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El cheapo shroom dehydrator !!

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#1 joystik



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Posted 17 September 2007 - 10:09 PM

After growing so many shrooms at once, i realized i needed to store them properly.
So i decided to go ahead and build myself a medium sized dehydrator,
where i could dry a complete flush in about a day or so.

Since im outta work, i cant just spend a lot of money
so I scavenged a few parts and someone gave me a couple of plastic bins,
which came in handy for this project.

materials I used:

2 plastic bins
1 computer fan
1 piece of fine wire mesh
1 small silicone caulk tube

Time, patience and some skill with drills and wires.

The principle of this dehydrator is based in a continuous circulating air flow
inside a sealed chamber divided into 2 sections,
one section where the air is dehumidified (by the desiccant )
and the other one where air is re-humidified (by our shrooms).

The cool thing about this dehydrator is that you can just set it and forget it
(if your the forgetting type, like me).
Just one step from fresh to cracker dry.

Ok, so we start by choosing our desiccant.
There are various types. Some come in a bag, others in a bar, and some in dust form.
I picked the one that looks like a Big Aspirin tablet ( Calcium Chloride ),
you may choose whichever you like.

Next thing to do is measure how much volume our desiccant occupies in one of the bins.
Dump it right in and level it,
then mark about one or two inches higher than the desiccant level.
This is important, since we will be using a fan,
we dont want the fan touching the desiccant
or maybe not leaving enough space for the air to flow evenly in the chamber.

Posted Image

After the mark is set, put the desiccant back in its container or bag or wherever it came in
and seal it tightly until we are ready to use it again later.

Put the second bin inside the first one and push down until it fits tightly,
and check the bottom of the top bin against the mark you just made.

If the bottom of the bin is below the mark (it should) then we have to cut it off.
Since we need the bottom to support the fan and the shrooms we cant discard it,
so the next best thing to do is to cut it and then glue it back inverted.
This will seal the sides of the bin, leavin us with a shorter bin
which will fit perfectly and leaving more space at the bottom for the fan and desiccant
allowing better airflow.

Posted Image

Where should we cut then ?

Measure the distance from the mark to the bottom of the second bin
and divide that number by 2, round it to the next .5 inch to make things easier.
The result is the distance from the bottom of the second bin,
where you should mark and cut.
Remember, measure twice and cut only once.
If you do it correctly, you will be able to invert the bottom into the bin
and glue the sides with silicone caulk. It should fit perfectly.

Posted Image

Before we glue the bottom to the bin again,
we should make the hole for the fan, fan screws and many airholes.

The airholes must be enough to allow the circulation of the air extracted by the fan.
I made about 200 1/8" holes just to make sure.

After this is done, glue the bottom into the bin and let it sit until the caulk cures.
Now put the newly assembled bin inside the first one and check the space,
the new bottom should match or be a bit above the mark we did on the first bin.
This is good news.

Now, screw the fan on.
Remember to use the wire mesh to prevent the shrooms from touching the fan.
The airflow should point down into the desiccant.
Put the fan wires throuh one of the airholes and make a small hole near the top of the bin,
below the lid, just big enough for the wires to fit through.
Fill with silicone after you pass the wires through.
This is to prevent the fan from sucking air from the outside into the bin.

Posted Image

Now its time to test the air circulation.
Put the two bins together and snap on the lid on the top bin.
Connect the fan and check for any air escaping from the sides.
Also check for any air getting sucked in the top container.

We want this to be a closed loop or your desiccant wont last very long.
What i do is wrap some plastic like saran wrap or food wrap around the lid
and the space between the 2 bins, this makes a tight seal,
preventing any air to get into the dehydrator.

Mine is very roughly made, soon i will add a switch and maybe a speed control.
I found out that its better to operate the fan at lower speed,
so i use 5V instead of the regular 12V.

Posted Image

Im pretty sure you will love this if you dont already have one.



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#2 joystik



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Posted 18 September 2007 - 11:29 AM

Any tips for making this writeup any better?

#3 siam_jim


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Posted 18 September 2007 - 12:29 PM

nicely done!


#4 Hippie3



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Posted 23 September 2007 - 06:47 PM

you could do some fancy formatting
like different colors, bold or italic,
organize it like an outline, etc.
more read-able that way.
i'll give it a brief edit, see what i can do to
punch it up a bit.

#5 bluefungis182


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Posted 23 September 2007 - 07:15 PM

cracker dry mushrooms in a day :puke:

#6 joystik



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Posted 23 September 2007 - 08:30 PM

Many thanks Hippie3. This looks sooo much better. Im not very good at formatting. I appreciate this a lot.

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#7 Hippie3



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Posted 23 September 2007 - 08:37 PM


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