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Popcorn Success.

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#1 Dr.Hallucination


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Posted 02 April 2007 - 11:24 AM

This is my second try at Popcorn.The first time the corn was too dry,this time it worked great.So here is what I did. First I placed the popcorn into the quart jars about 3/4 full and filled the jars with hot water.The jars were left in the kitchen and every time I was in there,I shook the jars.After a few hours when the water tuned cold in the jars ,I would strain the water out,rinse once or twice,and re-fill the jars with hot water.I repeated this for 24 hours.After 24 hours I rinsed the corn a few times,and placed all the corn in a large pot of boiling water.Continuously stirring and reducing heat to a dull roar for one hour,, ,,or until most of the corn had begin to split and was nice and soft on the inside,could crush them between my fingers. Then strained the corn and rinsed a few times with both hot and cold rinses,Why ,no reason,but it worked for me so I put it in.After rinsing,I put small amounts into the strainer,and shook it until no drips were falling off of the bottom,loaded into jars about 3/4 full.placed lid with with tyvek disk under lid,covered with foil,and pressure cooked for 90 mins.When time was up,and PC was cooled,I took jars out of PC and placed on a tray,covered with foil for travel to workspace,and allowed to cool 24 hours.The next day,there was a slight access of water in the bottom of the jars,I simply rolled the corn around for a minute and the water was soaked up.Inoculated with 4-6cc of spore solution and incubated at 71-75.First signs in 3 fully colonized.Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet???.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 Sidestreet


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Posted 02 April 2007 - 12:00 PM

Well... this may sound crazy, but you could fruit it...

:) jk. Have you ever tried doing a grain to grain transfer? As long as you're getting new things to work, why not keep the ball rolling?


#3 dial8


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Posted 02 April 2007 - 02:57 PM

Hey, nice, man. Looks real good. A g2g is a good idea. It will definitely give much mileage to your myc but if your wanting to just fruit it then your best bet is to spawn that to a bulk substrate. I'm partial to straw and verm but h'poo, worm poo, or cow piles are all really great. Coir is another good choice.

#4 aumbrellaforainydays


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Posted 02 April 2007 - 03:28 PM

:eusa_clap damn, nice job on procedure. those jars look good, add a spoonful to two more jars and yea add the rest to a bulk straw/poo.

#5 Dr.Hallucination


    Chasing the Rabbit.

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Posted 02 April 2007 - 07:51 PM

Thank you all who replied.I think I will give all of your ideas a try.Will do the G2G first.Have a barn full of straw,and all the shit one could need.going to build something to Pasteurize this week .Love living on a farm...NOW...

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