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Share your Salvia Experiences

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#1 meihoe



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Posted 21 October 2004 - 07:24 PM

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! thats all I can say, HOLY SHIT!!!!!

I took one big hit out of a pipe. I went from sober to completely FUCKED UP within about 45 sec. Its not like a shroom trip. I did not see any trails or anything like that. It put me into a two-dimensional world and I was sitting next to myself. What I mean by two-dimensional world is that I felt like I was like on a piece of paper... Everything out of my vision didn't exist. While I was tripping I heard that my girlfriend was going to walk into the room, I kept thinking she was gonna come in and "fold my world up" I wish I could explain it better but it's very difficult to put into words. I lasted about 5-8 mins. and after 10 min I felt completely normal. It was a very crazy experience but I cant wait to do it again. I do reccomend a sitter just incase but I really doubt that you would move from your seat. Than again I only have done it once.

<font color="ff0000">Anybody else out there have any Saliva experiences like this? I would really like to hear in detail other people Saliva Trips!!!</font>

#2 Guest_sikamongthepure_*

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Posted 22 October 2004 - 08:55 AM

the first time I did it I had no idea what I was in for, and I kinda made a stupid mistake. I had like, 4 friends over, and one of them gave me some homemade extract (nasty looking stuff, prolly give me cancer someday) before he left.
anyway, I took a pretty decent hit (with a normal lighter) and sat on my bed. Seconds after I took the hit, my dad started yelling for me, and I got all freaked out all of a sudden. I swore I had been in a different part of the house, like, same room, but on the north side instead of the south side. It's really hard to explain, like a weird dream. Also, I had pictures/posters on my walls that started raising up out of the wall like columns. The columns were grey on the sides, with the picture as the top, and they were all doing it. pretty freaky. It wore off pretty quick, and if I remember right, one of my friends went and told my dad I was "busy".
After getting some from bouncing bear (who had much nicer stuff than my friend of course) I decided to try it one night with my girlfriend there. I took a really big bong hit (this time with a butane lighter) and almost immedietly started having these weird half closed eye, half open eye visuals that weren't all the way there. They were just outlines of crazy hallucinations. I had been playing StarWars:Battlefront all day, and I could suddenly see the red crosshair fixed in the center of my vision, as well as the faint outline of stormtroopers running off of my desk and into my room. Unfortunatly, right then a friend stopped by unexpectadly and all my dogs started barking, so I got all freaked out and couldn't really enjoy/observe the last few minutes of it. I haven't tried it since (except when I was drunk, and that seemed to null the experience pretty much completely) because it seems that Lady Sally wants me to be in a certain place when I do. Everytime that I just decided on a whim, something interuppted, so I'm going to make an evening of it sometime soon.
Hope you liked my stories,

#3 tobynutz


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Posted 22 October 2004 - 03:51 PM

i was getting sucked out the window last night! very cool. my friend tried it for the first time. i gave him a bowl of 10x and he coughed like a bitch and fell over about 4 times. he was sitting on the toilet and just fell over and hit the tile! i was laughing my ass off!

#4 rio



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Posted 23 October 2004 - 01:08 AM

I only used it the traditional way
as a quid, so the effects were mild.
It made me feel relaxed,
and when I slept
that night I slept like a rock, that is
unheard of for me.

#5 phucknut68



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Posted 23 October 2004 - 04:38 PM

The first time I smoked the extract (10x) out of a bong, I took two hits or so and nothing, then the third it hits you instantly. I got up and looked around, and it felt like my head was held in place. My friends were asking me if I was ok, and when I turned around I saw my friends mouth in the leaves of this houseplant, on every leaf there was his mouth moving while he was talking. Then when I looked at my friend he had an extra mouth on his forehead. And they all moved at the same time while he talked Posted Image Talk about fucked up...

Then another time me and a different friend of mine were watching fear and loathing, near the beginning the part where they go to the hotel (the first hotel hehe) We started taking salvia bong rips, but we were passing it back and forth while we held them in. I moved my hand and it looked huge like it stretched across the room and had different colored trails. The tv seemed really bright and like a window, the rest of the apartment seemed to fade away, but we were still on the couch. The movie was at the part where the war movie is playing (right after they check in and the photographer shows up) and we heard gunshots and bombs blowing up like we were in a war zone it was crazy. The best salvia exp there. That same time my friend got up and starting walking around the apartment and we got worried because he wouldn't answer to anything. Afterwards he said he thought the apartment was splitting in half and he was in the middle of it.

So many more...

My other friend came over and we did some salvia in my garage, have it all tricked out with blacklights (multiplte 4 footers) and some other shit. He takes 2 hits off some 10x extract and just stares around blankly, and gets up and starts walking for the door. He is about 7 feet away from the door and reaches out to grab the handle and starts turning it (he is so far away it was hilarious) I dont want him going outside because he is so fucked up and its day time (my parents could have been outside), so we get him to calm down... Afterwards he said he thought the garage was an oven and he was on a conveyor belt being cooked, and he was trying to get out.

I have seen other shit before too like real textures seem to spread. Beer bottles kind of replicate across the room, or interesting textures like plywood do crazy shit.

We took some salvia leaf over to a friends house, we were all playing some playstation game when my 1 friend mentions the salvia, and the other guy (I dont know as well) says he will try it out. He brings out a 2 liter soda bottle bong and just starts taking huge rips and he is giggling and drooling all over... We were really burnt and just laughing histerically... It was great. I just remember this huge fucked up foolish grin and drool running down his face while he was laughing like he was really special.

(Message edited by phucknut68 on October 23, 2004)

#6 rio



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Posted 23 October 2004 - 05:58 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

It was great. I just remember this huge fucked up foolish grin and drool running down his face while he was laughing like he was really special. <!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>LOLPosted Image

#7 philemon



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Posted 24 October 2004 - 02:01 AM

well, yea im sure some people here have heard this before but:

I got some from BB prolly, a year and half ago, and a friend of mine whos really controlling, but in an entertaining sort of way that you just sort of go along with, had it all figured out. he was to administer it to me. he got a 2 foot bong and filled it with ice. I had gotten a torch lighter just for this purpose and he packed a bowl. i was scarred shitless.. anyway i was still blown away but what happend. yea so i downed a bowl which was leaf with a little extract on top in one and half breathes.. then held it as he packed another. i got through half that bowl as he was shouting commands like "HOLD IT IN HOLD IT IN!!!!" i stood up! and simply pushed him away with eyes like saucers. then everything got real weird. then the grain of wood in the floor rose up and sliced me and everyone else into peaces. I could feel it slicing me. once i felt like i could walk i went to the porch really grouchy at everyone for like a half hour.

the next time i did it alone in darkness.. one half of my psyche believed there was a chariot battle taking place on my cieling while the other half of me knew my roomate was to barge in and cut my legs off.. absolutley terrifying.

cant wait to do it again!

#8 Guest_JT_*

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Posted 24 October 2004 - 10:44 AM

So a friend of mine came over and we were eager to try this Salvia. I had recently ordered a salvia rooting from the internet and it is doing well on my back porch. I also ordered some salvia infused 10x from another site. So we made our way to my porch with his 2 foot pyrex bong and my gram of salvia. i packed the first bowl to be the guinea pig. i told him to move the table back and move anything that is glass and possibly grab the bong if need be, because of other reports i had read previously on this site and others. so i packed a bowl all the way to the top and proceded to finish it all in one hit chalking the bong all the way to the top.

now this is where it gets hard to explain. i don't remember exhaling, setting the bong down or anything. i just remember sitting there feeling this incredible force on my body feeling like it was sucking me up in the sky. i don't remember being able to see my body but i felt as if i was flying upwards looking down and it was as if time was trying to catch me, i could see my back porch and my friends face everynow and then barreling down on me, i remember him saying "it's ok jason" and also him laughing at me. the whole "flying" experience only lasted a minute or two but it was incredible. when i came out of my little "journey through time"i was sitting down and my friend was standing in front of me saying "are you ok", and i was just like "whoa" and i was trying to gather my thoughts of what the hell just happened to me. i got up imediately and he said "are you ok to get up?" and i said "yeah i think so" and i started heading inside and it was a lot colder inside than it was outside, i live in south florida, i mumbled to my self "mmmm cold" and pursued inside to find some paper towels to get the sweat coming down my forehead off of me. everything was a bit fuzzy and strange for a few minutes after that. and i couldn't really beleive what happened.

now this is what my friend says happened...
he said i took the hit in, sat there for a good half a minute, set the bong on the table, laid back in my chair and when i exhaled he said my arms just kinda flew back and said my eyes were looking every where as if i was seeing something really weird and was scared. he said i actually stood up and tried to go inside my house but he stopped me by standing in front of me and holding his arms out in front of me, he sai i grabbed on to them quite hard like i was trying to get out of where ever i was. he said i wondered around a bit more before he sat me back down in my seat. when i came to i had no recollection of getting up or having contact with my friend.

Salvia is VERY strange, and strong. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is driving. I am going to slowly try different amounts to see where i like it best. It was an amazing experience and i can not compare any other drug to it in the fact that it came on so strong and so hard.

-- jasontokes.

#9 Guest_sikamongthepure_*

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Posted 28 October 2004 - 08:45 AM

So no one else has stories to share? Come people...I know there has got to be some killer writer's on mycotopia....Let's hear some craziness!
I could always smoke up a few experiences if I absolutly have to....hehe.Posted Image
The smiley with the laser is Sally, and the gun is the hit of salvia. Look at that other smiley fry! POW, into space!
sorry, drinking realllly strong coffeeee and I'm a little too awake for 6:45AM. thanks for reading this.

#10 rio



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Posted 28 October 2004 - 12:42 PM

Posted Image

#11 Guest_freedom_*

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Posted 15 November 2004 - 01:53 PM

ok dokey here is another trip with sally D
i got some two or three hits from bong
i remember that i wanted to stay on the couch
but in second i was on the floor starting to flow in the ocean with fishes and clean my beck on coral, it was total extasy to swim and breathe
under waterPosted Image

#12 philemon



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Posted 15 November 2004 - 08:30 PM

okay, I got another one.

I did it again the other day, again it was terrifiying.

it was standardized 6x in my favorite glass piece. anyway I took a nice gentle inhalation and started seeing everything with the most wonderful sharpness. so i figured. "oh this is enough" this is great.

well a little time went by and BAM!!!!! everything became what it was and also an upsidedown roman archway. even my legs. I was running around frantically feeling my body in slices slideing along itsself. AHHH!!!! why cant this be fun? I still havent given up. because about two hours after it happens i feel like it wasnt so bad. but while its happening its SOOOO!!!! crazy.

#13 Guest_cleanjar_*

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Posted 15 November 2004 - 11:05 PM

salvia extract is some weird stuff.

#14 Guest_tehutiroo_*

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Posted 16 November 2004 - 12:30 AM

I never do the pipe anymore.

I have found the quid method to give a much more worthwhile experience. It is still a powerful experience. You just sort of slide into it rather than being blown into it.

I have never had much luck using dried leaves this way. Fresh leaves are a must. I generally use 10 to 20 leaves, medium to large leaves. The trick is to wash your mouth out with a good strong alcohol based mouthwash before using.

I think the taste of the leaves turns many people away from this method. But in my opinion this method produces a far superior experience vs smoking it.

#15 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 17 November 2004 - 08:06 AM

too crazy for my tastes,
few i've turned on to it
ever ask for 2nds.

#16 swine



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Posted 17 November 2004 - 08:07 PM

One time, I smoked it standing up (unwise, i know) while looking into the mirror in someones bathroom. Suddenly, my vision was filled with what was now being displayed on the mirror. I was looking down onto an infinite plane of bathrooms without ceilings going into the horizon, tiled one next to the other by sharing walls. Inside each bathroom i could see myself from behind and all the features of the room, including a reflection in the mirror. The tops of the walls of the bathrooms had white wooden trim on them similar to other trim found in the house. The sky was a wonderful blue with a few passing clouds. After the initial shock of seeing this, i looked at the closed bathroom door to my right. I wanted to open it, but i was afraid if i did i would meet a clone of myself, for i through i was trapped in an alternate reality of bathrooms. That was my breakthrough experience, and i will remember it forever.

(Message edited by swine on November 18, 2004)

#17 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 19 November 2004 - 09:39 AM

i fell thru the floor,
that was wild
after a long journey
i felt myself rise up thru the floor
and enter my body
then i was back.

#18 Guest_JT_*

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Posted 19 November 2004 - 10:26 AM

this shit is crazy mang i found a site that sells pure salvinorinA crystals, i was like HOLY CRAP, then i saw the price, but i think i 'm gonnaget some anyway :D

#19 Guest_anar_*

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Posted 06 December 2004 - 05:14 AM

I have so much to say about salvia. Just a few days ago i extracted 3 ounces to make about 6 grams of 13x-15x (very good extraction, with clean potent extract). I tested it the other night and scared the shit out of myself. I loaded 2 hits into my pipe, took 2 deep rips and BAM! I noticed a strange yellow object in the corner of my eye so i turned my head to see lady salvia once again, and she then multiplied infinitely upwards! It felt like she owned this space and that she wanted me to know it. I was so scared...i looked over at my dogs and somehow sensed that they had turned against me. I exclaimed "NO!" and freaked out for a little bit, getting myself in a tangle. I came down from the trip part, i was still really frightful, and i wasn't myself. I called a friend of mine and asked them to help me, that i needed to know what the fuck that entity was. Somehow i figured he could help me, but he just laughed at me. Yesterday i let a friend try extract for his first time (he had gotten mild effects from plain leaf), and he absolutely loved it. He took 3 hits, and stared blankly for a minute and then began to crackup like crazy. He told me that everything was merging into 1 (which is common among experiences my other friends have had).

I've broken through on salvia maybe 5 times and have smoked it probably 30. The first time i smoked it and broke through was on 20x extract, while i was on 5g of mushrooms...the most intense experience i've had to date. I took 2 bong rips and then faded into this black space. A large yellow female entity emerged and i could not stare directly at her. She extended her arm towards me and then it began unfolding into a really long arm towards me. She was forcing me to merge with her, yet i couldn't...yet she forced me to...yet i couldn't! Crazy contradiction i experienced. So this long yellow soft brickshaped arm merges into my leg and immediately i'm shifted into this weird colorful alien factory. I remember seeing large yellow triangular steam engine type of things (and i associated it with me sweating). I was many different parts of the factory, sort of like a slave. It felt like i'd be slaving for eternity. The product that this factory produced were these 2d prints of some sort that i was also part of. It was the most fucked up time of my life...period. I came down from the salvia and didn't even remember what happened and continued tripping with my 2 friends. They didn't even mention the salvia experience the whole night, and the next week when i smoked salvia again i had the flashback of my first breakthrough. That's how i remembered the whole experience.

When i smoke salvia now, it's like 'she' forces me to meditate on one far out thought, and when i try to wander from it, she forces me back. Which is sort of freaky. This is just with my lighter experiences. I'm too nervous/scared right now to smoke any of my extract, but i'm sure i will soon.

Anyone have any advice on having a comfortable salvia experience, set/setting wise? I always meditate for 5 or so minutes before each experience and diminish all thoughts and feelings. Anyways, nice salvia experiences everyone, peace.

#20 Guest_towelie_*

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Posted 12 December 2004 - 04:20 PM

I was the 420th person on your site Posted Image. And man do I love my Sally!


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