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ghetto heatbomb

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 07:08 AM

there is a very simple, easy & fast way
to build a heatbomb .
it takes a fully submersible heater though.

i use a big hard plastic bottle [apple juice formerly] rinsed clean

the plastic is too hard to easily cut
so i take tin snips
and cut out a small notch
wide enough to slide the cord into
down the side of the bottle neck /threads
about 1/2 inch or an inch

stick the heater in the bottle, after setting to HIGH,
sliding cord into the cut-out notch

use silicon adhesive to seal the cut inside & out

let that cure,
fill with water
then you can screw the lid on tightly to seal

the cord comes out the bottleneck on the side
not thru the lid.

next time i build one i'll snap a few pix to illustrate
but it only takes a couple minutes,
some tin snips and some silicon
plus the heater and bottle,
and if you should decide to move/mail it
you can drain the water out to lower the weight.

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