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Bulk WBS soaking & rinsing & removing floaters

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Posted 27 September 2007 - 10:56 PM

Well, after last time of doing 20 pounds of WBS slowly with about every piece of rubbermaid bowl in the house, i had to figure out a better way to do big amounts of WBS, from rinsing to getting the floaters out to soaking. $3 trash can to the rescue!!
I am able to get the floaters out alot easier with the use of the strainer since i have room to dip it. I also added holes to the side of the trash can to allow water to seep out, in an overflow style fashion. Works pretty darn good for rinsing and soaking and getting the floaters out. I might add a couple drain valves at the bottom for full drain after i get done with this batch, with screens secured from the inside to ensure the valve doesnt get stuck open and that i dont lose any WBS. Another benefit of this deep trash can idea is actually having enough room to sift thru all the seed with my hands. With bowls, i pretty much had em full, and they wouldnt allow me to do much sifting.

Here are some pics to help ya catch my drift....

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Posted 28 September 2007 - 06:34 AM

Cool, cheap is good.

After simmering the WBS, I use a plastic milk crate lined with a big piece of window screen as a strainer; you can scoop the hot WBS into it (or pour it out of a pot), add some dishsoap, and blast it with the garden hose to quickly and thoroughly rinse the slime off before packing into jars or bags. Soap speeds up the whole thing a lot.

You can either let the WBS drain slowly in the milk crate, or bundle up the screen and pick the WBS up in it, hold it really tight, and spin your arm around like a big centrifuge that drains it quickly. Don't dislocate your shoulder! And do it outside of course; if you let go of the screen you'll scatter WBS about 30 feet.

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