description below by Shanon to be accurate. Since the topic of Ayahuasca may not come up again for quite some time...I might as well post a little bit here, there is bound to be someone out there who will find it useful.

As the physiological effects of the brew start having their impact, the person who has partaken of Ayahuasca generally feels subject to what is often described as an internal invasion.

The sensation is of something heavy and viscous crawling through one's inner parts, pressing and eventually taking posession of one's entire body.

Often, drinkers sense that things are burning inside their system. An association that many have is that of snakes engulfing them from within.

When the 'force' strikes, usually around 40 minutes after consumption of the brew, many are prone to vomit.

Typically, drinkers feel as if a cloud occupies the inner space of their heads and that something that they cannot control has a grip on their bodies. Difficulties in motor control and co-ordination are very common.

Usually, the harshest symptoms of the Ayahuasca inebriation occur during the first 90 minutes following the onset of the effect. During this time, visions can be very strong and the entire experience may be tough and even frightening.

With experience, however, the fear can be better managed and the Ayahuasca drinker learns to gain more control over the intoxication.

The initial difficult phase is usually followed by a period in which the impact of the brew is strong but more manageable. In general, this period lasts from about 1.5 to 2.0 hours.

It is at this stage of the inebriation that drinkers usually begin to come to terms with the Ayahuasca experience and even enjoy it. Indeed, people may find that this experience presents them with moments of exhilaration and great wonderment.

The last phase of the Ayahuasca inebriation is usually mellower and is often accompanied with sentiments of serenity, extreme peace of mind, and bliss. One may still have visions, but normally, as time goes on the preponderance of visions diminishes and their strength and intensity are reduced.

During this phase the experience is that of great happiness, harmonious well-being, and spiritual uplifting. People also feel great love for their fellow men and women and deep affinity to nature and to all existence. These feelings may remain with one for a while even after the intoxication proper has ended. A 're-created' feeling.

Typically, the intoxication lasts between 4 and 6 hours. Usually, drinkers spirits remain uplifted for another day, during which time they feel as if after a thorough 'psychic bath'.

People may also begin to appreciate the significant amount of energy, both physical and mental, that partaking of the brew has exerted on them.

Not infrequently, significant visions appear quite later in the course of the Ayahuasca session.

When the impact of Ayahuasca is most powerful, drinkers tend to close their eyes. During this time, they also tend to turn their attention inwards and delve into the visionary world that is revealed to them. When the effect is reduced, the tendency is to open the eyes. Especially typical of this stage are visions of the type which, in later chapters, will be referred to as seeing-as and seeing-in.

When the initial hurdles are overcome, the Ayahuasca experience is perhaps one of the most exhilarating that a human being can have.

#6 Hippie3



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Posted 19 February 2007 - 11:07 AM

LOL, where are all the Ayahuasca drinkers? Are there any more left here? It seems the quick 'smoked dmt' experience for the masses is the norm. What happened to Phalanx?

With an Ayahuasca question asked you're lucky to get one response...but if you ask about dmt, naptha, heptane'll get endless responses LOL.

well, so far there are 3 of us in this thread,
and i know of several more here that are
fond of the brew.
i think it's ok that the dmt extraction people
are active here and they are not to blame if
ayahuasca is not as popular,
chugging jungle juice is a less pleasant, less familiar
experience than torching a bowl.

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#7 rocketman



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Posted 19 February 2007 - 12:46 PM

I am a firm believer in the long soak with phosphoric acid. This has made the difference between dud and spectacular to me. I know that acid is acid, but soaking your material in the acid water for 3 days prior to cooking is the only way to go ime. The color of caapi doesnt have alot to do with anything, as its a pheno is everything else in entheobotanicals. I use orange myself and have used black,red, and white with no noticable differences other than maybe the black makes me feel more nauseas......could have been the moon or something.

#8 tregar



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Posted 19 February 2007 - 01:18 PM

Hippie3 said:


chugging jungle juice is a less pleasant, less familiar
experience than torching a bowl.

I find the torching a bowl less pleasant than taking a crude extract:

No 'jungle juice' involved:


Study on freeze dried ayahuasca:

Study on the benefits of ayahuasca (scroll down to the bottom):

[broken link]

The same amount of effort used by people to 'extract dmt' can be used to create a 'crude oral sediment-free' extract (no chemicals involved). The difference is a 20 or so minute experience vs. a 4 to 6 hour experience.

The 3 indole compounds in the caapi contribute significantly imho to 'coloring the experience' -- the visions tend to be culture/nature related tied to a very wise teacher. The sessions are organized and structured with purpose & teaching behind it all -- a sort of 'University' or 'School' of Ayahuasca.

Just an alternative to throw out there.

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#9 Hippie3



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Posted 19 February 2007 - 05:05 PM

no need to sell me at least, i've been brewing several years now
and prefer it over smoking dmt
nevertheless the people vote when they post, in a way,
and there's just no denying that smokable dmt is popular,
more so than ayahuasca. it's regretable but reality.
that was a nice thread you linked,
you should post some material like it here.

#10 tregar



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Posted 19 February 2007 - 06:29 PM

Thanks hippie3.

You were the one who gave me the idea to use a crockpot some time ago.

I'll go ahead and post something like that here condensed in the future, after a few more months of experiences with the extract are under my belt--after i have about 3 or 4 more dream sessions--so I can post some long reports at the end of what was seen in the visions, etc.

Some of the things I saw in my 1st session were bright green fangs, animals, enchanted gardens, ship on the ocean, scenes from medieval europe, women, other vehicles of transportation, beautiful architecture decorated with flowers.

I would love to hear one of your reports some day.

Don't underestimate the power of caapi over pure harmine or rue to help bring out the visions--the THH in caapi may be responsible for potentiating and extending the visual power.

It is nice to be able to reach into a jar and pull out the caapi and psychotria extract, wash down the buttons with water, sit and wait. It stores well in a freezer. After drinking a caapi brew only one time, I knew I would have to turn it into an extract because the taste is so bitter -- not as bad as cacti but a close second.

Rocketman is right about the phosphoric acid, that's the ph I based my extraction of hawaiian PV at -- around 3 to 3.5 just used vinegar instead.

I have phosphoric also.

I very much miss the old long threads about aya I used to read here when lots of people chimed in--sorry no disrespect meant to the dmt smokers.

It was the dmt smokers who gave me the knowledge necessary to be able to analyze leaf to be able to determine how weak or strong it is scientifically.

I have both Dr. Strassman's book 'dmt the spirit molecule' and Benny Shanon's book 'the antipodes of the mind'. I recommend people check out both books so they can gauge the differences in both compounds.

#11 rocketman



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Posted 20 February 2007 - 10:08 AM

Well, from my observations. Those who have done both prefer ayahuasca to smoking dmt. I try to spread the aya love when possible, but its a hard sell especially since aya virgins think puking is involved. The most spiritually healing voyages I have ever had, were with ayahuasca. Cactus is right there with it, I cant post without giving cactus and honerable mention.
Smoking dmt has no spiritual value, and is much like salvia in many ways to me. Drinking ayahuasca is medicine for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Yes, I believe souls are seperate from spirits. I also believe the medicine you need will find you if you have faith.

#12 tregar



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Posted 20 February 2007 - 10:10 AM

Excellent post Rocketman.

#13 Hippie3



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Posted 20 February 2007 - 11:23 AM

yeah, i miss the old crew but methinks a few still lurk and will join in a good thread and really it boils down to 2 factors-
1] monkey see.
2] monkey do.
give what you want and it returns,
you want some good aya threads here
start one.
add some brew pix
and soon others will chime in,
and some newbies will learn a new things,
some will even try it.
cycle of life-
plant a seed.
start a thread.
you lead, they'll follow.

#14 tregar



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Posted 20 February 2007 - 12:19 PM

My thoughts exactly.

It was Hippie3 who got me hooked on not only the crockpot but the vinegar--using a crockpot keeps the mess to a minimum and vinegar is easy to get and never any worries about toxicity with vinegar as an acid. I'm sure phosphoric would work just as well though. I don't use hcl acid any more.

1.0 cup of vinegar added to 200 grams of strong ground leaf and 3.0 to 3.3 liters of water will drop the ph down to 3.5--this works quite well, and may even be overkill.

1.5 cup of vinegar added to 200 grams of strong ground leaf and 3.0 to 3.3 liters of water will drop the ph down to 3.0--this I found out was probably overkill--and will stick to just 1 cup of vinegar next time instead.

The nice thing about vinegar is that right out of the bottle it measures ph = 2.5.

The extract in the end has an average ph of 4.5 to 5.0, same ph as a beer. Safe and effective.

They will come again...

In a couple months I'll try to help by condensing my extract tek -- I swallow 5 psychotria buttons with a few caapi extract buttons that I pick out of a jar then sit back and it works just as well as regular brew -- the tek works well for those who would like to avoid the bitter taste since it's in 1-gram easily swallowed extract buttons and sediment free...eliminates any nausea that is caused by irritating sediments to the digestive tract. A couple teaspoons of olive oil with a cup of whole milk (I have a tough stomach) was what I took last time to help to stimulate the gall bladder so none of the actives would get trapped in the liver. 5 grams of PV extract allready contains 4.65 grams of natural fatty oils though.

I'm sure it will never be a popular tek but it might help to generate some interest in ayahuasca.

I'm waiting so I can have several more dream sessions -- life is crazy and free time is sometimes hard to find.

If you start by adding 200 grams of good strong leaf to your 4 liter crockpot, you will end up with about 50 to 53 grams of extract in the end -- it rolls into 1-gram balls between your hands after you scrape it up.

Dosage is easy to adjust up or down depending on how many buttons you swallow or re-constitute in a mug of hot water.

I perfomed an analysis of the PV extract by the way and this is what was found:

5 grams pv extract (5 buttons or 20 grams of leaf) contains approximately 35 mg actives --

10 grams pv extract (10 buttons or 40 grams of leaf) contains approximately 70 mg actives

The typical amount of actives found in a caapi brew range from 25 to 68 mg of dmt. This is from the results of the two studies mentioned earlier...average is around 35 mg dmt.

130 to 193 mg THH found in an average caapi brew along with 204 to 306 mg of harmine and 24 to 36mg harmaline.

They keep frozen for many years, and work just as well as the 'freeze dried extract' used in the 2nd 2003 ayahuasca study.

Along with each gram of extract (7 mg actives) there is almost 1 gram of natural oils, fats, waxes, just no sediment.

I'm not sure what the concentration of actives is for the caapi extract yet, but do know that about 4 to 5 grams (4 to 5 one gram caapi buttons) is very strong!

If you take a large strong dose of caapi, even just a little bit of the admixture plant (psychotria) can be felt--caapi is very much psychoactive on it's own, closed eye visuals at high doses--highly detailed just not bright and in mostly 3 colors--dark greens, blues, blacks, monochromatic if you will.

In the 2003 freeze dried ayahuasca study...

One gram of freeze-dried material contained 8.33 mg of DMT, 14.13 mg of harmine, 0.96 mg of harmaline, and 11.36 mg of THH

In the extract I prepared...
One gram of psychotria viridis extract (1 button) contains 7 mg of DMT

As far as the caapi extract I prepared...
One gram contains...? all I know is that it is very strong, 4 to 5 buttons is very potent.


Take a look at the tables in the 2003 study below -- with the different doses they took you can see the correlations to open/closed eye visuals, likeness ratings, changes in sound & hearing, etc--look at tables 1 and is the link again:


Here is the 1st table:


and the 2nd table:


The average (range) alkaloid content in milligrams administered in each dose (low dose/high dose) was:

39.8 (30.4–47.9) / 57.4 (43.7 – 67.7) for DMT

67.4 (51.6–81.2) / 95.8 (74.2 – 114.0) for harmine

4.6 (3.5–5.5) / 6.5 (5.0 - 7.0) for harmaline

54.2 (41.5–65.3) / 77.0 (59.6 – 92.3) for THH.

You can see from these figures, that their caapi brew was too weak--it would have been better had they around 200mg or more of harmine in their brew along with 130 to 150mg of THH (very important)--but the dmt dose they had in their brew was great.

The extract they made for the study was made pretty much the same way we do it--they take a brew tea prepared by the Church, etc. then dry it down to the extract and encapsulate it. But I just roll it up into buttons to swallow, washing it down with a pint of spring water.

The interesting thing is that I prepared extract on my own well before I had even heard or read of this study--I just found it the other day.

#15 wudep50



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Posted 20 February 2007 - 09:06 PM

I for one am very interested in ayahuasca. Tregar, your posts on different forums have contributed a lot to sparking this interest. I get the feeling it has the potential to be a much more valuable experience than smoking spice. One of the big things that keeps me from trying it though are threads like this one. It seems every time I check out the ayahuasca forum there’s a bunch of new posts with people complaining about dud brews.

#16 Delta911Turbo



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Posted 20 February 2007 - 09:42 PM

I have recently gotten into smoking DMT and am very interested in trying it in the form of Ayahuasca. The only problem I have found is finding people to try it with me. The majority of my friends seem to love DMT but are afraid of the purging that goes along with it. I myself don't mind a good purge because I know its all for good. My question is how intense is the purge, i.e. how long into the trip will it occur, and what are some ways to minimize it?

#17 rocketman



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Posted 21 February 2007 - 02:08 PM

I too have had dud brews, but not since the phosphoric soak.

#18 Hippie3



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Posted 21 February 2007 - 08:21 PM

the purge too can largely be avoided by using gelatin to precipitate out the tannins from the brew that make it so nasty bitter

#19 tregar



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Posted 21 February 2007 - 08:35 PM

Wow, they are appearing allready!

Thanks for the comments wudep50, delta911turbo, rocketman, hippie3.

Yes, indeed the phosphoric is an excellent method of brewing!

I have a few bottles of the food grade acid myself and may use it in the future.

But I have more than enough extract right now to last for months of sessions.

And I have confirmed the potency of it allready with a couple sessions and a scientific analysis of at least the psychotria extract to confirm the activity per gram (1 gram = 7mg spice in salt form). I have also taken the caapi extract all by itself and had closed eye visuals with it. When combined--watch out--the visuals brighten up and colorize.

It seems every time I check out the Ayahuasca forum there’s a bunch of new posts with people complaining about dud brews.

Yes, I can certainly understand the disappointment myself--I spent a couple hundred dollars on chacruna that was totally inactive in the beginning. I know, I even had it tested after drinking it and finding nothing happened on the admixture side.

Then found the hawaiian chacruna to be very strong.

Thanks to marsofold, I learned how to test it to see what the activity level is.

Here is how hawaiian breaks down:

20 grams leaf --> 5 grams extract --> 35mg spice

40 grams leaf --> 10 grams extract --> 70mg spice

If you can find hawaiian chacruna, I suggest trying it if you've had problems in the past...there are about 3 places I know of that carry it...maybe more than that.

I don't have a lot of time to get into everything right now--but let me just mention that there are 2 really good books out right now that explain all about the ayahuasca experience...

They are 'antipodes of the mind' by benny shannon---he spent 7 years drinking ayahuasca (over 120 times) and interviewed hundreds of ayahuasca drinkers--check this book out if you get a will be amazed of the things you will see with ayahuasca--the most beautiful gardens, women, architecture, flowers, animals, landscapes, ufo's, ... I saw all these things in my very first session. Benny describes hundreds of visions he saw.

Ayahuasca is so worth it.

The other book is 'Supernatural' by Graham Hancock--he describes his 16 ayahuasca sessions--he too saw the most amazing things then compared it with smoked dmt he took--way different!

Check out the book 'dmt the spirit molecule' by Strassman to learn what is seen with smoked dmt.

Caapi is so amazing when added to the dmt--it provides the teacher, guidance, organization, structure, and is a base for all the amazing visuals related to culture & nature. The 3 indoles in caapi + dmt = something really amazing. Dont forget that LSD is an indole with a tryptamine top.

Both of these books are recent -- 2003, and 2006.

If you eliminate the sediment from your brew by filtering then putting the brew in the fridge for 7 days, the nausea causing sediment will fall to the bottom...leave it behind, but drink the liquid.

Do the same for the caapi and the nausea-causing sediment can be left behind.

Here is a sample post from long ago:

Anonymous did a comparison of two brews, by leaving the sludge in one, and taking the sludge out of the other, here are the results he found:


In the brew that he decanted, he had a very strong experience with blinding visuals, reality shattered, no significant nausea...seems he had a great experience.

Suffice it to say that increased time in the body more than made up for any actives left behind in the sludge. I'll never drink it again If I have the choice.

Conclusions: I can't say what happened to me -- either I'm not at liberty of I lack the words at this time, as close as the experience was -- but I will say this was the strongest experience of any kind I have ever had. Objectively, the journey went on for six or seven hours. There was no physical purging, although the contents of my psyche were spewing about the universe for quite a while. No nausea experience. To say the experience was visionary would be an understatement; at times I opened my eyes but it was for naught: I was literally blinded to my physical eyes. Reality decomposed into pure syntax, and the words it uttered were, well, I should stop here.

If you get rid of the sediment by doing a simple 7 day decant in the fridge, you can get rid of the nausea that is caused by the sediment (which is irritating to the intestines) anyways.

Of course, there are many other ways of getting rid of the sediment besides a fridge decant:

hippie3 said:

the purge too can largely be avoided by using gelatin to precipitate out the tannins from the brew that make it so nasty bitter

This works too!

Take care,
I will be dreaming for the next couple months then I'll come back to let you know what I saw in all the sessions and show a condensed version of the tek that was used to make the chacruna and caapi buttons (all sediment free and potent).

I keep the caapi extract buttons in one jar and the psychotria buttons in a different jar...they will keep frozen for many years, perhaps indefinately. I just sit down, meditate, swallow a few caapi buttons (5 to 7 or so), then swallow a few psychotria buttons (5 to 7) about 10 minutes later. I wash it down with 16oz spring water...and about an hour later the journey begins. You can adjust your dose up or down easily--but always keep your caapi dose strong (swallow lots of caapi extract buttons).

You can eat a little bit with it if you like to help kick it in (something fatty -- even 3 teaspoons olive oil with a piece of bread/roll, fresh whole milk with it, or a boiled egg etc. works for me.) Phalanx used to take 4 teaspoons of olive oil with a piece of bread if you read here at the forum--that's what I tried but I just took 3 to 4 teaspoons of olive oil with a cup of whole milk. Something fatty helps to stimulate the gall bladder so that dmt does not get stuck in the liver, but will instead make it out to the bloodstream. Thankfully, the PV extract allready contains 4.65 grams of natural fatty oils along with the actives--this I'm sure is helpful too--just no purge causing sediment in the extract.

Here is a breakdown on the psychotria buttons:

1 button = 7 mg spice
2 buttons = 14 mg spice
3 buttons = 21 mg spice
4 buttons = 28 mg spice
5 buttons = 35 mg spice
6 buttons = 42 mg spice
7 buttons = 49 mg spice
8 buttons = 56 mg spice
9 buttons = 63 mg spice
10 buttons = 70 mg spice

If you brew with 200 grams of leaf--you will end up with 50 to 53 grams of extract (50 buttons).

Typical ayahuasca brews contain around 25 to 68 mg of dmt (still in salt form) which is of course the way the dmt is when it's in the extract--the average is 35mg dmt.

The THH in the caapi (you can't find this compound in pure form anywhere but in the caapi) may be responsible for potentiating and extending the half-life of the dmt in the brew--this is why low doses of dmt may work so well with caapi--rue contains next to no THH, only caapi. Tribulus berries have been found to contain the same chems as caapi. But I haven't checked into that.

I'm glad there are few people interested. It is a beautiful, wonderful, awe-inspiring experience. It is organized and structured -- there are lessons and things that are taught to you in each session--and the visions never repeat--they are always something new and novel. There is a theme to each session. Welcome to a new reality.

Don't worry too much about food interactions--I ate a dinner of beef enchiladas with cheese topping and 8oz chips and queso at 5 pm then took it at 10:30pm no problems at all.

Take a look at this:

This selectivity of B-carbolines for MAO-A over MAO-B, combined with their relatively low affinity for liver MAO compared to brain MAO, may explain why reports of hypertensive crises following the ingestion of ayahuasca have not been documented.

On the other hand, Suzuki et al. (1981) has reported that DMT is primarily oxidized by MAO-B; it is possible, therefore, that high concentrations of B-carbolines, partially inhibit MAO-B as well as MAO-A; but the greater affinity of tyramine for MAO-B enables it to compete for binding to the enzyme and displace any residual B-carbolines.

This mechanism would explain the lack of any reports of peripheral autonomic stimulation associated with the ingestion of ayahuasca in combination with foods containing tyramine.

Callaway 1997.

Good luck, see you in a few months--I want plenty of time to myself to have many sessions and write down the things that I see.

I leave you with this session by Shanon:

The first example consists of a 'real-time' verbatim report of what I saw in one session in which I partook of Ayahuasca by myself. I spoke aloud describing what I was seeing and notes were taken by the person who watched me. This session is not part of the core corpus and it is the only session of which I have such a recording. Overall, I would characterize this session as one of moderate strength. In it, there were no grand visions and most of the visualizations in it are snapshots and relatively simple scenes. Furthermore, in this session I had very few ideations and no special psychological insights or spiritual experiences whatsoever. Yet, I find this report to be especially valuable in portraying the general flavour of Ayahuasca visions. Manifest in it is a fairy tale-like ambience and an overall air of magnificence and enchantment. Also featuring in the report are several details that are characteristic of Ayahuasca visions in general—these include fire (note the various ways it is incorporated within the narrative of the vision), light-producing objects, carriages, and processions. Also recurrent in the report are turning movements, upward movements, and looking forward far into the distance. One comment made by a person seen in this visual sequence is a good example of how ideas relate to Ayahuasca visualizations. The entire sequence lasted about forty minutes:

A golden crystal chalice.

Flowers. In the flowers there are birds and insects and the birds go up and up.

A wheel is turning and there is a rod that is turning round and round. From it, a fire ignites.
An old man holds a taper and from it the fire climbs up and up.

A futuristic city.

A Chinese king is sitting and turning his parasol. Now he is in his study. In the background, birds are kissing one another.

A great hall—like an animated movie.

There is a code here—like that of Morse or the genetic code. The code is constituted by many, many dots, the density between which varies. All this is a language calling to be deciphered.

There is something that pushes up and up. It is like a mountain train. All the time it goes up and up.

A car from the 1920s. Delightfully magnificent. From it emerge light and flowers. Advancing with this light, we pass along gold-plated walls and come out through a staircase made out of gold and ivory. The steps go up and down and reach a theatre.

Up in the heavens there is a woman escorted by a man. In the woman's hand there is a torch that swirls. Lights come out of it in the form of flags and the flags turn into hats full of gems. The gems are sparkling.

A scene in Europe in the sixteenth or perhaps the eighteenth century. Knights are riding. They are mounted upon magic motorcycles full of colours and light. All is like a cartoon and enchanted. It is all part of big procession. There are also small dwarfs there. Two of them are holding a banner with the insignia of the sovereign.

An Indian is smoking a big pipe. Through an old telescope, a man is peering into the far reaches of the universe. A view of the planet Earth turning round and round.

Beautiful gardens like Versailles and the Tuilleries.

There are ballerinas there. Like a cabaret. Their thighs are exposed. One woman gets to the balustrade and is watching the audience.

The Indian is smiling. The message is that 'all of these are the expressions of the same source, a source of bounty and grace'.

In a King's reception hall. There are chalices full of wine. Long processions of carriages proceed further and further. Slowly, all the time, the horsemen are pushing forward. In the hall, the seats are made out of silver. There is a feast. A big pot is placed in the middle. A fruit salad is offered in goblets of finely polished, very clear glass. Slowly, the chef pours some sort of syrup or gooey topping. The sauce covers the fruit and then it ascends upwards.

An elephant lifts up its trunk high and looks far, far forward. Up there are birds and they are looking in my direction. There are flowers, and butterflies are flying from flower to flower. All are washed in the light of the sun.

Women are dancing. Carriages come one after the other and the wine flows. An officer approaches a carriage and salutes. The footman bows and opens the carriage's door. The Queen is stepping out.

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By the way, music sounds fantastic when your journeying on ayahuasca--Heavenly is a good way of putting it.

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