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choose your clone carefully

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#1 chill


    celtic tiger

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 07:45 PM

So I made my first clone attempt a while back. Having read much about the great boost in yield I was quite excited.

I picked my specimine, used a hand blender to puree the sucka in 30 mils sterile ozone, reverse ozmosis bottled water and and sucked up it up into a 30ml syringe.

Did up a couple of jars and spawned to the following recipe:
4 parts verm
1 part compost (non sterile)
1 part steer manure
2 parts water

oven pasteurized.

and fruited.

#2 chill


    celtic tiger

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 07:54 PM

The first pic is of the hand blender. Sterility isn't really an issue as it is easy to wipe it down with alcohol swabs. Use sterile syringes or steralize with boiling water or however you do it normally. No big deal.
6 jars with 30 mils of LC colonized in 2 1/2 weeks which isn't bad but I was hoping for better. I guess the pureeing set the mycelium back quite a bit.
The next shot is of the colonizing after spawning. Only THREE days. Very impressed. Here's a close up of how vigerous the mycelium is.
Early pinning by day seven (from time of spawning). Am very encouraged.
After this things go sideways.

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#3 chill


    celtic tiger

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 07:58 PM

Pin set is the worst I have ever seen in my life. :thumbdown:

I spawned at a ratio of 3 to 1 so there was about 15 jars of substrate in there ( I kept one as a cake) so I should have more than 15 PF jars of yield on this.

I got exactly ONE shroom. All the rest of the pins (not that there were a lot) aborted!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

The second flush was better but I only got THREE pins to complete!!!!:eusa_doh: :eusa_doh:

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#4 chill


    celtic tiger

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 08:02 PM

There's little question in my mind that the clone resulted in a larger specimin and much faster colonization and fruiting times but definately not a big yielder.

Sooooo, when picking a specimin it is important to not just pick the biggest mutha but to make sure that the cake it comes from has ALL the characteristics you are looking for:

1. colonization
2. pinning
3. size
4. yield

I'm trying bulk growing again but this time with multispore. I want to see a big yield before I go back into cloning again.

Best of luck!

#5 antivanity



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Posted 17 March 2007 - 08:11 PM

Thank you chill. Im about to do my first clone here in the next few days, now im really wondering what boomer i should cut open. I was just planning on taking the biggest one (single lone 1 footer). But now that you have four criteria's that should be used to base on which to clone, im confused.

So here i am on my 2nd flush, i had one huge 4.5oz cluster (wet) with 11 boomers on it.... woulud this be a good clone? its the biggest one of the 11 cluster, its part of a cluster, and it grew very fast.

Now im thinking, the best cloners would be a shoorm that has traits for; cluster, large fruit, fast growing.

Thanks for this informative post chill :headbang:

#6 joey_megabucks



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Posted 17 March 2007 - 09:10 PM

I am going to use Fahtster's method of isolating a clone from a drop of spore solution on a 1/2 pint of grain. I am going to do 3 jars, thus three different isolates. I will make a mycelium syringe from each isolate and innoculate grain spawn and a karo jar for later.

I will fruit out each isolate and choose the best of the three to retain. Since I will have the corresponding isolate already growing in liquid culture, it should be no problem to continue to propegate from there.

I am using Maz spores so I suspect that I should get 1 out of the three to perform well.

Just a thought of how I'm going to do it.

#7 Bobcat



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Posted 17 March 2007 - 09:44 PM

Nice! Shows nothings guaranteed, not even a clone! Its good to see clones grow out on agar and pin, before putting to bulk.

#8 Guest_lost_onabbey_rd_*

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 10:26 PM

those stems make the think something is wrong with them.. be it bacteria or not enought FEA.. notice how the fuzz is uneven, and the part where it connects to the casing is slimmer then the rest of the stem. typical behavior for a bacteria infested casing imho.

#9 fahtster


    Oven bag specialist

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Posted 17 March 2007 - 10:39 PM

I'm going to have to agree with lost on this one.. I don't think it's the clones fault here. you actually could have one hell of a clone if it did put out ANY fruits in a bacteria infested growing environment... I wouldn't toss the master just yet. sometimes is just happens, nothing to do but try it again and hope for a better go. Up in the top of the substrate, it looks to be bacteria stricken also... casing looks pretty wet too. Can't get it right everytime... happens to the best of us eh. :) try try again!


#10 chill


    celtic tiger

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Posted 18 March 2007 - 01:31 AM

Infected eh? Which pic shows the tell tale signs? I'm having a hard time picking out the signs.

How does an infection occur and what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

Also, what shows that it is wet? Again, not familiar with that.

I will say that it put out a lot of piss. I had to drain it off every other day. Is this a sign of anything?

#11 Guest_DaGoon_*

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Posted 18 March 2007 - 05:12 AM

the piss may be a first good sign
if there is ALOT OF PISS then there may be a bacterial infuction

what causes an infection indeed!
..... my guess is water... doesnt the moisture level.. (i.e 12% for cracked corn) have a key part

and i think wheat berries come in at 30%

#12 golly



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Posted 18 March 2007 - 08:06 AM

I was gonna mention something
last nyt but i was kinda blitz'd...

Anyhoo ,i think you have a hitch
hiker that proly originated in the blender
A couple of caps have brown sunken areas
which could either be Bacteria or Trich - depending on
whether they are wet or dry..
Apparently Trich can piggy back on mycelium
for a long time without ever blooming into
a sea of green..The effect is more to parasitize
the fruit and reduce pinset...
I've had it on a few grows with quite variable results.

#13 Bobcat



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Posted 18 March 2007 - 11:46 AM

Nice catch. I would have never caught the stem thing, but yeah, now that its pointed out. Actually the mycelium itself does looks a tad trichy in spots. Sorry Chill.

#14 chill


    celtic tiger

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Posted 18 March 2007 - 12:35 PM

Hi golly,

I was thinking the brown spots on the cap were from water damage. I don't use a drip shield and the condensation was dripping onto the casing.

#15 golly



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Posted 18 March 2007 - 05:57 PM

It is true that bacteria can grow in localized spots from water drops but when
the other symptoms of the casing are considered ,it kinda sways me to think it's a systemic problem...
Bacterial blotches are normally wet/slimy even after the droplet has evapourated...

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